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where does the engineering corps come in Under the user name there's a tag?
When you buy the game it say that the pu version 1.0
Airships I plus Airships II equals……… HA version 1.0
It's bugging me so much that I can't log Login issues
Also maybe you could drag and select mul new ideas
yeah me too, it's not game breaking or a Mac Version 5.3: Incorrect Module Flipping
or maybe there should be a button that s Hold Fire/auto ship save
now THAT would be a really hard achievem Achievement Ideas?
During a battle if you quit on mac using Mac Command-Q
I'm using 10.7.5 Mac Version 5.3: Incorrect Module Flipping
Imagine if in really strong winds the fl Weather
it hasn't happened for a while so in no Bug: the ground falls
the air sailors already do fight back as Boarding OP
it has happened two or three times, once Bug: the ground falls
if you want to remove the hud then press Screenshots
I think this should be the job of a mod Real world flags and real world maps
I second that motion Under the user name there's a tag?
I wonder what the ranks are, I have been Under the user name there's a tag?
before 6.2 I have been able to use the h high quality graphics
sure i would love to help with developme high quality graphics
Ok yeah cool I was just wondering. I wou version 1.0
when in combat mode and using a ramming [BUG] ram in combat keep ramming
no it was a rather small ship only 1000 [BUG] ram in combat keep ramming
Yes i am a proud Generican! I am current [BUG] ram in combat keep ramming
Zark I actually never really noticed tha [suggestion] Armory
yeah slimy that is what I wanted at firs [suggestion] Armory
i have encountered this bug too though i The infinite abyss of all below
I have played for a long time and I have [suggestion] Armory
well Zark I would post a screenshot but [BUG] ram in combat keep ramming
CasttleMan2000 that is a great idea, and Discussion about the Landships
it has been suggested before but the ide Engagement Logs/Replays
I really like that idea, it allows you t Crest Bonuses & Such
Hi, recently I have decided to get a ste Steam Codes
alright awesome thanks a bunch Steam Codes
I like the idea of that though there sho [Suggestions] 6.3 thoughts
another thing that you could do is watch [Suggestion] Demo version
there are question marks at most stages TUTORIAL?
And the Individual Personalties for the Fleet composed entirely of Landships
that's awesome I have added ideas to emp Short automatic ship descriptions?
These ships are really nice, much better **A look at Dunation engineering**
It depends on who is piloting lol On an unrelated note...
Individual personalities? What does that That cockblock, though
yeah I agree too, when I was editing it Short automatic ship descriptions?
Firebird11 I added the Ironclad Battlesh Short automatic ship descriptions?
now now Zark lets not get to hasty, the That cockblock, though
I like this idea, it adds a good challen Dead-zones
For me I think the game should say RTS, Overhauling the Strategic Mode to be Turn Based
one problem is while in water something Damn the torpedoes!
yes! yes! yes! yes! I have actually trie Short automatic ship descriptions?
OMG jacksfilms is amazing! That cockblock, though
I think it would be cool that next to a Thumbs up/down
lately when I start either a single play [BUG] Combat just stops
Here is the [crest](https://en.wikipedia Real-life heraldry
so i don't know if firebird plans to wri Found some bugs!
I attempted to connect to multiplayer bu Online Multiplayer Connection Issue
that's awesome but sadly it has been fix Watsonian explanation for a glitch
wait are you saying that anyone can just Short automatic ship descriptions?
From what it looks like from the devblog Ground Combat Update
I think that was sorta discussed up top Short automatic ship descriptions?
I think Zark was at a convention so he d Measurement units
This idea is great and the diesel power Infallible Aether Oscillaors.
TortugaGreen I think the particle beam w Infallible Aether Oscillaors.
the combat will run for a few seconds be [BUG] Combat just stops
ah that may have been my fault... I was [BUG] Combat just stops
In the dev streams it looks like legs ar Tracks VS Legs
Seaships have been suggested before and Technically possible idea
Yeah there is still quite a a lot to do Nerving on the next update
When the update comes out I am so making On an unrelated note...
Yeah I was surprised too, I just learned Real-life heraldry
*(maximum fedora tip)* Fleet composed entirely of Landships
woah no need to cuss (though I do agr Tracks VS Legs
That sounds cool, having something like Fleet composed entirely of Landships
It's a cool idea but to me it just feels AA Cannons
Lukasmah but with the new addition of mo biowepons
i have encounter this too but not in awh Bug
and it seems like it make sone or two ga Over the top lads!
actually there is already a way to turn New ship commands:bring her around and other concepts(hopefully)
I saw the screenshot of the new map rend New Map Rendering Screenshot
Hey Zark I was wondering if there was an The next update.
Awesome, yeah take your time, I would ra The next update.
that looks amazing and I *SO* want that Real-life heraldry
that's ok (*sniff*) I didn't really want The next update.
Also a small graphical error is that on some issues and bugs
This is not a bug but it is a question a The next update.
I have seemed to work out what is going The next update.
You know I was thinking about it and if The next update.
at first I thought it was lava, but bloo Giant metal nutcrackers
However a good visual improvement would Possible bug?
I wasn't sure if this fits better in thi Stuff+ Let's Play
In his most recent [dev blog](http://zar Need an easier way to share ship designs
The explosions look sooo good and I thin new update
I have noticed that the A.I. will surren A.I. Surrendering When They Have Nothing to Lose
lol @Zarkonnen i was just about to sugge Building styles
Struts are a useful part of the game but Ideas for Struts
I think that it would be so cool. It wou Airships-Guns of Icarus crossover game.
I agree that there should be houses dott Town/City houses sugestion
the only thing I find that could be mayb Town/City houses sugestion
they both look amazing, i wish i could d steampunk drawings
I said Gun of Icarus just to get my poin Airships-Guns of Icarus crossover game.
[@madking321](https://airships.zarkonnen Ideas for Struts
How about some cheats that can be enable The little things
"The Bigmanian Air Navy is know for it's United Isles of Bigmania Air Navy
If it is too hard then don't worry about Real-life heraldry
@Slimy I like that, it would add to the The little things
I have been attempting to draw out the r Real-life heraldry
The is pretty self explanatory, and is s [Suggestion] Autosave
I like the Saboteurs a lot but the flame Different types of Boarding troops
I think that instead of having separate The little things
Hey Zark I was wondering if you could pu Real-life heraldry
Hello everyone, i am back from the bowel Real-life heraldry
Having my arms be unique doesn't bother Real-life heraldry
Ok I get it now thanks for clearing that Real-life heraldry