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Is there a tutorial anywhere? TUTORIAL?
Okay... Explain this to me, please. C Coat of Arms?
"erst"? Coat of Arms?
Hi, I noticed there is a rank under e Noticed Rank.. What else?
Hello! WHEN (not IF) this community g Plans on improving forum?
Does this game have much lore? I'm new a Lore and Such
If yes, where could I find it? Lore and Such
As a kid in elementary and middle school Random Stuff
Hello! I am Brutus the Baboon (Joseph [STICKY] Introduce Yourself!
How do you delete a topic? Deleting a Topic?
I would like to join the modding communi Mod Developer Programme (Old)
Are there moderators for this thread, or Moderators?
Hey! I was wondering about the player Player base?
Ah, that makes sense! Thank you. But, uh Coat of Arms?
Ohhhh, okay. I understand. I applied for Noticed Rank.. What else?
Ah, that makes sense, I suppose. Can't w Plans on improving forum?
Exactly what I was looking for! Cool. Th Lore and Such
Hmmmm, that sounds like a great idea. Ma Deleting a Topic?
Speaking of which... How many people do Plans on improving forum?
Yeah, I noticed that the land is editabl Discussion about the Landships
I keep reading about a "Satan" Ship that Fabled Satan Ship
Oh, fantastic! That is exactly what I wa Player base?
If the difference is only a supply hatch Fabled Satan Ship
Ahhh, okay. I suppose that makes sense. Coat of Arms?
Didn't go through it all, but based on e Plans on improving forum?