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I don't know how your movement code is, New Weapon Suggestions
For floating rocks, how did they get out [STICKY] Status
I definitely think that private messagin Forum Improvements?
The AI is indeed very vicious. It usuall AI can be a little to aggressive
For Charge, if it's implemented, increas Crew Suggestion
I noticed something that could be pretty Forum Improvements?
Hello. I was playing the game, designing [SUGGESTIONS] A variety of suggestions & problems
Suspendium jetpacks? Sounds fun :P Maybe New Weapon Suggestions
You can make mods for Airships?! How? City Income
I like the new look, but there should be Forum Improvements?
Nice to know that bug's fixed, but it's Boarders never capture buildings
So I've recently started playing again, [Bug?] Coat of Arms won't accept my new CoA
For the user interface, you could just h [Bug?] Coat of Arms won't accept my new CoA
@Zarkonnen, capacity as in the language Spanish game
@Zarkonnen, ah, I see how that would slo Spanish game
So, I got the 1.5 update. Yay! Boarding! [BUG][MAC] Extreme lag in 1.5
A memory issue? That actually sounds ver [BUG][MAC] Extreme lag in 1.5
I agree. With my old ramming ships, I ha No ammo = defeat
A meter-and-a-half long rifle? Dang, son My enormous ship
Decks can't have armor? Oh, wow. "Shoot Decks can't be painted.
I think that if you have a battering ram No ammo = defeat
Yeah, @Graf_Melty, but here's the thing: No ammo = defeat
Hello Zarkonnen! I just sent you an emai Steam Beta
Found a little bug. Steam Beta
I also have mouse issues, but not the ex Odd mouse issues.
Imagine if you could also add land (can Discussion about the Landships
It seems that trees are considered part Buildings on trees