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Huzzah! It is indeed fixed. 6.2: Damaged File
It may be that your airship uses special [Bug] Custom airships
Seems like they're only OP against all-w Multiplayer Matches
When you view a city your spy has infilt [4.0] BRING OUT YER BUGS
Is there a version of (or alternative to Mod Developer Programme (Old)
May I join the mighty legion of modders Mod Developer Programme (Old)
I've recently downloaded the latest Mac Mac Version 5.3: Incorrect Module Flipping
What version of OS are you using? I'm Mac Version 5.3: Incorrect Module Flipping
Just downloaded the 6.2 version of the g 6.2: Damaged File
I'm game to try it! Though, it might tak A Single Ship Tournament!
Option 3 looks like it's the most balanc "Focus Fire On.." Order
It should probably be limited to targeti "Focus Fire On.." Order
Perhaps the burst rifle could be a porta Burst Rifle
Ironically, the quote in your title is r Damn the torpedoes!
I had that illustration in mind when I m Ground Troop Modules!
I'm still working on exactly _how_ the a Ground Troop Modules!
Airborne ground units! ![Imgur](http: Ground Troop Modules!
He doesn't have a gun. He just flies up Ground Troop Modules!
I was thinking more Leviathan, but yeah, On an unrelated note...
Is it Pong? Random Stuff
Why not have a bit of variation in the c Natural Land Formations
Most of the media seems to be getting ov Gay Marriage being legalized and the reaction of Bigoted Christians
Is this random enough? ![Imgur](http: Random Stuff
The second one also has a grenade, but I Under $200 Ship Designs
Has the speed of the "Ground Ship" comma The next update.
These performed very well against my (so The Echeclan Republican Aerial (and Land) Service
I've noticed that too. On most of my lar The next update.
Perhaps vehicles with spider legs could [Suggestion] fixing Spider Symbol
Is this the general shape of the plane, Steampunk plane
Frames around the decals. I believe they The little things
This one's from a long time ago. ![Im steampunk drawings
Ahoy there! I've been working on this [Forum Game] Medieval Mayhem! (Beta)
Load adds to encumbrance, which reduces [Forum Game] Medieval Mayhem! (Beta)
Or perhaps, if ship-mounted grappling ho [Suggestion] Heraldry
The bracket has been released! Check it [Forum Game] Medieval Mayhem! (Beta)
Not precisely steampunk, but from around steampunk drawings
Would the portraits be full-body, half-b Airships is looking for a character/scene artist
How goes the hunt for a new artist? A Airships is looking for a character/scene artist
There could be a module trading system w the campaign overhaul.
Varying prices per city would be easier the campaign overhaul.
Hey... Just thought of something. Yo the campaign overhaul.
One option for the crushing of infantry [Suggestion] Infantry
[Here's a concept for a flying soldier u Different types of Boarding troops
Being able to flip decorations would be Decorations
Since ground-based combat is coming soon Ground Troop Modules!
@Caeser_73 In that image, it looks li Dev8 beta feedback page
It says I don't have permission to view Ship styles
Is that light steel or light wood? Question: What armour types do you use?
Now that the Steam Workshop is live, I h Regarding the Steam Workshop
Hmm, was there a purchase method before Regarding the Steam Workshop
How about a sarlacc-type monster? It wou Monster Suggestions
There should be semi-mechanized creature Monster Suggestions
Hmm. With 14 pixels to work with, I don' Some custom heraldry for anyone who wants it
Perhaps air pirates could use hollowed-o Monster Suggestions
Does the symbol need to be symmetrical/r Some custom heraldry for anyone who wants it