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If there is a wind changing update, this More sails
Airship trade would be an interesting co Airship trade
As the title suggest, there is an extrem How to win at everything
You may think your steampunk death star The most efficient ship
I've been trying to design the fastest s The fastest ships
Not bad, I managed to make a carrier wit very proud of this...
The best way for me is to make the thing Kamikaze Ship
Use rockets, they are cheap and are extr My $200 entry
I think that in conquest, crews should h Conquest lifeboats
Sounds decent [Suggestion] Building ships in bulk in conquest
Gg I beat the "Very Hard" AI for the first time today. ^./^
Nice idea. Crew shouts and Ship/Building names
Guns on rails could be possible in the g Guns on rails
We have the ships, but the yards to buil Buildable shipyards
This is a topic for the fastest ships in Non-official speed ratings
To start the topic off, here is mine Non-official speed ratings
True, but rockets are probably one of th How to win at everything