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Thanks for the development plan. I'm lov (Suggestion) dragons (rawr)
=-[ Nooooo! (Suggestion) dragons (rawr)
That's what I was thinking. Thanks for c [Suggestion] Leg strength
I only just read the developers blog abo [Suggestion] Leg strength
You should check out some of the illustr Album o'Inspirations
What did you make block ninja in? Show off your projects!
Hi! I read the lore and noticed about (Suggestion) dragons (rawr)
For the land ships maybe there should be [Suggestion] Leg strength
I like the helicopter blades idea but be Alternative Propeller Mountings?
You could make it a sail or something li (suggestion) Limpet mines
So op. If you defeat it you gain those a Does anyone do 'zombie' factions?
Zarkonnen's big boss ship could be an in Does anyone do 'zombie' factions?
You should only be able to target specif "Focus Fire On.." Order
This would be good against dragons so yo Original Weapon Concept Part Two: Game Mechanics!
Maybe for the land ships you could have Ground Troop Modules!
But maybe all cities already are dead zo Dead-zones
$0.99 for a one-use gold leaf design That cockblock, though
l we be able to name our own categories? Short automatic ship descriptions?
There are probably mods for this, I know Custom world maps?
I like that idea. Maybe you could choose Custom world maps?
Ok thanks. Short automatic ship descriptions?
Maybe dragon nests as well, which will s Landmarks
You can make a giant vertical wall of so Discussion about the Landships
I think particle beam would work better Infallible Aether Oscillaors.
Special campaign maps: *Fight Santa's s Does anyone do 'zombie' factions?
This complicates things way too much. Th Overhauling the Strategic Mode to be Turn Based
Hi, I'm djbigboybugle (long story how I [STICKY] Introduce Yourself!
I was just going to defend wood walls bu Vehicle hull patching [suggestion]
Difficulty is also already implemented : The little things
Frilly bits and custom weapons sounds go [Suggestion] Infantry
I like making my ships pretty, so maybe Decorations
Yay! Also a thought for the dragon thing Decorations
Maybe it could replace whatever armour w Vehicle hull patching [suggestion]
You already can delete trees, you use th The little things
True but I built an under £200 brick air Vehicle hull patching [suggestion]
One problem when I'm logging in, it does Forum Improvements?
Ooh ooh! We could have cavalry and pikem [Suggestion] Infantry
What sort of ship styles do you guys bui Ship styles
![Arms 1]( Real-life heraldry
I feel some sort of long-armed giant or Monster Suggestions
My main ships are 7000-10000 because I l Average cost of a warship?
They came from the border between Scotla Real-life heraldry
Yes please :D Real-life heraldry
As someone said on the kraken blog, if t Monster Suggestions
Could I have the Irish version of my fam Some custom heraldry for anyone who wants it
Yay! Thanks! Some custom heraldry for anyone who wants it
Being loud: twit twoo Giant owls
Aww I was the opposite side of the spect Giant owls
As Sky Krakens are being added to the ga [SUGGESTION] Kraken Heraldry
Oh yeah that's a better idea to be hones [SUGGESTION] Kraken Heraldry
For sorcery the sorceror could act like Sorcerers, Sea ships, and special commands
I've started making huge ships each with Ship styles
234m is quite high. Nearly none of mine My First Design: A Light Bomber
Oh that's a really good idea Firebird!!1 [SUGGESTION] Kraken Heraldry
Doof warrior forever (Suggestion) More archiac style weapons