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Firebird is right, what I wanted to say Suspendium Fortresses and More Lore
Some time ago (and by some I mean around Theseus VS The Minotaur [Puzzle Mission]
Just like shore invasions, but instead o [Suggestion] Infantry
There's a mod that allows you to use flo suggestion : Litteraly flying fortresses.
Still pretty useless, unless it's a gian What's a Small Landship
they should add an option to just board No way to cancel boarding action
Aestetic blocks sound like a good idea, (Suggestion) Armour segment
Well, you can't really use it in conques Gattling guns un gentlemanly at the moment
Even if this sounds fun, it's probably n [ Suggestion ] Ships inside ships!
Meh, the wire torpedoes idea is better t alternative rocket systems
All of this sounds exactly like what the TAMABLE AND HOLE DRILLING SPIDERS.
Wow, just discovered this suggestion onl Harpoon cannons
Moby Dick please! A GIANT floating white Monster Suggestions
I've never been a big fan of the conques Researchable items
Wow, is this a dream? I can't believe it [ Suggestion ] Ships inside ships!
Seriously, trying to make a good small a Why is the fire extinguisher even locked?!
Well thanks for that, still no fire exti Why is the fire extinguisher even locked?!
For some reasons I find this unappealing Suspendium Fortresses and More Lore
Sounds heavily favoured for the attacker Bigger combat area
Wooden walls are pretty useless compared Vehicle hull patching [suggestion]
In his last update he showed a guy ridin [suggestion]monster hunt and RIDING THE SQUID.
That's a good idea, even if I think that Captains for hire
Doesn't look like a good idea, that's ba Town/City houses sugestion
Oh god, wire torpedoes, we already have Kamikaze Torpedoes
I'm sure just the mosters, captain and a Planning on Steam Trading Cards?
Since the beginning I always tought the Improved coat of arms
Even if it shows a completely different Improved coat of arms
v9.0 seems like it's going to be a HUGE [ Suggestion ] Ships inside ships!
Sure, when I decide to ram a ship into t Dropping/Crushing As A Weapon
Maybe, but just maybe, we can have... A (Suspendium) Biplanes!
Didn't upload the images, the "formattin Why is the fire extinguisher even locked?!
GOSH DARN IT! I was away the 15th and I Some custom heraldry for anyone who wants it
How about a communication system, like t Allied ship to ship support modules?
After finding out that my beautiful ship Choosing your bonus
After some more playing, I have come und Choosing your bonus