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I made a nice Graph in my description :) Forum titles
Multiplayer calendar, to scheduale a mat Multiplayer Matches
Defenses randomly exploding and dying in [4.0] BRING OUT YER BUGS
Your videos are pretty good going to thi So i made a video
I have found that more guns isn't the be The Steelcore fleet
The big question is I need to find a way The shipyard: workshop my airship
RedSpade: use formatting to actually pos New Weapon Suggestions
Yeah, so the planes would be a "human sh [Suggestion] Carrier
I also think looting is the way to go, b [Suggestion] More Town/City Management and Morale and Looting System
The turret on the first picture looks li Album o'Inspirations
Maybe have it for mac. You can beatify i Show off your projects!
Eventually you'll want to add pages. And Heraldry!
This is where I got the game from. This [STICKY] Status
I want to see your designs. I have testi What am i doing
This is for scores of the matches that h Multiplayer Matches
* Yeah, that helps though I found my ans The Steelcore fleet
Add a morale system so Airships are more [Mod Release] Bread & Games Mod - dev4
Hi, I'm Iwillbenicetou I mostly play str [STICKY] Introduce Yourself!
My basic fleet ship. Had to upgrade it s The Steelcore fleet
I think I made a mistake with the link, The Steelcore fleet
One, Post it in Steelcore fleet, Two, Wedges in ships
Lol. I really want to try the mod, but m [Suggestion] Mod Section on the Forums
Thanks. My new bad news is that I now h The Steelcore fleet
Yeah, though FTL style is way too hard e [FEEDBACK WANTED] Prioritising jobs, stuffing your ship with crew
He is... [Mod Release] Bread & Games Mod - dev4
Nah, sadly. My computer died overnight a The Steelcore fleet
Man, I wish I could. Gonna try to get it [4.0] BRING OUT YER BUGS
I'm gonna get some bugs, my computer has [4.0] BRING OUT YER BUGS
One, you can post it by typing [Image na Ground crewmen wear different uniforms than airship crewmen
Want to fight some time? Multiplayer Matches
Yeah it definitely looks better. I like Day/Night cycle
Yep. Though I need someone to fight... Multiplayer Matches
2-1 (last match is a question mark becau Multiplayer Matches
You should update this to dev 4! this lo Airships v3.4 "Extras" mod
That sounds good, you of course would ha Forum titles
Or maybe the turrets would be wedges :D Marine quarters/berth, and armory module
What are the ranks and how many posts yo Forum titles
Is it for Dev 4? [Mod Release] Bread & Games Mod - dev4
That sounds great. I like it how it's ac Forum titles
Looks great, though because it's 8-bit, Day/Night cycle
Or when the attacking falls, they try an [Suggestion] Repair towers in citys
Yeah, though I geuss it would maybe be l Day/Night cycle
Also I have a thought on the turreted ca Marine quarters/berth, and armory module
Another thing that I think is a must is Forum Improvements?
Slimy, you should post your ships on the Wedges in ships
Airships isn't opening for me :( [Mod Release] Bread & Games Mod - dev4
Guns galore! What is the blue circle on Album o'Inspirations
Zark, Do you want to do a battle today ( Multiplayer Matches
I feel though that Ground ship should ha "Evacuate Lift and Propulsion" Command
Sorry, I was doing other things, do you Multiplayer Matches
Oh, I never saw that. Yeah that would be Unregistered coat-of-arms should not flicker in the build menu.
Yeah, especcially when there's actually "Evacuate Lift and Propulsion" Command
Yeah, I like the extra decor. It definit Album o'Inspirations
@Zarkonen I have an idea. Maybe show pos Forum Improvements?
Me too, Haven't been on my email. Sorry Multiplayer Matches
It still isn't working, the only differe [Mod Release] Bread & Games Mod - dev4
That is a bug, The enemies are a bit ove [FR] Don't understand rules :/
I want and don't want to do it. I think Heraldry
Thanks, I'll change the name The Steelcore fleet
I have one for a crew member bringing so Crowdsourcing crew shouts
One, I'm Back! I have experienced bugs o Fleet Forum
My "large" ships usually cost 5k, and ar Fleet Forum
Yeah, that would be cool... Especcially [idea] Damage Reports
so, people haven't been on... Multiplayer Matches
Starting to play this again since I got So i made a video
Nice series! Videos Of Airships
You got it! You're Greenlit! Steam Greenlight
Zark, maybe have a really expensive ligh Armor types
Zark (or Ariel Emperor), maybe have a re Armor!
No... How?? Steam Greenlight
Sign me up. I want everything. Guns, wea Steam Beta
How do you do this?? Star Wars Mod
Use the edit button madking321. It's loc Multiplayer Matches
Yeah, and there could also be bombers wh [Suggestion] Carrier
Make turrets on airships. Like on WW2 bo Turrets? Flak?
Sadly F12 doesn't remove the HUD... Screenshots
An option for this is to put a bomb on t Is having no guns possible?
Now you need fast moving small bombers! Turrets? Flak?
Make a heavy (fighter?) gunship and bomb Kaiserstadt Shipyard
Nice ;) PvP Youtube Challenges
I would have liked for all my crests to Crest Bonuses & Such
Nice update! 6.2 - Great achievement!
My profile has all the ranks. I copied a Under the user name there's a tag?
he he ;) Under the user name there's a tag?
:( I haven't been on a while, so I fell Under the user name there's a tag?
FINALLY! Landships. Took a while... But Ground Combat Update
Idk. Zombies... Because how would they f Does anyone do 'zombie' factions?
Pirate captains! Regular military captai That cockblock, though
Zark? How do you get %appdata% on window Clearing Ship Designs?
Thank you fair Zarkonnen! Modding Academy (Old)
This mod is amazing, and should be made Cease Fire! Mod
I use swarm tactics. Maybe upgrade to re Question: What armour types do you use?
I love your ships Caesar! I haven't made Ship styles
Upload to Steam Workshop! These are amaz United Federation of Arma Fleetyards (7.2 REFITS)
Swarm! Get 20 of these, and destroy ever >200 dollar boarding ship
How much does it cost? (shudders at thou DarthMetool's Shipyard
I built a new one. I built specifically >200 dollar boarding ship
Also, I am struggling to find the file d United Federation of Arma Fleetyards (7.2 REFITS)
Would like to see a screenshot if that e *hugs*
Factorio. Surprised no one has said this The "you should play this, *froth*" thread
@Zarkonnen. But the only downsides of wo Question: What armour types do you use?
The link doesn't work. Also, I can't fin Steam Workshop.
I have seen many good designs all across Steam Workshop.
Is the file dialog where you build ships Steam Workshop.
I had the same problem to me! I pressed escape
Another thing, is that in Multiplayer, y The little things
I fixed the problem. Lol. I didn't updat Steam Workshop.
I started my own fleet. The RAS. Royal A Steam Workshop.
Also, there could be a copy and paste fe The little things
I wanted to create this topic to show of Ship Support
@Harpy Eagle. I have one question for yo Question: What armour types do you use?
I've also had some bugs with boarding tr Air marines got stuck
Yep. I love the AI, and how it "cheats" [bug] Smart Airship AI cheating
The AI should calculate whether the boar Marine equipped AI ships are too eager to board