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I like that idea. Deck Module
Due to some bugs, mods are not supported [Mod Release] Bread & Games Mod - dev4
*propellers *the ship ("a ship" is corre Crowdsourcing crew shouts
Personally, I like the graphics as they Texture Packs?
Password resetting would be nice. I lost Forum Improvements?
8-bit usually refers to colour palette, Day/Night cycle
So, what about password resets? Also, on Forum Improvements?
The code looks like it has a ton of sad Crowdsourcing crew shouts
Ah, also, when invading a city reserve s [Bug] Building editor modules under buildings
Hahaha that's so derpy. [Bug] Enemy HMS Toads face the wrong direction when attacking
Oh. wow. So many awesome pictures here. Album o'Inspirations
This idea looks pretty interesting. A Fog as a weather condition
So, I noticed two glitches with the buil [Bug] Building editor modules under buildings
Well, if there is a multiplayer fight, n No ammo = defeat
Now that sails are a thing, do you inten Ships by Slimy
Yeah, it would be nice if the game was m [BUG][MAC] Extreme lag in 1.5
Well if it is capable of moving, then it No ammo = defeat
I love "melee". Ramming isn't as simple No ammo = defeat
Speaking of problems, reinforced wooden Some 1.5 issues
So, inspired by your ships, I decided to My enormous ship
Well, it is not exactly a regular rifle. My enormous ship
I'm surprised you have anything positive My enormous ship
Personally, I feel like external stuff a external stuff
Hmmmmm... I don't know. Honestly, it see [Idea] Downward ramming/Bunker busting Ships
I find it's a bad idea for that very rea [Idea] Downward ramming/Bunker busting Ships
I noticed the login thing is case sensit Forum Improvements?
The password change function is broken. Forum Improvements?
Sweet. Forum Improvements?
I think Zarkonnen already mentioned he'd concept: planes
Ah, a weapon suggestion topics. Well, New Weapon Suggestions
I mean, he hasn't added them yet, but it concept: planes
So, with the new terrain added, I notice Building and turret problems
So, I saw such topics in other forum, so Random Stuff
Considering this was not addressed and s Building and turret problems
The rifle would be a guy with a slingsho Random Stuff
I'm not sure I like the idea of Airships Real world flags and real world maps
Alright, those are quite pretty. They al Some Early designs
Yes. Cannons, for example, have both bla Gatling gun designs?
I haven't tried 6.2 yet, but the change 6.2 - Great achievement!
Give it time. Call me pessimistic, but I Random Stuff
I third it. Under the user name there's a tag?
Actually, forget what I said. After some Some Early designs
Modders get that title. Under the user name there's a tag?
The post count based ranks on forums fee Random Stuff
I remember it being mentioned as a possi Multiplayer Campaign?
Both the large ship in the op and the la My enormous ship
And now for something that isn't made by My enormous ship
"There's no kill like overkill." -TVtro The Royal Fleet
Oh, hey, nice new posty county thingy. Random Stuff
Odd. I have both Satan and Belial for so Fabled Satan Ship
It's one of the prebuilt ships. If you l Fabled Satan Ship
I added the hatches to it. Fabled Satan Ship
Renamed? But they're not the same. Fabled Satan Ship
The ships look pretty good, though I'm n Skydancer Shipyards, Inc.
Well, the second link in the op gives me Wiki!
Hello. I'm Lukasmah and I'm an alcoholic [STICKY] Introduce Yourself!
I quite like that idea and would like to Dead-zones
"Support ships, bringing small quantity Original Weapon Concept Part Two: Game Mechanics!
"Need a technology that does NOT exist o Infrastructure?
I've wanted to make a post about this fo Strategic aspect of ramming and limiting weapons to the outside
^ Yep, that is EXACTLY what I am sugges Strategic aspect of ramming and limiting weapons to the outside
When I saw Zark's replies to this thread That cockblock, though
In that case, I highly recommend that yo Measurement units
Well, I just added more categories so th Short automatic ship descriptions?
Now, that sounds like an interesting ide Overhauling the Strategic Mode to be Turn Based
I thought of a neat lore thing to explai Charged minefields suggeston
"On the whole, mrCarlton hits it on the Strategic aspect of ramming and limiting weapons to the outside
Wait, what? I'm confused. What is thi Found some bugs!
So, a while ago, based on the average he Measurement units
Did this slip under the radar? Measurement units
"Yeah, I'm afraid this is one of the bit Strategic aspect of ramming and limiting weapons to the outside
How about the possibility of adding actu Short automatic ship descriptions?
So, it appears that you misunderstood wh Strategic aspect of ramming and limiting weapons to the outside
Um... Hello? Strategic aspect of ramming and limiting weapons to the outside
I like the idea, but... What would th Charged minefields suggeston
It may be problematic when it comes to b On the nature of suspendium in plant life.
How have I not seen this before? Awesome Wolvr's Project Thread
You're right. That is rather morbid. Casualties
So, the way I see it, there are three ty Fleet composed entirely of Landships
This is exactly one of my suggestions, e Side Turret
"It's a cool idea but to me it just feel AA Cannons
"maybe some battleship turrets" W Tracks VS Legs
[EDIT: I've done it again. Dammit. I alw Side Turret
This just keeps getting better and bette Wolvr's Project Thread
Quoting would be really handy if possibl Forum Improvements?
Well, TheClockworks beat me to it, and h biowepons
So, some time ago, I came up with a game Random Stuff
A proper avatar feature would be really Forum Improvements?
Zarkonnen needs to realise that accident SHIPS! Actual ships. I want.
Well, as I said before, this could make Side Turret
I like that idea. That also gives me Wreakage
So, this is essentially a planned featur SHIPS! Actual ships. I want.
"Trenches would only be useful if bullet (Even More) Land Features and Other Thinking To Go Along With The New Update
I like it. I already like partially enca underground tunnels.
I like them. They have a certain standar United Federation of Arma Fleetyards
You know, sometimes I wish painted woode Random Stuff
How did you set stuff up for proper scre United Federation of Arma Fleetyards
Wait, no, sorry, my bad. It was a sugges (Even More) Land Features and Other Thinking To Go Along With The New Update
I found some decent designs for painted Random Stuff
"I went into combat mode, pressed 2 on t United Federation of Arma Fleetyards
Zoom to fit appears to be dependent on t United Federation of Arma Fleetyards
Dammit. I just realised I forgot about m Random Stuff
Okay, so, with all of this in mind, I th Side Turret
Well, to be honest, although I like the Rhett's Ships
"Behold, the pride of our fleet, our fla Rhett's Ships
Gunpowder casing - gunpowder casing - gu From the Depths
Well, now this game will seem really... Airships - Polish translation!
"Hehe, not many people appear to be on t steampunk drawings
Localised resources. Logistics should ma From the Depths
All those containers need a nerf, imo. R From the Depths
Is it just me, or are refineries really From the Depths
So, thanks to the engine update I have t From the Depths
I like the paintjob, but when it comes t Rhett's Ships
Speaking of Douglas Adams, Dirk Gently's Rhett's Ships
I like the system From The Depths uses. the campaign overhaul.
Now... Roof tiles, cinderblocks... Rhett's Ships
Magnificent. Rhett's Ships
-Set the pixels to be 14 centimetres in The little things
So, I found this. I have no idea what's Random Stuff
What's with the website security certifi Forum Improvements?
Oh, wow, the game has changed since I la Random Stuff
Heh. I just came here to see if people h Froth 2: The Frothening (Game recommendations)
Time to bring this topic back from the d Album o'Inspirations
"and realizing it now, zark already post Album o'Inspirations