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How about Mortars and Howitzers? The Mo New Weapon Suggestions
I just get a Idea with the Howitzer. If New Weapon Suggestions
Great idea and maybe flareguns can be us Fog as a weather condition
Hi, I have just found this game and I Heraldry
The custom heraldic, I am the only one w Heraldry
Gear or some Gears: All "Machinery" g Heraldry
Hello, I am Mechfried from Germany and [STICKY] Introduce Yourself!
Hi, To make it quick the Idea is that I [Suggestion] Income of Cities
how about Taxes ? adjustable similar to [Suggestion] Income of Cities
sound awesome :3 [SUGGESTION] Wayfarer mode
I saw that the gigantic KI-Tower with Ma [BUG?] Buildings collapse
I would like to make some mods :D Mod Developer Programme (Old)
I like this idea, particularly the parac [IDEA] Parachutes for Air Marines
Could you make the part 2 , please? Modding Academy (Old)
I got the same Idea, but the armor made Suspendium armor
Hi, Well I think we have a lag on sup [SUGGESTION] Firefighting
I forgot to write what the charge releas [SUGGESTION] Firefighting
Can't wait for the mod Map Generator
should be near the bottem of the page where is the Key?
When the enemy captures one of your ship Achievement Ideas?
I would like to test the steam version Z Steam Beta
so Titanium Armor ? I like it! Armor!
similar to the Heros in Endless Space an Heros.(Suggestion)
I would go further with this Idea: We Weapon blocking
Well the new symbols for the coat of arm [Suggestion] some new boni for the symbol
Well simple the option to rename the Sav [Suggestion] Renaming
Like this idea. If we need to pay to [Suggestion] Bailing Out / Abandoning Ship
to the Sun and Mun: I just mean the occu [Suggestion] some new boni for the symbol
pretty much like this :D [Suggestion] some new boni for the symbol
Wait Gatling guns were nerfed?! I use th Gatling gun designs?
ingame name change of the "Blueprints" [Suggestion] Renaming
probably the code don't load the text f The flak cannon's got an issue.
Ich hab gerade eben Das Schloss im Himme Mind blow
Would be nice to have the tools to do so Real world flags and real world maps
a "Faust"-rule: If not for space problem Some Early designs
I mean before v6.1 lol Gatling gun designs?
Maybe make a simple mod which adds a gun Is having no guns possible?
mmh... the Garnison Ships are an interst [Idea] No Crew berth in smaller ships
yes :D Under the user name there's a tag?
I like this alot [SUGGESTION] Campaign statistics
[Endless Legend](https://amplitude-studi The "you should play this, *froth*" thread
Don't forget to make Kinetic Bombardment [In Development] Airships: Fight for Universe - Art of War
a rank system Under the user name there's a tag?
[Here!!!]( Under the user name there's a tag?
this could be a bug. labe this as a bug Indicators for not connected ship parts
How about This: If all your Airships No ammo = defeat
"first" sorry -.- Coat of Arms?
You only get the bonus for the first Emb Coat of Arms?
Yes when the game gets a big community, Plans on improving forum?
we get a basic lore how the suspendium w Lore and Such
a simple Forum Rank and you can see how Noticed Rank.. What else?
Well, this is not a Suggestion, but I wa Discussion about the Landships
I like the idea of a tournament :D A Single Ship Tournament!
I like the idea of a hybrid typ for the A Single Ship Tournament!
Wind shouldn't be "static". It should c [Suggestion] Wind for wind sails!!
Well I saw there is no topic about Music your favorite Music
maybe we can see crew inside of a explod Large explosions
A dozer blade could be a awesome way to Discussion about the Landships
Oh, I must overlook that they are NPC. W Original Weapon Concept Part Two: Game Mechanics!
Maybe we also get a rampdoor. so we can Ground Troop Modules!
Yes, please. Short automatic ship descriptions?
all longer modules with a latter and the dude you gotta FLIP IT, TURN-WAYS
I think a lift-generating armour was sug On the nature of suspendium in plant life.
This would make stuff interesting. But t Breaching cables and Boarding clamps!
I don't know if the targeting computer a Targeting Computer Upgrade
Idea for a new ammo store, this one carr [Suggestion] Special Ammo Store
I may wasn't clear enough. One special a [Suggestion] Special Ammo Store
Well, Tracers and Phosphorus Shells are [Suggestion] Special Ammo Store
Well I made a Suggestion about giving We AA Cannons
yes please Borderless Window Option
Well, it would be nice if we can paint a [Suggestion] Painting Hatches etc.
*Joins shaking fist at the sky* STIL The next update.
well, here a list of all bugs issues I f some issues and bugs
"bri**b**e" and "destroy" are working n some issues and bugs
Okey, the idea is to also give the Spide [Suggestion] fixing Spider Symbol
Well, the thing is that changing the con Ships defeated when they still have rams
yes, additionally option would be nice f Suggestion: Unlimited/Custom $ Multiplayer and Custom Max Amnt. of Ships
1. Gunships should be on another layer, Original Weapon Concept Part Two: Game Mechanics!
Well I still like the idea of a tourname Tournament idea (the second one)
the only problem is Landships get much m Tournament idea (the second one)
good ideas and I already made a quit fle Just a thought on AI behavior! And some random ideas! <3 love the game :D
uuuuhh... this would also works with my Gears and other fabulas mechanisms.
maybe fireproof doors could be used for Extreme altitude modules (suggestion)
I think now we just really noticing all new explosions.
well, pretty self-explanatory, everytime [bug] no mouse nor Coat of arms
Well, I made a bridging tank the week we Landship bridge.
yes, trees have way too much health. Trees and terrain
Interception don't work! 8.2 Beta
please no Triplane/Biplane Restriction Change