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Yea, please add that auto thing. It shou Buildings on trees
I think this happens because AI thinks t Campain end of battle issue
Almost a month passed and no answer here [ideas]
Wow, that is an awesome idea =) But I [Suggestion] Bailing Out / Abandoning Ship
Hi! I actually had many ideas, but mo [Suggestion] Wind for wind sails!!
Just don't call it population. Populatio [Suggestion] Bailing Out / Abandoning Ship
Well if the wind blows in a single direc [Suggestion] Wind for wind sails!!
I thought about that. But you can make c [Suggestion] Wind for wind sails!!
The change is optional, but would be nic [Suggestion] Wind for wind sails!!
Disagree on the space issue. They should [ideas]
AI - it needs to be split to easy/med/ha [Suggestion] Wind for wind sails!!
It seems to me now that even though not [Suggestion] Wind for wind sails!!
Great God! Man, how much do you have to Two way turrets
Yes, I know. I tried to fight with it, b Two way turrets
Yea, I also had this one. Deleted the sa Loading game make terrain act weird
I suppose it's not that easy to make, bu [ideas]
Then may be it's not a bug at all? Wh Campain end of battle issue
Hi there.. or here... emm... meow. No (Suggestion) Linked Armor
yes, I saw it... How does it calculate t [Suggestion] Ship list - sort by and filters
too complex? ok... as you say. @rage [Suggestion] Ship list - sort by and filters
Whoa! Cool xD [Suggestion] Combat extension
ok. u said "refill". it's not "repair". Campain end of battle issue
Hello again!) The idea hit me after a [Suggestion] [Fun] [Multiplayer] [Achivements]
U R welcome ;D [Suggestion] [Fun] [Multiplayer] [Achivements]
Good. Already want to test it. How soon (Suggestion) Linked Armor
Comeon.. It takes less than an hour to c Loading game make terrain act weird
Yes, sure. (Suggestion) Linked Armor
1) Not random skirmishes. It would be [Suggestion] Combat extension
You can. Simpliest way is to copy new fi (Suggestion) Linked Armor
Meow?) Not worthy of an answer? [Suggestion] Ship list - sort by and filters
Good morning everyone. Right now ther [Suggestion] Ship list - sort by and filters
Hmm... What about tanks? There was an id [Suggestion] Leg strength
Hi. At first I thought it is a nice i (suggestion) Multiplayer Resource Slider
I agree with you, but it will add even m (Suggestion) Keep Moving Orders
That may become handy when the suggestio (Suggestion) Keep Moving Orders
@BorderReiver don't worry, my first comm Engagement Logs/Replays
@rage3069 let's see what mr. Z says abou (Suggestion) Keep Moving Orders
about XP: no, that's crap, sorry (nor r (Suggestion) Keep Moving Orders
Oh... Then it should not be called slide (suggestion) Multiplayer Resource Slider
Hello there! Zark, almost every time [Suggestion] Walls View
Timer... Someone on this forum already m A.I hiding in corner
+1, Thanks. Was searching for a dev. pla (Suggestion) dragons (rawr)
Sure. But constantly moving will be ok i (Suggestion) Keep Moving Orders
Where can one get 5.2 if he has a steam Note: Airships 5.3 doesn't support modding
ahah) thanks =D Note: Airships 5.3 doesn't support modding
nice) [Suggestion] Walls View
Meow. Zark, will you please make some [Suggestion] Demo version
...but I still think that normal/all ext [Suggestion] Walls View
ahahah))) that's so funny) yeah, world i [Suggestion] Demo version
yup ^_^ lots of fire, lots of blood x))) [STICKY] Introduce Yourself!
I was interested in Zark's thoughts abou [Suggestion] Demo version
I got this idea browsing Steam forum. [Suggestion] Workshop
@Z Any news from festival?)) Videos.. [Suggestion] Demo version
There will always be randomness. option "Focus Fire On.." Order
Hmm... Let me think... Okay, you are [Suggestion] Workshop
Don't worry. I'm ok) Hmm... Then easi [Suggestion] Workshop
Hi, I'm Musickiller. I was born 2.11. [STICKY] Introduce Yourself!
@Firebird who builds low altitude bomber (suggestion) Limpet mines
slowing down? no, that's crap. Z was ask (suggestion) Limpet mines
@Djbigsmth.. Yea, cool. And then we'll h (suggestion) Limpet mines
@firebird thx, but Clock is right. It's (suggestion) Limpet mines
bullshit. There are 3 possible option "Focus Fire On.." Order
I was thinking on it, but there is alrea (suggestion) Limpet mines
"I'll try to make this a short", he said (suggestion) Limpet mines
After modding support is made, this disc Naval combat?
Guys,it's not ok to ask him to add smth Alternative Propeller Mountings?
I disagree. My nickname is Musickiller. "Focus Fire On.." Order
@Clueboe And what's wrong with that? Tha "Focus Fire On.." Order
@Bjornson It'd be nice to met ya in batt [STICKY] Introduce Yourself!