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I was more thinking of a specific type o [Suggestion] Infantry
Adding frontier outposts in the campaign The little things
Aside from pretty much all of these game The "you should play this, *froth*" thread
About shell casings, I'm not sure there Shell casings and big brass.
Oh, Steam refund. I didn't think about t [STICKY] Introduce Yourself!
Isn't a wooden wall going to be scratche Vehicle hull patching [suggestion]
Uh, if the unsafe side from what I was p Different types of Boarding troops
Uh, never tried from the top... Thanks! The little things
* Changing the weather/time of the day i The little things
Even though the caliber of all cannons t Mortars and similar contraptions
Hello, I'm Katy t3h PeNgU1N oF d00m and [STICKY] Introduce Yourself!
Uh, barrels of powder or suspendium bomb More violently explosive kamikaze modules
1)Totally my bad here. Didn't see the he Shell casings and big brass.
Flipping decorations would definitely be Decorations
Now that boarding has been implemented, Vehicle hull patching [suggestion]
I guess the problem with making infantry [Suggestion] Infantry
Hm... That's an idea, but what if the wa [Suggestion] Infantry
That... would simply be awesome. I woul Shell casings and big brass.
What about gliders? More than once, I'v Different types of Boarding troops
Then again, we need to see how the game Shell casings and big brass.
Hmm, that may be a bit controversial, bu Suspendium Shielding!
Oh. Well I'll try next time >_> The little things
I pretty much agree with everything said (suggestion) Tactics and Strategy
Yeah, but would they have to be building Ammo/coal transfer between ships/buildings
We could then establish bunkers and buil [Suggestion] Infantry
I'm definitely up for Ozarklandia, but w The little things
It's really surprising how much of the g The "you should play this, *froth*" thread
I interpret my soldiers climbing on the *hugs*
Eherm, welcome to Ozark Tempses's Used A Random Stuff
Well, I don't know if development is sti [In Development] Airships: Fight for Universe - Art of War
Not only in fiction though. Honestly, l Space!!!!
To be honest, since I'm really into mods The "you should play this, *froth*" thread
So I've been planning on modding the gam Getting into modding and some questions related
I don't know if it's the same, but it so [bug] Smart Airship AI cheating
It depends on the scale of the battle. A Gattling guns un gentlemanly at the moment
The ability to choose on which side you The little things