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Hi! I'm Pompeii, also known as Pompeii on Steam.

My favorite hobby in Airships is defenitely making massive 10k+ Capital ships. Not only do I love seeing them tear apart a small fleet but if I max them out on both sides the lag is beautiful.

I am the proud creator of the Three Azrean Empires and the world it resides in, and it is my main empire for conquest. You can find the thread for the fleet over here, and a thread for the Land Fleet here. In addition, there is an alternate version of the Empire here.

I love making fleet battles that act out a story. For example, I make different kingdoms and make their fleets fight each other. Conquest doesn't cut it. It would if you could customize Conquest (maps, kingdoms, ships for each Kingdom, crests for each kingdom, strength for each Kingdom) but currently you cant so I shall have to settle with customized missions and the like.

Currently I want more ship customization and team multiplayer modes for the game- also randomly generated battles with selected ship designs would be nice too.