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Thanks! Modding Academy (Old)
...Not the kind of reply I was expecting Wedges in ships
I was always drawing blueprints of stuff Drawings
Reproduce: I set up a custom battle betw [Bug] Enemy HMS Toads face the wrong direction when attacking
@JavaProphet: The epic song he shows a p Texture Packs?
When you have something selected on your Deselecting things on the cursor in the building screen
It's like a termite mound and alien aste My enormous ship
Another color idea: I think the fire in Texture Packs?
Whoa, while editing the spritesheet I up Texture Packs?
@Zarkonnen: I'd love to play a match. Ju Ships by Slimy
Is there any plans to to add texture pac Texture Packs?
It actually didn't occur to me that mate Paintable Wood
I think it would be neat if the wooden s Paintable Wood
Thanks@Iwillbenicetou A uniform edito Ground crewmen wear different uniforms than airship crewmen
Thanks for the modding tips, but how do Texture Packs?
(Developer reply! Woooo!) You can mov Texture Packs?
...And the clouds are rectangles! Texture Packs?
Oooh, there could be a new ocean backgro [Suggestion] Attacking individual Ships
When my ship is under the altitude of a Move command could be smarter
Wow! Fantastic images. Do you plan on ad Album o'Inspirations
This idea is that crewmen assigned to bu Ground crewmen wear different uniforms than airship crewmen
Cost: $1 Weight: 1 HP: 16 (or 32, if Deck Module
This suggestion is that when modules are Destroyed modules dropping as rubble
On the screen where you create your coat Custom battle cries/Making enemy speech bubbles visible at the end of battles
Basically the title. Floating suspendium Suspendium islands having different sizes
Sorry for the necro. I agree that the Game Suggestions
Oops, didn't realize the ship background Texture Packs?
Pseudo 8-bit is fairly accurate! Ther Texture Packs?
@espritcrafter: I cannot unsee that now. Ships by Slimy
I don't think the red "Target not availa "Target not available" should not be visible on enemy ships
Yep, whoops. Though, you made me thin Crowdsourcing crew shouts
![An image]( [Bug] Boarder appears outside of ship
Since the campaign mode is in real time, Day/Night cycle
I wouldn't be surprised at all if there Texture Packs?
Might I ask what the Airships issues dat Suggestions processing
If you're thinking about not changing th Texture Packs?
This idea is that on larger ships, there Marine quarters/berth, and armory module
Wow, how do I keep reading that and miss Marine quarters/berth, and armory module
How would it look more pixelated? Would Day/Night cycle
The suggestion is that trees should be a Trees in the foreground layer
It seemed silly to me that in an airship Destroyed modules dropping as rubble
Maybe there should be two default textur Marine quarters/berth, and armory module
@Lukasmah: I do it just to irritate you. Day/Night cycle
![Wedges]( Wedges in ships
Wind Sails (2x2) Price: $20 Weight Wind Sails
Not the best animation, and I definitely Coat of arms wave in the breese.
[Ships I've made!](https://airships.zark Wedges in ships
Here's some ships I made. I built these Ships by Slimy
Oh, something like the top half of a hex Marine quarters/berth, and armory module
Yes! There could be mountainous terrain Seperate landscapes for the airship combat
I upload the pictures to Imgur, then I u Ships by Slimy
@Zarkonnen: Lizaaaardssss D:< Wearing ye Ships by Slimy
In the world of airships, suspendium exi Different name for Air Marines?
Ooh! Will they wear mismatches uniforms, Different name for Air Marines?
For these forms, I usually type "@Lukasm Forum Improvements?
If I wanted sails on the top, I could pu Wind Sails
Maybe there could be a certain chance th Espionage
Propeller/engine is offline, proposed by Crowdsourcing crew shouts
@Iwillbenicetou: Might be something to k Album o'Inspirations
@Iwillbenicetou: I can still see the pro "Evacuate Lift and Propulsion" Command
When you aren't registered with a multip Unregistered coat-of-arms should not flicker in the build menu.
Don't let anyone pick a horse! That soun Heraldry
[I made a suggestion where people could [IDEA] Blocky Building of Airships
The "Evacuate Lift and Propulsion" comma "Evacuate Lift and Propulsion" Command
I think a reserve should be added at the Adding a reserve to the Combat option on the main menu
Bumb again for another idea. You may Texture Packs?
This suggestion is that the red squares Blood spurts stick to the walls of airships
We should come up with as many taunts as Crowdsourcing crew shouts
____ SuspOffline: "Oh shit!" :P ___ Crowdsourcing crew shouts
Ooh. When would arterial blood spurt? Wh Blood spurts stick to the walls of airships
The new paint feature is great! I think Some thoughts on 4.1
I think the dust-coated town and suspend Using the suspendium pictures as splash screens.
Another idea for this- Birds could fly o Trees in the foreground layer
In the top right corner of these forums Paid for and??
Yeah, great idea. There could also be th Fog as a weather condition
Or, sails could have a different hitbox Wind Sails
@Zarkonnen: Aha! I thought I saw I saw s Wind Sails
I just realized, instead of sails, they Wind Sails
____ Horizon ![An image](http://i. Ships by Slimy
Oh, the color "gold" seems yellow in the Heraldry
So, David has mentioned in [the plan](ht Fog as a weather condition
Count down timer? No ammo = defeat
Maybe smaller trees could get crushed by Trees in the foreground layer
Side-mounted helium balloons/suspendium Suggestions for external modules
Chess Pawn: 1-2 Extra crewmembers per qu Heraldry
Hm, I don't think "Volcano" would really Heraldry
Thanks for the chart. Maybe you should p Armor types
@Zarkonnen: Orrrr, you could put it on y New Weapon Suggestions
Yay! Decks! Hatches! Decks and hatche Decks can't be painted.
Why do ships with telescope modules say Some 1.5 issues
If your ships are out of ammo and they a No ammo = defeat
Found some more issues: Banners appea Some 1.5 issues
I think external versions of existing mo external stuff
I feel like my aesthetic rigging idea is Suggestions for external modules
@Lukasmah: Yep! Ships by Slimy
I think the Air Grenades should be the m [IDEA] Parachutes for Air Marines
Currently, when you board another ship, "Fog of war" when boarding.
Well if jorschip posts his soundcloud ac Show off your projects!
I love your new logo as a loading screen Map Generator
Here are some suggestions for some more Different colors for fire
I'd definitely use this mod. Personally Map Generator
I think Airships could pretty easily be Star Wars Mod
Bump because now I think you should incl Using the suspendium pictures as splash screens.
World generation doesn't last that long Using the suspendium pictures as splash screens.
I like it! Map Generator
Lore-wise, you could say that the tops o Seperate landscapes for the airship combat
Also - Maybe when over water, crewmen co Seperate landscapes for the airship combat
"Fire Everything!" - Attack an enemy cit Achievement Ideas?
Currently, when you ram a building with Everything Shakes!
"Inefficient Design" - One of your airsh Achievement Ideas?
Perhaps you could tell targeting compute Suggestions: Team-based multiplayer, co-op campaign, manual aiming, spectators
I feel that the current black forums bac Forum Improvements?
After a fire is put out, or a module is Glowing Embers
Thinking this over, I'll add two thought Overhauling the Strategic Mode to be Turn Based
Are you using guard barracks on your shi Boarding OP
Speed is a big factor when you make ramm Movement speed
I may be an overly big fan of turn based Overhauling the Strategic Mode to be Turn Based
If you have the Steam version of the gam Screenshots Plans on improving forum?
Nope. When Zarkonen made supply hatches Fabled Satan Ship
Only the top left one will count. Coat of Arms?
But you can't use the HMS Satan because Fabled Satan Ship
Maybe the sailors on buildings could be [suggestion] Armory
I don't think it's too unfair. Just flee A.I hiding in corner
Ah, nevermind. A.I hiding in corner
I don't think naval combat is really nec Naval combat?
When the strategic maps get more detaile Custom world maps?
@Lukasmah: Yup, that was one of my ideas Overhauling the Strategic Mode to be Turn Based
I made some example pictures to show how Overhauling the Strategic Mode to be Turn Based
Nice custom graphics, really well done. Wolvr's Project Thread
Something that I think would go well wit The ground as a bullet obstacle
Whoa, what? Currently, the Strategic Overhauling the Strategic Mode to be Turn Based
I've considered RTS, and I think everyth Overhauling the Strategic Mode to be Turn Based
@Djbigboybugle: But a fleet would only b Overhauling the Strategic Mode to be Turn Based
Ack! How does one upload an image? Wiki-a-thon?
But how do I put it on the wiki in the f Wiki-a-thon?
Figured out the image stuff and filled o Wiki-a-thon?
The deck gun is brilliant! Clearly this Wolvr's Project Thread
If Airships: Conquer the Skies ever has Titan modules
Next week?! Have you seen how silly land Nerving on the next update
More dev stream related suggestions, apo Aesthetic Improvements
...And the story could be something alon Titan modules
@WolvrNZ: Not at all like DLC, which you Titan modules
Help! There's 2 Turtledove articles! Wiki-a-thon?
@Firebird11: Yeah, the campaign could pr Titan modules
Could also be an "officer's quarters" mo Command Bridges
Everything graphics-related I moaned abo Aesthetic Improvements
In hindsight, a 3D mug or globe probably Aesthetic Improvements
Landships could have their own kind of r The new ram
* Figureheads that can be placed on the Aesthetic Improvements
I have played SPAZ and I can confirm it' SPAZ
@Zarkonnen: If it was the UI instead XCOM, anyone?
Rodina. An early access space sim whe The "you should play this, *froth*" thread
I think the dorsal/ventral turrets would Top/bottom mounted gun suggestion
...I still like the idea of a campaign w "There's No Kill Like Overkill"
Despite robots occupying a few other ste Cracking Contraptions
Yep. Plus Xenonauts. And have you tried XCOM, anyone?
You could have a non-combat ship with ma Get signals on the line!
Already been discussed (sort of) here: [ "There's No Kill Like Overkill"
But the idea of side guns having a circl Side Turret
That's awesome. Fleet composed entirely of Landships
Well, I was thinking more along the line Forum Improvements?
Trenches would only be useful if bullets (Even More) Land Features and Other Thinking To Go Along With The New Update
Was it EA specifically who buggered it u Your thoughts on spore.
Yeah, I own Enemy Mind, but I haven't pl Nullpoint
Lord no, anyone but Zarkonnen! It was ac I'm really digging the music
I thought it was rust. ...And it make Giant metal nutcrackers
@madking321: - "Well, the guy who cre Giant metal nutcrackers
@madking321: I'm not really ok with robo Giant metal nutcrackers
@Zee: But how would you target enemy shi Some minor improvements:
Well, I have a bigger concern: how would Some minor improvements:
@Zarkonnen: Spiders, but no deadly Rust Giant metal nutcrackers
@Firebird11: Huh? Nothing on these forum Forum Improvements?
@madking321: - "No it is not the cybo Giant metal nutcrackers
Hm. What if it was the underlying tile-l Pixel by pixel destruction.
Currently, crews that are ordered to tra Dispencing ladders from supply hatches.
@TortugaGreen: Pseudoflamewar argumentat Giant metal nutcrackers
If avatars are out of the question, (and Forum Improvements?
Most forums have a strict size limit for Forum Improvements?
Perhaps generals/captain could get a hal Airships is looking for a character/scene artist
Actually, I think you posted something t I'm really digging the music
Well, I think my position on the subject Giant metal nutcrackers
@madking321: - "For fucks sake, he's Giant metal nutcrackers
- "Your point?" A dead heart doesn't Giant metal nutcrackers
Why would a saboteur need several rooms Saboteur Soldiers
Perhaps you could get related emoji for Forum Improvements?
That does sound fun. ARCHON MODE
They still have their lives. A.I. Surrendering When They Have Nothing to Lose
- A button to repair ships on the map sc Some minor improvements:
@Firebird11: It's out now! Now with e Some minor improvements:
@Firebird11: There's actually a big t Some minor improvements:
@Zarkonnen: The crews can say even more Some minor improvements:
Could also be something cheaper, like ho Suspendium Repulsor (suggestion)
Since you're going to update crew animat Blood spurts stick to the walls of airships
Actually, I think it would be a great id Blood spurts stick to the walls of airships
I think the module could contain a tank Suspendium Repulsor (suggestion)
What if after killing a monster, you got Original Weapon Concept Part Two: Game Mechanics!
That ship actually kinda makes sense now Steampunk plane
Yeah, that's a bit better. I also think Steampunk plane
I loved Galaxy on Fire 2, and that looks The "you should play this, *froth*" thread
It has been suggested before that side-w Weapon Sponsons and Casemates
The idea is rather redundant, because th Extreme altitude modules (suggestion)
I don't regularly listen to them, but I Gorillaz
What's the point? If you want first-pers Airships-Guns of Icarus crossover game.
This happened when an airship of mine lo [bug] Creaking sound is stuck looping
As soon as you fix the sound issues, you [bug] Creaking sound is stuck looping
I just came across this Coat-of-Arms on Secret Coat-of-Arms styles?
Couldn't you just put the heraldic charg Secret Coat-of-Arms styles?
@madking321: They should be balanced, no Weapon Sponsons and Casemates
@HarpyEagle: What do you mean by heraldr The little things
@HarpyEagle: That would make sense, but The little things
Hurrah, a H.E.M.A. enthusiast! [STICKY] Introduce Yourself!
Don't worry, if you ever decide to conti I'm really digging the music
My coal ran down to 0, so I grounded my How I beat the final test:
Posted this on your blog post, but I don Tutorial Feedback
Perhaps the mission illustrations could Airships is looking for a character/scene artist
How's this: ![ Real-life heraldry
- A cheat that turns all the crew into s The little things
When all the bridges in a ship are taken The little things
![http://images.akamai.steamusercontent. How I beat the final test:
No, you may not spoil the fun. How I beat the final test:
For level 1, the uniforms could use the Air Sailor Uniforms
You can already access the sprite sheets Mod Developer Programme (Old)
Actual bolts of lightning! How could I f Some minor improvements:
I decided to burn the Airships logo. Airships Fire Logo
- When hit by an explosion, crew should Some minor improvements:
@raitzuvimate: You can already do that w Original Weapon Concept Part Two: Game Mechanics!
...Why start with infantry? Why not airs Original Weapon Concept Part Two: Game Mechanics!
But the game is named Airships. I don't Original Weapon Concept Part Two: Game Mechanics!
@twinCatalysts: Is there a building t Original Weapon Concept Part Two: Game Mechanics!
- Sparks could fly up off of debris when Aesthetic Improvements
The sequel that is in full 3D? Feel f Airships Fire Logo
So, who's the unlucky sod who has to cli Vehicle hull patching [suggestion]
@Zarkonnen: I assumed that buildings und Some minor improvements: