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To be honest there wasn't a much of a "f Random Stuff
Hello. I am Sombrero and I make mods for [STICKY] Introduce Yourself!
Here's my two cents about the beta so fa [STICKY] Status
Thanks psy, I will set the intercept tro [STICKY] Status
Yup can confirm. Set their Shoot troop r [STICKY] Status
Happy 4th of July. To celebrate this spe [STICKY] New Modding Video Tutorial
chris what is your problem? I rarely eve Random Stuff
I reread your edited post. I didn't mean Random Stuff
Are you serious? Because if you are, i'd [STICKY] New Modding Video Tutorial
TEST [STICKY] New Modding Video Tutorial
AHHHH You got me zarkonnen. I can't regi [STICKY] New Modding Video Tutorial
it kind of works if you want to make you [STICKY] New Modding Video Tutorial
Your right. I'll just wait till zark rel [STICKY] New Modding Video Tutorial
On a serious note, i wish you could mod [STICKY] New Modding Video Tutorial
Oh right. I created 10 of them but I'd l [STICKY] New Modding Video Tutorial
Chris, you can edit posts and add furthe Random Stuff
Hey Psyrine, are you that pleb i rekt in Random Stuff
Talk what out? You want me to try and ex Random Stuff
Yeah i appreciate you putting the half o Random Stuff
Yeah, defending myself and offering pie Random Stuff
Sorry. I was just wondering when it woul New units balance
Wow, you are really dedicated to this ga New units balance
Holy christ, psy give the dev a break lo New units balance
Let all that rage out hahaha. I got a go New units balance
Sorry but everything you wrote in that r New units balance
Oh don't let it get to ya psy =D I still New units balance
I learned from the devs tutorial and ask New units balance
Ohh psy, it's a shame you get angered so New units balance