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You omitted the first sentence. Critical hits? Help or hurt gameplay?
Does a forward mounted telescope provide Rules questions (coal usage, guard desk, telescope)
Improving Multiplayer Experience ------ 50 Suggestions after 200 hours play, 32 -40
No hurry .... 50 Suggestions after 200 hours play, Part I
Ship Design Menus Trivia -------------- 50 Suggestions after 200 hours play, 18-31
Dear Mr Zarkonnen So, I have played a 50 Suggestions after 200 hours play, Part I
Dreadnoughts vs Swarms - Discussion --- 50 Suggestions after 200 hours play, 41 - 50
45/50 ain't bad! Bah, easy peasy, bar 50 Suggestions after 200 hours play, 41 - 50
Deck ladder. The small things
1) When you update an (already uploaded) Ten issues/suggestions
As previously noted, boarders remain t The old boarders problem
As it currently stands, there would actu The old boarders problem
I agree, although i think you would find Stalemate for multiplayer
Some observations about the new version Gripes
Hi, will send requested info later, for Gripes
Yeah, I usually put a rear gun or bomb b Ramming airships
Coolio. More comments to come of course, Gripes
While we are at it, I might add I think Gripes
Zark, the issue as I understand it, is t Ramming airships
----- Sounds ... ambitious ... maybe (Suggestion) Interference Drive
Incidentally, note my suggestion in othe Ramming airships
The twinkling stars have certainly impro Improving Night
1) In general, boarders move and fight t Troops suggestion
why would zark do that? = because I sugg v9.1 Heavy Cannon Reload Time
For most intents and purposes the game a Critical hits? Help or hurt gameplay?
As I said, for all intents and purpose Critical hits? Help or hurt gameplay?
I do think its odd that fire extinguishe Firefighting?
The new version has the ships illuminate Improving Night
I have a suggestion that might make bo Improving boarding actions gameplay
How about Arachnids have a different c Arachnids/Jump Troops
A few months ago I complained that hea v9.1 Heavy Cannon Reload Time
Everyone agrees that fire extinguisher Fire Extinguisher Suggestion
----- Agree, small bunkers are bit Nerf Bunkers in multiplayer
---- There are plenty of useless modu Land units suspendium chambers
Some thoughts: - I agree that the stu CPU Affects Multiplayer
---- Yes, I think a simple way to add More sails
--- Yes, multiplayer lobby attendance Multiplayer overlay suggestion
----- "The most popular items, mentione [Sticky] An Important Question
--- Take a big balloon. Attach it to a Design altitude bug
--- Fair point - I've never played camp Design altitude bug
----- Hey I just played a dozen gam CPU Affects Multiplayer
--- Haha, the patheticness of ramming CPU Affects Multiplayer
It's a great idea. More than that, it's Land units suspendium chambers
--- It just goes to show you can't pl Concerns for registered Heraldry
1) My first impression was that the new New units balance
"But... Planes DO land to refuel/rearm.. New units balance
--- Psyringe - the Mad Prophet of Air New units balance
"Psyringe comments" - Yep, I think your New units balance
And I think Zark should wind up Airships New units balance
Yes I know Respawn. As usual my response New units balance
--- In hindsight, Respawn's strategy New units balance
The archetypal airship (in my mind at le War Rocket Ajax
--- The bonuses only apply to single Concerns for registered Heraldry
----- Doing that would affect play ba Contextual dialogue
--- I see the cost of dragon skin has Design altitude bug
I have a suggestion that might help with Multiplayer overlay suggestion
---- Yes it occurred to me that my su Multiplayer overlay suggestion
--------- Well I can see that a lot o Contextual dialogue
---- you strike me as one of those pe Multiplayer overlay suggestion
---- automatically translates? oh ok, Multiplayer overlay suggestion
---- Wow, how come I did not know tha Contextual dialogue
---- Why random? We should be able to [Suggestion] Random enemy forces generator in design and fight combat
--- This might be a good thing, not a Bug Report: Ammo Per Clip
--- Bug Design altitude bug
---- Hmm, not math so much as I did n Design altitude bug
---- I use the transfer crew button may Supporting Other Ships
----- I had a similar, slightly simpl Deck Shotgun
---- Uh, you cannot even control when General Aircraft Ideas
[Rocketman](https://www.washingtonpost Steam Powered Rockets Coming Soon