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Weapon suggestion: -a bottom slap on- Throw-In weapon suggestion stockpile
The Mice are small and quick units that My ships for download ò.ó
-wen placing airships its not always cle Some ideas
another idea -a 1x1 block module that Some ideas
-ramming down (like in the game convoy t Some ideas
nice, thanks Some ideas
i dont realy know (because i havnt playe Throw-In weapon suggestion stockpile
I notice that the list of builds quickly Ships directory
a captains bridge could be something to Captain my Captain, where is my ships captain?
yes in the open design dialog, it slows Lag with sellecting Big Ships
What file-sharing can i use best? [STICKY] Info
Is there also a spectator mode? would be Conquer the 'Net - Weekly Multiplayer Battles - Fridays at 6pm EST
I notice with my ram ship design during Ramming airships
Armor I am busy to put a different armo armor and boarding
what about special balloon covers (as in Thoughts on the Game & Efficiency of Ship Design
I am :D Conquer the 'Net - Weekly Multiplayer Battles - Fridays at 6pm EST
A refill station module. for coal or amm Throw-In weapon suggestion stockpile
diagonal sawblades ?? O.o for those mome Throw-In weapon suggestion stockpile
in mission creation there could be added Conditions & Game-Types
:O is there a fill button? i will have a armor and boarding
I installed the new version of GOG (2.1. Lag with sellecting Big Ships
if implemented there should be a plank d "When I am in Command, every mission is a suicide mission"
I was reading the forum and i thought wh Rocket boost and clouds
yeah that could work or a circle area w (Suggestion) Interference Drive
am using a up to date version, and it se Ramming airships
I like the part of a temporary bouyancy (Suggestion) Interference Drive
Secrets of grindea. (still in EA) Its The "you should play this, *froth*" thread
Cater the unpatient players, once they g The Reason Multiplayer is Unpopular (and how to fix it!)
I was building again and wen testing i w Test mode
I build a marvel of a ram ship and was t Ram ship AI
Havnt though a bout a combat rating but Test mode
If the the combat is one against one a o Critical hits? Help or hurt gameplay?
Wen ithe weapon is stuck it could go "It Critical hits? Help or hurt gameplay?