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I'd love to have a buff that would make Heraldry Ideas
I'd love to have one of those stubby lit Throw-In weapon suggestion stockpile
Oh, say can you see By the dawns early FLAGSS!
Okayy I made a mod of that mortar for my Throw-In weapon suggestion stockpile
Ya, one sec, I'll make it into an actual Throw-In weapon suggestion stockpile
I made this lil thing just to show what Muffin Mortar!
Where can I get all these things? I've j [STICKY] New Modding Video Tutorial
XD well they work fine but the colors ar [STICKY] New Modding Video Tutorial
If you want the players to be able to us Steam Workshop
well I could get them to last a lot long Firefighting?
I think they should be how they already Coat of arms wave in the breese.
Most of my ships end up being spam ships Firefighting?
Two things about this game bother me: Torpedo weight //// Dragon raids
I really love this game, but one thing Fighters, Bombers, Scouts and Boarders!
@Firebird11 Ya, I found that other post Fighters, Bombers, Scouts and Boarders!
I use deck guns on nearly all of my ship Throw-In weapon suggestion stockpile
I'd also like to be able to make fires s Throw-In weapon suggestion stockpile
But they can't leave... Catch-22: "Yo "When I am in Command, every mission is a suicide mission"
Ahh.. I probably should've done this whe [STICKY] Introduce Yourself!
+87 Missing Focus button (Suggestion)
My defenses are actually on a hill. I'll Torpedo weight //// Dragon raids
I really like the idea of having ships l Improving Night
The Pilot's Love Song Full of float-y The "you should watch this, *froth*" thread
I'd like something like that too. Or som [Conquest Mode] Automatic Pause after Event Toggle