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I think that, in addition to "production Infrastructure?
but mines can be fairly bulky, and it wo Charged minefields suggeston
Same. It's hard to control heat from the Thermal damage
That does not sound good. if I am trying That cockblock, though
Ok... why a Wilhelm scream? it's funny a Large explosions
Seems like it, but considering how they Infallible Aether Oscillaors.
That's sort of what I was thinking. I do Thermal damage
I think of it like this: it would overlo Infallible Aether Oscillaors.
How about every weapon, when fired recei Thermal damage
Sounds good. I think we'll need a slower Infallible Aether Oscillaors.
I agree with Clockworks, as it would be Large explosions
But the problem is, suspendium crystals dude you gotta FLIP IT, TURN-WAYS
On that idea, Indirect fire weapons woul The ground as a bullet obstacle
sounds interesting... I will participate A Single Ship Tournament!
how you could do the suspendium-supporte Ground Troop Modules!
well, I suppose in setup, you could adju Infrastructure?
I am experiencing a similar problem, whe Online Multiplayer Connection Issue
Since suspendium cannons can fire shots two-stage weaponry
this sounds pretty good. Short automatic ship descriptions?
yeah, pretty much, , but probably actual two-stage weaponry
as I remember, only destroyed rooms on t two-stage weaponry
I think that would make sense, but a way two-stage weaponry
But the problem is, suspendium crystals dude you gotta FLIP IT, TURN-WAYS
I personally think of the particle beam Infallible Aether Oscillaors.
How I feel it would work is, while indiv Infallible Aether Oscillaors.
I think that this would be helpful, in a The ground as a bullet obstacle
Well, in that case you would also want, Thermal damage
(They're OK.) also, some rooms (mainly s Thermal damage
Sorry for duplicate posts, my phone was dude you gotta FLIP IT, TURN-WAYS
So that if there is a hole in the wall o Boarding parties
inefficient. you would end up losing mor Ground Troop Modules!
now THAT would be hard to handle. especi Ground Troop Modules!
Makes sense. Parts that need fuel lines Thermal damage
I think he means the fuel lines would be Thermal damage
so they couldn't elevate, and could real The new ram
so, like a tank that could drop out more Carrier Landships
so, some weapons (cannon, heavy cannon, High explosive shells
but what if they have guns. one could ju Ground Troop Modules!
So only HE weapons? piercing weapons are High explosive shells
wheels too. forgot about them. Carrier Landships
I can TELL there is silliness. science s A theoretical design for a suspendium generator.
isn't that the one that is used pretty m On an unrelated note...
also, a cyclps would actually be pretty On an unrelated note...
in other words, an impact detonator. but Charged minefields suggeston
what? I'm not sure what that meant. edi Aesthetic Improvements
that looks cool! but where's his gun? Ground Troop Modules!
I have no idea, but that is interesting. A theoretical design for a suspendium generator.
what IS this? I have no idea but I can t A theoretical design for a suspendium generator.
it ("goons") is sort of a resource alrea Casualties
so you could theoretically lose a city f Casualties
sounds pretty helpful. after all, the ke [ IDEA ] Landing Gear
this seems like a very cool idea, but I Evil Empire (slight campaign overhaul?)
recently, while I was experimenting with Spider legs are being strange on rough terrain.
I didn't see this happen, but I noticed Game crashes when too many ground troops are in use.
I noticed this too, see my post about th 100+ speed walkers have turned into planes! (Support)
as I said in my post about this, I found 100+ speed walkers have turned into planes! (Support)
I forgot I could do that :P. thanks for 100+ speed walkers have turned into planes! (Support)
recently, when I was testing a very spee (bug) small legs (haven't tested any others) can still work without coal.
that sounds really good. sometimes a cit [Suggestion] fixing Spider Symbol
I believe you and slimy scared everyone Giant metal nutcrackers
I think this would be cool, to for examp Lua (or something similar) room
AP and He boxes can be placed strait on From the Depths
You're welcome. also, I think the two ga From the Depths
Phone auto correct. Meant RTS From the Depths
It would definitely be nice to have the Suggestion: Remove distinction between land/airships and buildings
Saboteurs would be fun. get a massive tr Saboteur Soldiers
Straight steel armor unless I have heavy Question: What armour types do you use?
I once made something like that. Honestl DarthMetool's Shipyard
That thing (the original design post) is Tanker industries.
...But with airship that will explode if Campaign overhaul.
I'm not sure, but it seems like blocks a new explosions.
Overlays are only visible in armor and m The little things
Yeah probably, but still, the new booms new explosions.
Have I met you before? Also, there is i new explosions.
Name:Fred. Str:3 Dex:-2 Qik:1 Sta:0 [Forum Game] Medieval Mayhem! (Beta)
Mind providing a link two the other foru [Forum Game] Medieval Mayhem! (Beta)
Shaped charges and Inertial fuses seem l From the Depths