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If 1/2 of the wheel is contained inside Wind Sails
Ok, yea your right, it does make a bit o [IDEA] Blocky Building of Airships
If you compare the Gatling gun on rapid, Specifying crew objectives
Heres my Basic Fleet **Scout ship**, Fleet Forum
I think if the Hitbox's were magically h [IDEA] Blocky Building of Airships
As long as you keep it to being inside a [IDEA] Blocky Building of Airships
Well, I only play SP and I normally can Fleet Forum
I think for the hit detection you could Wind Sails
Heya mate, check your emails and junk Looking for someone moderately skilled in Pixel Art for Mod.
Now, I have stuff all experience in Java [IDEA] Blocky Building of Airships
Honestly, i dont think it would be that [IDEA] Blocky Building of Airships
Back in Primary School, I used to draw t Drawings
I think it would add a nice touch to the Trees in the foreground layer
Ok, I think this is how it works: Woo Armor types
Sounds great to me! [SUGGESTION] Wayfarer mode
Shouldnt it really just come down to cre No ammo = defeat
Would make sense. "Fog of war" when boarding.
What if we just expanded also on the wea [Idea] Downward ramming/Bunker busting Ships
Haven't actually played the game in a wh Random Sprites?
Radios would be cool to have along with new ideas
Is it possible to have weapons block pla Weapon blocking
How do you do this? if you can.. I me Clearing Ship Designs?
Would be good to have ships not target s Boarding parties
public static final Direction SO Firing Arcs for 45 Degree Centers
Would be cool to have (Gasp! Another one Thermal damage
![Like So]( Thermal damage
**HEAVY GUN** *Designed to be made in t Wolvr's Project Thread
Couldnt we just have weapons that detect Strategic aspect of ramming and limiting weapons to the outside
- Lightning Gun - Uses Coal to fire - Infallible Aether Oscillaors.
Like so? [Crappy looking upload](http:/ dude you gotta FLIP IT, TURN-WAYS
Thanks Very Much Zarkonnen! just foun Clearing Ship Designs?
You could maybe already do that somewhat The new ram
Couldnt you just have 'Suspendium Enrich On the nature of suspendium in plant life.
Would be nice to see a set of Wheels for [ IDEA ] Landing Gear
**DECK GUN** *Developed for lighter ves Wolvr's Project Thread
If I can figure out how to, but I doubt Wolvr's Project Thread
**DIESEL TANKS & PROPS** *A alien conce Wolvr's Project Thread
As in the way we have differnt layers at Thermal damage
Went through and added most the weapon n Wiki-a-thon?
Hazeron, do you mean like firing modern High explosive shells
The only consideration about the differe Wolvr's Project Thread
Slimy, yea, was thinking about that, kin Wolvr's Project Thread
Would be neato to see along with 'lift' Technically possible idea
Would be cool as a campaign concept, but Titan modules
Firebird, If you requested to be in t Forum titles
Should be changed depending on the color Air Sailor Uniforms
Hah! I think I did that! Also, been w Tracks VS Legs
Try and clean up your language a bit ple Wolvr's Project Thread
mrCarlton, No it doesn't, Ballistics isn Wolvr's Project Thread
I guess you could use the ideal to facil Get signals on the line!
NOTE- SEE FIRST POST **WIRBELWIND** Wolvr's Project Thread
**INTRO** *Hi, look, stuff, wow, much Wolvr's Project Thread
Firebird, all that is below, apart from Top/bottom mounted gun suggestion
You could always just have it so Side mo Side Turret
The problem is the weapon blocking, Curr Top/bottom mounted gun suggestion
Yea, but how to remove the lines? I dont Top/bottom mounted gun suggestion
I think mine would be: ![An image](http Real-life heraldry
I would guess a AOE effect would be usef AA Cannons
Looking at the pictures, it looks like t Tracks VS Legs
Mine uses just a value and maths. no req SHIPS! Actual ships. I want.
Underground structures would be neato if underground tunnels.
Would be easy enough for anyone in the E Forum platform value chart
Oceans would be a cool factor if we get Fleet composed entirely of Landships
Read First Post Wolvr's Project Thread
Spore would of been great if they went m Your thoughts on spore.
If you had some form of value of buoyanc SHIPS! Actual ships. I want.
rsslcs, If something is negative buoyanc SHIPS! Actual ships. I want.
A Waterline guide in the editor would be SHIPS! Actual ships. I want.
Just putting in my 2c, Im not Christi Gay Marriage being legalized and the reaction of Bigoted Christians
Look at the 'Post Formatting Help' below Image Posting.
You will have to apply to be part of the Wolvr's Project Thread
The game is very moddable. I just only p Wolvr's Project Thread
Spider: Landships can move off roads [Suggestion] fixing Spider Symbol
Speaking about monsters, ### Idea ## Giant metal nutcrackers
>Yeah, that's been scrapped. The problem Pixel by pixel destruction.
Can also happen with pushing directly wi Strange little bug i found
Whats 'RESPECT' elements? From the Depths
His belt to stop his trousers from falli Giant metal nutcrackers
*Does the game support sprite sheets of [In Development] Airships: Fight for Universe - Art of War
To be honest, I cant really see the shap Steampunk plane
Yea, kind of a Bummer when you have your A.I. Surrendering When They Have Nothing to Lose
Just use thicker lines around edges. the Steampunk plane
+1 Would be nice to see it as another Gears and other fabulas mechanisms.
Engine = Kinetic, Ran by either Diesel o Gears and other fabulas mechanisms.
Could always have[Jerker Line Systems](h Gears and other fabulas mechanisms.
##### *Hah, NetBeans remembered what .ja Zarkonnen, a couple questions about shots/projectiles...
Its not hard to have oxygen tanks, I mea Extreme altitude modules (suggestion)
Hah, I Recognize that Missile Launch sou [In Development] Airships: Fight for Universe - Art of War
Iron Bombs are just another way of sayin Mod Ideas