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### NEO Scavenger [Site](http://blueb The "you should play this, *froth*" thread
So I totally admit that Airships partial Drawings
This is a quick note on how to best repo [STICKY] How to report bugs
Oh, I'm so glad you like it. :) Going to [STICKY] Status
Thanks! I will try to get this fixed as Crash on cancel
OK, I'm going to have to read up on wher Win 8 Crash on load/save
Ghanzka: Check if they have enough crew. [STICKY] Status
There *should* be a log.txt file next to Crash on cancel
Well, I am fundamentally up for measurin Who wants to battle?
Noted! Does it attack you immediately, o AI can be a little to aggressive
Absolutely. Adding buildings to combat i Adding More Custom Skirmishes
Suspendium, or to call it by its full na [STICKY] Status
Figuring out how to build a decent airsh The shipyard: workshop my airship
exul - Definitely going to put that into remove module button always on top
OK, both suggestions have been implement remove module button always on top
Thanks for the report! Could you paste / Crash on Save load
Chosenlama: Yeah, the algorithm to assig The shipyard: workshop my airship
O_O I'm going to have to build one of The Liquidator, pure power of Breakingness
Yep, that's coming in a few days. Here's Adding Lobbys or Serverbrowser to Muliplayer
OK, that log message is somewhat serious Doing stuff with large ships crashes the game
I'm happy to report that I've figured ou Crash on Save load
OK, I think this must have been the same Crash on cancel
You may notice [a new link](https://airs Heraldry!
Things which are fixed: * All coats o Forum Improvements?
So as of version 2, we now have an onlin Internet Multiplayer
Well, I built this instead: ![Tiny ai The Liquidator, pure power of Breakingness
Oh yes, Cortex Command is definitely in The "you should play this, *froth*" thread
They'll be in the next release, which wi The Liquidator, pure power of Breakingness
Ah, a combined arms approach. Lots of fi The shipyard: workshop my airship
I'm very pleased that the forums general Forum Improvements?
Hmm. I am minded to reject this suggesti Suggestion: Able to put rifles everywhere
Press copies are definitely being emitte Internet Multiplayer
Iiinteresting. I'll see if I can reprodu Forum Improvements?
Noted! Also, do head over to the intro t Forum Improvements?
Did this get fixed for you in 6.2.1? 6.2: Damaged File
Hello! Thank you for the detailed feedba Main Game (Campaign?) Suggestions
Actually, if you don't mind, can I post Main Game (Campaign?) Suggestions
Short answer: Yes. Long answer: Yeah, Future updates and third-party keys (Steam, Desura)
Ooh, I got Arcanum from a sale a The "you should play this, *froth*" thread
Hello! (I've moved this thread into a [STICKY] Introduce Yourself!
Also, I've associated your account with [Support] Reg code
That could be a good way of doing it, ye Points of intrest
@legoracer171 Quite correct on all point The shipyard: workshop my airship
I like that from a positioning aspect. Y New Weapon Suggestions
So the next update's going to include a Beep beep boop: Targeting Computers!
I love the illustrations. :D I'd already New Weapon Suggestions
Ship-based harpoon guns would be fun. Th New Weapon Suggestions
Thanks for the report! I'll * Add som [Bug Report] - Money Glitch - Also unrelated random crash.
Goooood point. I'll add "are you sure" d [Suggestion] Are you sure you want to quit without saving?
More improvements! * Spacing of lists Forum Improvements?
legoracer and I have been experimenting Dogfighting
You appear to be winning pretty solidly. What am i doing
Hey! I'm glad that the game found intere [Suggestion] Carrier
:D Looking forward to the new video. So i made a video
* Actually, movement speed is pretty var The shipyard: workshop my airship
Agreed on both of those. Put into the to [Suggestion] pause after a battle
Yeah, I can totally see that. I don't re Campaign controls
Yep, definitely planned. :) Either next [Suggestion] Bombs
Good point! It is done: [http://steamcom Steam group?
Oh cool! Link plz? I'm not playing Mi Who here's a fan of Minecraft?
Yeah, that's a bug all right! Thanks for [Bug Report] Unable to open save games
Like much of the Internet, the airships Heartbleed security advisory
Have you got a game/webcomic/giant statu Show off your projects!
Hi ghiro, Can you tell me your Desura [Support] Reg code
Anyone up for some multiplayer murdering Regularly scheduled matches?
Something like that could work, yeah. I New Weapon Suggestions
So I've got a [tumblr](http://zarkonnen. Album o'Inspirations
Yeah, I really want to see if I can indi [FEEDBACK WANTED] Prioritising jobs, stuffing your ship with crew
You may enjoy [All You Need Is A Main Ga Show off your projects!
Ooh, I like that too. Like special order Crew Suggestion
I point you towards the [multiplayer cal Regularly scheduled matches?
Oo, link plz! (I should do a YT embed fe [STICKY] Status
Now that I've told everyone repeatedly t Multiplayer server currently broken
Oh cool, you got airships! I didn't real Who here's a fan of Minecraft?
Please do [mail me]( Crash Report
Yeah, that qualifies as a bug! Could you Unable to start new game without crashing
That looks like an excellent mod. I'll h Who here's a fan of Minecraft?
**MORE FROTHING** [Civilization: Beyo The "you should play this, *froth*" thread
Yay, good video! I've just put in some c So i made a video
Sorry about that. :) It *should* be fixe Multiplayer server currently broken
Nono, you should obviously retain your i So i made a video
Oo, do post it here when it's up! So i made a video
So airships can be set to focus on shoot [FEEDBACK WANTED] Prioritising jobs, stuffing your ship with crew
Yay! Excellent vid. :) I do feel bad abo So i made a video
Oops. Drop me a line at zarkonnen@gmail. Forum Improvements?
As these things go, there's actually a g Big List of Other Airship Games
Glad to hear you like it! :D So fire Some Newb Questions
The campaign in v3 now has some simple v Suggestion: Option to Pause After Battle on Campaign.
Ishakabo - if the game crashes during th [Bug Report] Unable to open save games
In the interests of making it easier to Multiplayer Calendar
Does it just say "United States"? Hmm. I Multiplayer Calendar
OK, it now uses Javascript to find a mor Multiplayer Calendar
So the good news is that the automatic e Version 3 Known Issues
And now there's a version 3.1 for you to Version 3 Known Issues
I definitely like this. Will have to fig [Suggestion] Fleet Options
Yeah, I really like the idea of a captai Crew Suggestion
Noted, and will get fixed in the next re [Bug] Money lost when canceling building
On, on the trivial but fun end, try [Min The "you should play this, *froth*" thread
All very good points. I shall answer the Why i think money refund instead of demo is retarded TRAILER WOO
Don't worry, I am working on it. :) Righ [STICKY] Status
So I've decided to rearrange what goes i New Weapon Suggestions
Of course! Drop me an email at zarkonnen Assistance With Purchase
Unsurprisingly, this is something I've t Mod Support
Hm, I'm on a Mac so I just use cmd-shift The shipyard: workshop my airship
Thanks for spotting that! It's an error Ship Building Glitch? Error?
[blitznatch on the JGO forums has pointe Album o'Inspirations
Fixed this up and sent you an email. :) [Support] Reg code New YT Video!
Ah, that is beautiful. It looks like a w The HMS Impractical
I believe the issue is that you moved th Unable to start new game without crashing
Hi, I've taken the liberty of linking [Support] Can't run the game.
I like those suggestions. :D Having more [Suggestion] Adding more campaigning to the campaign mode
Ah, useful to know. Glad it works now. : [Support] Can't run the game.
Hey, I took the liberty of hotlinking yo The Steelcore fleet
These are cool ideas - I haven't really [Suggestion] More Town/City Management and Morale and Looting System
I'm on a Mac, so I just use cmd-shift-3 Dogfighting
Awesome! I have to become asleep now, bu Airships v3.4 "Extras" mod
Done. For future reference: ![pic The Steelcore fleet
Thank you for your report. I will get st [4.0] BRING OUT YER BUGS
dlor1234 - sent you an email. [Support] Reg code
Code's in the pipeline - sorry for the d Getting my code
[Part 2]( Modding Academy (Old)
Indeed - also note that mods are heavily [Mod Release] Bread & Games Mod - dev4
sgtdragonfire: Can you paste the error y Multiplayer Calendar
Well, I've tried it out now, and it work Airships v3.4 "Extras" mod
Useful! :D I keep on being hideously [Suggestion] Exporting ship files
There isn't currently any way to increas City Income
Thanks! That looks fixable. :) Multiplayer Calendar
AFAIK this is now resolved. :) When using the paypal link, how do you receive the registration code?
Thy wish is my command. Behold, the mod [Suggestion] Mod Section on the Forums
This looks amazing! I'm currently at a c [Mod Release] Bread & Games Mod - dev4
Oh, also, I've added the following item [Mod Release] Bread & Games Mod - dev4
Yes, get thee a coat of arms! You can ha So i made a video
! Were you caught in your computer's The Steelcore fleet
Hmm. Given the username, how about a thi So i made a video
That's actually something that I've cons Deck Module
Very cool! Two issues I've noticed: * [Mod Release] Bread & Games Mod - dev4
Behold, the flamethrower: ![Flamethro New Weapon Suggestions
So Early Access 4.0 [has dropped](http:/ [4.0] BRING OUT YER BUGS
Thanks! I shall fix that shortly. :) [4.0] BRING OUT YER BUGS
Noted, thanks. I will... temper the AI's [4.0] BRING OUT YER BUGS
Sure - basically, you can make a simple Texture Packs?
Very good point, and should be totally p [Suggestion] Attacking individual Ships
Cool - the way this works is as follows: So i made a video
* Topics with long titles should no long Some quick forum fixes
**Note: The information in this thread i Modding! (outdated)
It occurs to me that the game forums sho Forum titles
I should also post some basics on how to Mod Developer Programme (Old)
I was thinking "His Imperial Majesty Zar Forum titles
* [Air Buccaneers](http://www.airbuccane Big List of Other Airship Games
Thanks, this is *really* useful feedback Texture Packs?
Do you have a favourite animal, or story So i made a video
Yep, it's in the [plan](http://zarkonnen Album o'Inspirations
Noted and added to the todo list - thank [4.0] BRING OUT YER BUGS
Yep, sounds good. Cheapest way is to jus Paintable Wood
Yeah, that's the result of the physics b Move command could be smarter
Actually it's `![image name](link)` (wit Ground crewmen wear different uniforms than airship crewmen
Sent! :D Registration.
Yeah - this is partially intentional, bu Multiplayer Matches
Noted. What *is* definitely wrong is tha Deselecting things on the cursor in the building screen
tcase42 - Sure, I'm about to push a new Steam Beta
Pseudo 8-bit is probably fairly accurate Texture Packs?
Couldn't really get the beam thing to wo So i made a video
Hey Technocrat! Your English skills look [STICKY] Introduce Yourself!
Redid the forum looks to match the new g Forum Improvements?
Weirdly, I *have* now noticed that the s Texture Packs?
I shall make a modding howto that would Texture Packs?
Qazhax: Tell us about your projects! [Th [STICKY] Introduce Yourself!
Sounds good, though why not make the wre Destroyed modules dropping as rubble
I've been going over the recent suggesti Suggestions processing
[Yes.]( Marine quarters/berth, and armory module
Hi, Sorry that you're having trouble Paid for and??
espritcrafter: The syntax is `![picture Ships by Slimy
Brilliant! Thank you for this bug report [BUG] Multiplayer Calendar Broken for Chrome
OK, I have tracked this down to the auto [BUG] Multiplayer Calendar Broken for Chrome
Min # Comments Name 0 Forum titles
![HMAS Pterois]( Album o'Inspirations
Taking a long time for a big update, don [STICKY] Status
![Arach]( Album o'Inspirations
Oh, I love the way that different people espritcrafter's campaign ships
Done! :D Mod Developer Programme (Old)
Iwillbenicetou - done! Also, titles are Forum Improvements?
Yeah, I think "Air Marines" as a semi-ba Different name for Air Marines?
All three noted. Password resets and PMs Forum Improvements?
AFAIK it is pretty alive, but coordinati [STICKY] Status
Have put in a whole bunch of times into Multiplayer Matches
Paint is in and will be available in ver Paintable Wood
Noted - the major engineering focus of v [Suggestion] Repair towers in citys
I like the design of having the sails on Wind Sails
That is roughly the plan, yes. :) Different name for Air Marines?
I like the shape! Do you want to arrange Ships by Slimy
I've moved the things the crew shouts in Crowdsourcing crew shouts
I'd like to do translations, but TBH I d Spanish game
Good point. Something that slipped up du "Target not available" should not be visible on enemy ships
Yep! Have put myself down too. :) Multiplayer Matches
Yeah, lack of organization over here. On Multiplayer Matches
Maybe it works now? :/ [BUG] Multiplayer Calendar Broken for Chrome
Woo! [BUG] Multiplayer Calendar Broken for Chrome
OK, we now *finally* have email notifica Forum Improvements?
Oh, and let me know if there are any iss Forum Improvements?
(Don't mind me, now just testing notific Forum Improvements?
Let me know if it's working better now i [FR] Don't understand rules :/
So I'm just gonna wildly speculate what Heraldry
Ahh, Schwerer Gustav, such a crazy piece New Weapon Suggestions
So whenever the word "side-mounted" is u Suggestions for external modules
Yeah, this is just a balancing issue. Wi [FR] Don't understand rules :/
So apparently heraldry is in now: [Minec Heraldry
What sails look like in v5: ![Sails]( Wind Sails
Yeah, it's utterly non-obvious if you ar Mod Developer Programme (Old)
So the issue with terminating fights is No ammo = defeat
Pushed a new version, finally adding mod Steam Beta
NB Let me know if the MP calendar does n Multiplayer Matches
I see! Could you please [post](https://a [STICKY] Status
Yeah, that is absolutely part of the pla Texture Packs?
Heeeee :D Color-wise, we could distin Blood spurts stick to the walls of airships
Wheeeee... I have enforced scrolling to Adding a reserve to the Combat option on the main menu
So this is sort of what "Ground Ship" do "Evacuate Lift and Propulsion" Command
Something like this is coming in version Espionage
Excellent suggestions, thank you. :D Crowdsourcing crew shouts
* Changed colour scheme to match new gam Some quick forum fixes
Ouch. I think I know exactly why that is [Bug] Leaving an unsaved ship in create a ship mode leaves the game your playing
Played a bunch of games against Clueboe Multiplayer Matches
@Slimy - If you put in the times you can Ships by Slimy
Yeah, trees and bushes would definitely Trees in the foreground layer
Ah right. :) * Export the classes as Mod Developer Programme (Old)
Yeah, it's an ongoing thing that I want [BUG][MAC] Extreme lag in 1.5
Thank you! These are pretty much all bug Some 1.5 issues
Thanks! Will fix! Not Logged In -> Error upon opening topic
Fixed now. :D Not Logged In -> Error upon opening topic
Do you just get a blue background? Will So i made a video
Right, found the problem! It should now So i made a video
Oo, I like that. :D You could also have Fog as a weather condition
So the main problem with non-rectanguloi [IDEA] Blocky Building of Airships
That display issue is a bug - basically [IDEA] Blocky Building of Airships
Made a quick drawing to show the problem [IDEA] Blocky Building of Airships
Hey Raulazo! Thank you for introducing y [STICKY] Introduce Yourself!
You're the only one who can use your cus Heraldry
Yay, suggestions! :D Something like heli Suggestions for external modules
It is done! You are inducted into the ha Mod Developer Programme (Old)
I should really get around to writing th Mod Developer Programme (Old)
Wow that was fast. :D One request though [Mod Release!] Tinytech Mod
The vanishing thing: are you sure you ha First few games tonight. Doing something wrong?
Yeah, being able to do economic sabotage [Suggestion] Income of Cities
Oh yes, that sounds very useful - also t [idea] Damage Reports
Right, I can give you guidance on this o Armor types
Spurred on by this I've been doing some Armor types
Yep, it's enforcing the rule of tincture [Bug?] Coat of Arms won't accept my new CoA
Can you send me a mail with your purchas [Support] Reg code
Hmm, is it possible your ships are getti First few games tonight. Doing something wrong?
The images are indeed created by using p [Bug?] Coat of Arms won't accept my new CoA
Yay for video! So I'm currently worki So i made a video
Expanding on this a bit: Adding translat Spanish game
Ahh German, you are such a silly languag Spanish game
OK, this sounds pretty cool, and I am to [SUGGESTION] Wayfarer mode
If you go into the project properties (r [Mod Release!] Tinytech Mod
Yeah, bug that I've been trying to kill [BUG?] Buildings collapse
Noted. I'll do a test at some point soon Spanish game
OK, I've managed to pretty much track do [BUG?] Buildings collapse
Thanks! :D Fog as a weather condition
Skyborn (oh god i nearly typed "skyporn" The "you should play this, *froth*" thread
I've been sort of absent with worth and Multiplayer Matches
:D Also, do [introduce yourself](https:/ Steam group?
My housemate came up with an interesting New Weapon Suggestions
As it stands, [Official Lore](http://zar New Weapon Suggestions
This bug should be vanquished in v5, exc [BUG?] Buildings collapse
Weiiird. I'm afraid I can't reproduce it [BUG][LINUX] No engines in build list
I'm afraid that log link didn't work. I Unable to launch the game.
That sort of sounds like a memory issue [BUG][MAC] Extreme lag in 1.5
This is the "Log in" button at the top l connection
Annoying - can you post a link to the lo Unable to launch the game.
Your computer is probably haunted. ![ [BUG][LINUX] No engines in build list
OK, not a memory issue then. Good point [BUG][MAC] Extreme lag in 1.5
Interesting. Do you know which Java vers Unable to launch the game.
Nonono, you're fine. Remember - *sexism* Real-life heraldry
Yep, the idea is that it's a very heavy My enormous ship
I know where you're coming from, but wha No ammo = defeat
You *can* close the reserve window again [Bug] Building editor modules under buildings
Right, good that you fixed it! Definitel Unable to launch the game.
I think they have a sort of brutal beaut My enormous ship
One-use rocket boosters -- I like it. Go external stuff
As you probably noticed, Airships has be Steam Greenlight
Yeah, really need some kind of versionin Airships v3.4 "Extras" mod
Yeah, parachutes really make a lot of se [IDEA] Parachutes for Air Marines
Thanks for the report. Stuttering during Major Lag/Crashing
Absolutely! Mac NetBeans is available fr Mod Developer Programme (Old)
* [Part 1: Modding Setup](http://zarkonn Modding Academy (Old)
You have been inducted into the ranks of Mod Developer Programme (Old)
Very pleased to say that I managed to fi Major Lag/Crashing
Thanks for getting in touch! I'm just ha Pay with Ideal
So I'm working on Ideal, but I did manag Pay with Ideal
Yeah, that's very reasonable. Credit car Pay with Ideal
IT IS DONE. Let me know if you need any Mod Developer Programme (Old)
Neat! I should really do another video r Videos Of Airships
Sure, shall do - it will go up in the ne Modding Academy (Old)
Thanks for getting in touch! To check Cant open version 5.1 on windows
Is this lag on the strategic map or in c Major Lag/Crashing
Thanks for bringing this to my attention crashing
Thanks! :) crashing
𝕴𝖙 𝖎𝖘 𝖉𝖔𝖓𝖊. Mod Developer Programme (Old)
Sent you an email :) [Support] Reg code
If you bought the game via, ther [Support] Reg code
You are right that this is a limitation Mod Developer Programme (Old)
Game's officially out. You can download Steam Beta
Done! :D Mod Developer Programme (Old)
Yep, Legoracer is correct on all points. Questions
Hi Hans! Can you link me to that LP? I'v [STICKY] Introduce Yourself!
The thingy on my coat of arms? Nah, it's Questions
So my vague plan about downwards ramming [Idea] Downward ramming/Bunker busting Ships
Huh, I really thought I'd fixed that dra [bug] flipped small engines
I'm talking to two potential payment pro Pay with Ideal
Thanks! :) Have things improved for you Major Lag/Crashing
Approximately: damage is speed squared t Questions
Right, collision damage is calculated as Questions
So new armour types are really very easy Suspendium armor
Thanks for the link. :) More campaign st [STICKY] Introduce Yourself!
Reasonable idea, but oh it would be so e Suspendium armor
Good point! Maybe not as splash screens Using the suspendium pictures as splash screens.
Oop, that's meant to mean "up to and inc version 1.0
Ooh, I really like that logo, Anzious. I Map Generator
I somehow missed this thread at the time Seperate landscapes for the airship combat
![Airship Fleet]( Album o'Inspirations
* Love the water cannon idea. Makes a lo [SUGGESTION] Firefighting
So to give this some context, it's reall version 1.0
Right, if you want to help crowdsource a Spanish game
Sooo... for... external reasons I have n Spanish game
Definitely a good point, yeah. I haven't Random Sprites?
Huh, interesting. Thanks for the report Problem on OS X (OS version - 10.10.1, game version - 5.2)
So I can't immediately reproduce this. S Problem on OS X (OS version - 10.10.1, game version - 5.2)
I am happy to report that dev6 is going [Bug?] Coat of Arms won't accept my new CoA
Looks awesome! Really like the sea monst Map Generator
Evidently "A Convenient Perch" is a bit Steam Beta
Yeah, that's a known problem that'll get Boarders never capture buildings
Because of the way the new JVM integrati Note: Airships 5.3 doesn't support modding
So v5.3 [introduces]( Achievement Ideas?
Excellent! :D The beta keys will be in y Steam Beta
Heeeheee... :D Achievement Ideas?
Both, or send me messages. :) Steam Beta
Thank you all for offering, the Steam co Steam Beta
OK, I think I have just found the first, Steam Beta
* Save feature: Does saving games/ships Steam Beta
Yeah, exactly - the bundled JVM approach [Linux] Cannot run game
It's going to be a FPS/interactive video version 1.0
Due to a misconfiguration, you may be cu Login issues
1) So if I understand correctly, the ide new ideas
Good, good. :D Let me know if you want a Star Wars Mod
Ooh, I've got a snarkier idea for the "M Achievement Ideas?
Noted!! Forum Improvements?
My participation in Global Game Jam last Steam Beta
Dragonscale armour... Armor!
Yeah, it's on my todo list. Right now, p Forgot password
A new version is now available on Steam, Steam Beta
As my esteemed test-colleague above note Forum Improvements?
We now *finally* have a reset password f Forum Improvements?
So the Steam version will actually do th Portable version possible?
Yep, it's on the todo list for the next Weather
As you can see on the left, the new hera Forum Improvements?
Noted. I'll see that I can make Command- Mac Command-Q
Airships.exe should be the correct place Can't dowload
Noted - it's possible the server's gone Multiplayer bug
Yeah, these have nice "realistic" aesthe **A look at Dunation engineering**
Good bug report. The problem is that "ta the new guy
Steam keys will become generally availab Steam Key?
So it uses its own bundled JVM, or it sh [Linux] Cannot run game
I think we all generally just run the ga The shipyard: workshop my airship
To be precise, it's a feature I like, bu concept: planes
IT IS DONE. Er, I mean, I signed up f Multiplayer Matches
Roight, I've updated the beta to EA6, th Steam Beta
Yeah, dorsal and ventral firing arcs is Dorsal firing arcs?
I am happy to report that this is now fi Boarders never capture buildings
Yeah, that's definitely a problem that n Bug report: AI never changes redirects airships in campaign mode
Assuming you got it from Humble, I belie registration code?
Here's a screenshot of it, actually. :) registration code?
Thanks for the rapid feedback. Some resp New Beta
Sure! Have sent you a message. Steam Beta
This should be fixed now - the server's ERROR WHILE LOGGING IN THE GAME
A new beta hath dropped! It introduces s Steam Beta
There'll be a system for getting a Steam Steam Beta
Also, uh, if you have it and like it, pl Steam Beta
If you bought it via Humble Bundle or it Steam Key?
Virgil - noted, thanks for the report. M Steam Beta
Yeah, from what I can tell it crashes ha Steam Beta
Oh, please do! :D Rockwell Torry's airships
Yep, it's in Java, using Slick2D/OpenGL Software to create this game ?
Basically, go to the download page of th Steam Key
As you may have noticed, dorsal and vent Dorsal firing arcs?
Found your record now, you bought it thr Steam Key
redbaron918 - According to your registra Steam Beta
Which store did you buy it through? You Steam Beta
You need to make sure you use the same e Steam Key
Can you expand a bit on what happens whe BETA BUGS
So I think I may have cracked this, fina New Build Bug
Don't worry, we'll get to the bottom of My Game crashes when I Start it.
Well, there *is* the concept of orbital Random Stuff
Ah, that's a bug in the forum software. So i made a video
This should be fixed in 6.2.1 now. I acc Indicators for not connected ship parts
Fixed now! So i made a video
luigiloco - You bought your copy from it Steam Beta
Ah yes, this is an unfortunate OpenGL bu Bug Report: Game Crashes when trying to create airships
Woo new video! :D So i made a video
Woo! Steam Beta
I've been working on adding more guard b Boarding OP
Oh and yes, airsailors do fight back, th Boarding OP
Pretty much agreed on all points here. : Turrets? Flak?
NB I've now managed to create a simple r Bug Report: Game Crashes when trying to create airships
Gravitylicious... Seems like sometime Bug: the ground falls
OK, I finally got around to [explaining] Mod Developer Programme (Old)
Hm, badness. Let me see if I can reprodu New Build Bug
Actually, some questions: * By new bu New Build Bug
Only the bonus from the most senior (top Crest Bonuses & Such
I did indeed miss this! I will look at t Building and turret problems
Yep, I'm familiar with Minecraft's moddi Mod Developer Programme (Old)
Have you tried turning off high-quality New Build Bug
Hmm, OK. Could you look in the game inst New Build Bug
:D Do link them on the Steam community p PvP Youtube Challenges
Yeah, that sounds fair. I'll add the rel Ships forum
IT IS DONE. Let me know if I missed any Ships forum
[Flak!]( Turrets? Flak?
I can probably put that in, legoracer. : Random Stuff
OK, I've made the newest sources availab Mod Developer Programme (Old)
OK, try it with 6.1 and let me know if i New Build Bug
WarStalkeR: You're now a modder. Use thi Mod Developer Programme (Old)
WOO New Build Bug
MIRVed harpoons? :P Random Stuff
Well, actually, SCs require both coal an Suspendium Cannons
I should really put in a post count into Under the user name there's a tag?
I haven't seen Last Exile, but it's wort Last Exile Silvana
(BTW, note that I increased ammo capacit Some Early designs
I recently de-nerfed Gatling Guns in v6. Gatling gun designs?
IT IS DONE. Are there any requests fo Mod Developer Programme (Old)
Yeah, one of the (not yet implemented) i Crest Bonuses & Such
Yeah, must've missed a translation key t The flak cannon's got an issue.
Definitely like the Orca. Looks like a p Some Early designs
Yep, the hover-rock is pretty standard t Mind blow
Ooh, I definitely like the idea of scena Real world flags and real world maps
De-nerfed! They've been improved! Gatling gun designs?
I'm still kind of wary of breaking the " Two way turrets
Noted! I'll investigate this. Campain end of battle issue
Jason, Blade, Rattas - it is done. :) Mod Developer Programme (Old)
Sorry to hear that! Could you email me a Black screen error
Lukasmah: It is! "Build a good community Random Stuff
Have you upgraded to v6.2.1? That should Lag problems and BUG
Daniel14676 - You can get your key from Steam Beta
Right! You can now see how many posts yo Forum titles
Ah, they should be red, in fact. Thanks Indicators for not connected ship parts
Ah, that's lies, terrible lies and video 6.2: Damaged File
Thank you! For starters, I need your log high quality graphics
Ah, shame. It does look like the changes high quality graphics
If the rank wasn't overridden, I'd be 16 Random Stuff
Noted and noted - thank you. :D I'll see Spinning Money
There's some, specifically on [Suspendiu Lore and Such
You send me a message, or I notice your Deleting a Topic?
Moved! Yeah, long-term there will hav Plans on improving forum?
Still figuring these out, but the short Discussion about the Landships
Hm, I can't immediately repro this, thou [BUG] ram in combat keep ramming
Hmm, I've had these kinds of reports for Odd mouse issues.
Hehe, I was just talking about how big l Discussion about the Landships
Yeah, that's not what I'd consider big. [BUG] ram in combat keep ramming
So I don't really like your idea because [suggestion] Armory
So as [announced](http://www.zarkonnen.c Wiki!
Little side-project I started a while ag Show off your projects!
Right, I've put the server back up. Than Multiplayer bug
Oh dear. :D I'll see that I can fix this The infinite abyss of all below
So yeah, I renamed it "Belial" when I ad Fabled Satan Ship
Oh, I've now also linked the wiki from t Wiki!
Quite! Copy-pasted it from a browser add Wiki!
NB you *can* remove the trees by editing Buildings on trees
Yep, you can add dirt, but the way it's Discussion about the Landships
Having a more satisfying victory screen [Suggestion]
Totes! :D Big List of Other Airship Games
Please make these sections! Also, let me Plans on improving forum?
Hmm, replay could work, at least within Engagement Logs/Replays
Can confirm that using the installation Cease Fire! Mod
I am totes in favour of this idea BTW, b A Single Ship Tournament!
When I was working on weather, the origi [Suggestion] Wind for wind sails!!
Huh, this one slipped through the cracks [ideas]
Yep! * [Twitter]( Plans on improving forum?
Thanks for the report. I'll see if I can Loading game make terrain act weird
Huh, the sheer specificness of simulator Spin Tires
Agreed on the auto-conquest thing. Not q [Suggestions] 6.3 thoughts
[No!](https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.c (Suggestion) dragons (rawr)
OK, so you can get it to run from standa Cease Fire! Mod
Hm, I see where you're coming from, but Discussion about the Landships
Yep, if you bought the game previously, Steam Codes
Braddock, Brutus, ohyeeha - you've been Mod Developer Programme (Old)
You are absolutely right. That so has to [Suggestion] [Fun] [Multiplayer] [Achivements]
Interesting. How about this: Currentl (Suggestion) Linked Armor
Right, I've managed to track this down. Loading game make terrain act weird
1) Yep 2) You can pretty much do that [Suggestion] Combat extension
Can confirm this should be fixed in 6.3. The infinite abyss of all below
I really like this idea, but it won't be (Suggestion) Linked Armor
Yeah, blueprints is a good idea. I'll pu Forum Improvements?
Oops, looks like there *is* gonna have t Update for translation needed - Google sheets
The current idea is that there'll be 3-4 [Suggestion] Leg strength
I have definitely not been giving the tr Update for translation needed - Google sheets
Totally worthy of an answer, I've just b [Suggestion] Ship list - sort by and filters
The legs do indeed have a limited streng [Suggestion] Leg strength
It calculates the price by loading in an [Suggestion] Ship list - sort by and filters
Yep, modules' HP is increased the more a Adjacent modules are HP buffers?
Probably something I should put into the Adjacent modules are HP buffers?
Nice congruence of name and coat of arms [STICKY] Introduce Yourself!
It gets auto-localized to your time zone Calendar time zone?
There's value in separating modules that Adjacent modules are HP buffers?
Yeah, I agree with Musickiller that havi (suggestion) Multiplayer Resource Slider
WOOOO, amazing! I shall look at it an Update for translation needed - Google sheets
Yeah, if it's unable to optimize for dea A.I hiding in corner
Hmm, I'll have a look if I can fix thing mods dir path
Thank you for the reports, you're basica [Minor Bugs] on 6.3
This is something I want to add, yeah. C Colored Uniforms
Hmm, yeah, I could add a single combat o [Suggestion] Walls View
I've been mulling over this thread, and (Suggestion) Keep Moving Orders
By asking. Check your downloads page. :D Note: Airships 5.3 doesn't support modding
I'm currently at a game festival, which [Suggestion] Demo version
Assuming you bought the game on Steam, d Heraldry!
I like the visual idea of top-slung or b Alternative Propeller Mountings?
So I can confirm that feet and tracks no Could landships be unbalanced?
Somewhat similar to explosive barrage ba Charged minefields suggeston
I fundamentally like the idea of some ki (suggestion) Limpet mines
I've been thinking about modding and wor [Suggestion] Workshop
Explosion radii are one block only IIRC. Adjacent modules are HP buffers?
Don't die! Er. Yeah, you can call C++ [Suggestion] Workshop
Tracks and wheels are gonna happen, and Landship Locomotion
Repair bays and machine shops contain re TUTORIAL?
NB I'm now finally getting started on pu Update for translation needed - Google sheets
Well, that was fast and painless! Airshi Update for translation needed - Google sheets
This arguably doubles for being another Album o'Inspirations
I've something I've been thinking about Naval combat?
Varg sound fun. I've listened to some Ge your favorite Music
It did indeed slip below my service ceil Measurement units
Fixed wing airplanes is something we've Original Weapon Concept (and maybe a new class of airship)
Yes, you can put multiple leg modules on Auxiliary Engines
Ah, that's the YT auto-embedding collidi your favorite Music
This should now be fixed or at least muc [Bug] Frozen combat in battle with 80 vehicles.
Yep, the extra letters should now be in. Update for translation needed - Google sheets
Correct! I am currently reading this! Ho Lore?
Ah, but finding that out is part of the TUTORIAL?
WIZARDRY The reality-equivalent times Time and Place?
Oh wow huge thread is huge. Some disc Original Weapon Concept (and maybe a new class of airship)
Yes, absolutely, thank you for asking! Y Anything we can do?
I just forgot to update it. Should be fi Don't worry about the security certificate thing
Yeah, I had some trouble with the updati Problem with steam
Well, you'll be happy to hear about the That cockblock, though
So the game [wiki](http://airshipsconque Wiki-a-thon?
Trying to figure out where this fits tac Burst Rifle
I love the 3D model. :D Your details Original Weapon Concept Part Two: Game Mechanics!
Yep, the extra delay is intentional so t Ground Combat Update
Battle parrots... You know, some trol That cockblock, though
[Part 3]( Modding Academy (Old)
I like the idea from a logical standpoin [Idea] No Crew berth in smaller ships
The lines are controlled with the topOnl Top/bottom mounted gun suggestion
I'm afraid what you suggest is way beyon Ideas for the game
Yep, an overcharged crystal would shatte Lore?
Yep, having more details in cities is de Infrastructure?
So another thing to consider: the hard p Original Weapon Concept Part Two: Game Mechanics!
Each button will react to your mouse mov That cockblock, though
:D The most important suggestion of all..
Think of it as a minigame! Hunt the butt That cockblock, though
(I am of course lying. That's not the fe That cockblock, though
An idea I wanted to run by you all becau Short automatic ship descriptions?
Death rays are totally in-gamut. I mean, Infallible Aether Oscillaors.
(As for how they work, they could be a p Infallible Aether Oscillaors.
*Makes note.* Yee-esss... Hmmm... *rubs That cockblock, though
Good points both. A "hold fire" button i Boarding parties
Indeed. I'm actually just in the process Ground Combat Update
IMO yes. Currently working on finally ge Original Weapon Concept Part Two: Game Mechanics!
Yeah, I'm afraid this is one of the bits Strategic aspect of ramming and limiting weapons to the outside
Could have an overridable default, so if Short automatic ship descriptions?
OK, I've created a [gdoc](https://docs.g Short automatic ship descriptions?
Yes, edit the gdoc! I've filled in parts Short automatic ship descriptions?
You can go into the ships folder and del Clearing Ship Designs?
You can also just click on the "X" butto Clearing Ship Designs?
I tentatively like the idea of weapons d Strategic aspect of ramming and limiting weapons to the outside
Hmm, so if it's a particle beam it could Infallible Aether Oscillaors.
Ah, I believe I've found the culprit: [BUG] Combat just stops
Good point - have updated the status at [STICKY] Status
Well there is the (now outdated) [Imperi "There's No Kill Like Overkill"
Slimy: You can upload images using this Wiki-a-thon?
Oh, now I remember! There's a stupid bug Wiki-a-thon?
Yay, thank you! I've been cleaning up th Wiki-a-thon?
Yeah, radios are something that's planne Get signals on the line!
Ah, the "we had to destroy the village t Moderators?
Yeah, those ancient texts are very speci Technically possible idea
Yeah, I know it's taking aaages. There's Nerving on the next update
Huh, that's pretty intense! So does that [BUG] Combat just stops
I like the idea of alternating between d Tournament Concept
I like the idea of super-powerful module Titan modules
Oops. Can you merge Turtledoves into Tur Wiki-a-thon?
Yep, this is pretty close to a planned f Command Bridges
NYYYNMNYYYYNY! Aesthetic Improvements
Er. What I mean to say is: Most of these Aesthetic Improvements
Noted - can you list your current points Wiki-a-thon?
Uh, actually - unanswered by whom? Do yo "View unanswered posts" button
Eh, disagree. I don't think it's needed, Thumbs up/down
Yep, wood from Suspendium-accumulating t On the nature of suspendium in plant life.
Yep, exactly. You can even tell a buildi Over the top lads!
Thanks for the report! I've kicked the s Multiplayer offline
It is indeed. As a slight side effect, m Fleet composed entirely of Landships
Yeah, landships' feet are currently rath Could landships be unbalanced?
Yep, tracks: ![Tracks](http://i.imgur Landship hype!
To post pictures, you can just use an im over powerd Snip Ram class ship
I'm currently considering adding some ch Fleet composed entirely of Landships
So that's kind of what the heavy cannons Tracks VS Legs
*m'landship* Fleet composed entirely of Landships
Hmm, I quite like it. Plus, you could ha Casualties
Sooooooooooon The next update.
The big cannons are breech, the small on Tracks VS Legs
So the official tech level is starting i Tracks VS Legs
Yep, I am. Reminds me of the burrows con Decks and Sections
Anyone got an actual family coat of arms Real-life heraldry
And yes, if you find me your proper arms Real-life heraldry
[Went for a boar, and some other things Fleet composed entirely of Landships
TheClockworks - the question is really w Fleet composed entirely of Landships
Yeah, which reminds me: I should update Tracks VS Legs
Yep, that's a pretty accurate summary. I Fleet composed entirely of Landships
Yeah, I've thought about this before. Pa Fleet composed entirely of Landships
You can't change your name yourself, but Forum Improvements?
Ah, a reply-with-quote button on each co Forum Improvements?
Eh, it's ambiguous. To expand on this, I The next update.
:D I actually had a similar experienc Random Stuff
Hmm, do note that the guards are a lot c Defenders need a bit of a boost
Oh, oops. Thanks for that report. I shal A filter that produces no results crashes the game
Yeah, how much work is going into unifor Air Sailor Uniforms
Addendum: Variation in faces is also an Air Sailor Uniforms
That does sound really cool. All of thos The "you should play this, *froth*" thread
I played the new one (XCOM) quite heavil XCOM, anyone?
Could work. Make a landship dock compone Fleet composed entirely of Landships
I like that "Mointainspalks" is now a te (Even More) Land Features and Other Thinking To Go Along With The New Update
Eh, you couldn't know about that spreads Forum platform value chart
Yep, the current plan is to put water wi SHIPS! Actual ships. I want.
I like your ideas and they are much alon SHIPS! Actual ships. I want.
I'll certainly do my best to be availabl Multiplayer Matches
Yep, that's the point. Its bonus is not Targeting Computer Upgrade
Currently working on what oceans mean fo Fleet composed entirely of Landships
You mean sort of [like this](https://doc Forum platform value chart
![Sea Routes]( Fleet composed entirely of Landships
Borderless window is completely trivial, Borderless Window Option
So you *can* sabotage ships through the Spy:city strength report
Oh, excellent! Didn't know about that di Coats of Arms are not properly scaled
Yeah, I'm going to close this thread. No Gay Marriage being legalized and the reaction of Bigoted Christians
![Ship pic](http://images.akamai.steamus The Unholy Trainwreck that is Lancegneering!
In the next version you will be able to United Federation of Arma Fleetyards
I currently keep on finding new bugs and The next update.
Yep, that's pretty much where we're at n The next update.
It's coming out today! I killed all the The next update.
Hmm, now to try and get the correct blaz Real-life heraldry
*sigh* There will be a one-day delay cau The next update.
Both in what sense? some issues and bugs
It's out! Woo! The next update.
Very glad to hear that. The next update.
Who has some? These are mine, Sinister a Your cats and other cute animals
Hmm, air resistance has been reduced, so The next update.
Do they gang up on you? Also, do you hav Your cats and other cute animals
So what WorldMaster is leaving out is th The Echeclan Republican Aerial (and Land) Service
Thanks for those reports. One question: some issues and bugs
Thanks for the report. Will look at this Game crashes when too many ground troops are in use.
Ah oops. :) Something to fix in v7.1! 100+ speed walkers have turned into planes! (Support)
Fun times! Might be related to [this iss [Issue] [Linux] Could not create OpenGL window
I reformatted your post into a list, Tor 100+ speed walkers have turned into planes! (Support)
Nice manoeuvre. :D Landship bridge.
DunaWolf - oh yes, I forgot to add the n The next update.
Sure - you're in the modder programme no Mod Developer Programme (Old)
Noted. It's, uh, "bribe" by the way. You some issues and bugs
![omn nom nom]( Giant metal nutcrackers
Yeah, I'm afraid this is on the magnitud Idea.
Ah, that's intended behaviour. :) The le Possible bug?
Yeah, the legs need to spawn fragments, Possible bug?
Ah, the little red wheel icon means that Possible bug?
So one thing which I really like the ide Saboteur Soldiers
Because spammers. Gone now. :) [STICKY] Introduce Yourself!
Yep, spiders are planned. :D Giant metal nutcrackers
Ah, fixed that now! And yeah, heraldr Mod Developer Programme (Old)
Yep, verified, thank you! Looks like the [BUG] Buildings collapsing immediately
Ah, I see you were present for the time I'm really digging the music
Don't worry, that's good. Do let me know [(un)STICKY] Really easy to fake sticky threads
Hm, so this is an issue with boarding fr Arachnid infantry fall damage?
Yeah, that's been scrapped. The problem Pixel by pixel destruction.
Noted! Looks like I really should have s [bug] Arachnid Infantry
So by signatures do you just mean a piec Forum Improvements?
That is a good point. A bit fiddly to ma Dispencing ladders from supply hatches.
Hm, to do yours properly, I'd really hav Real-life heraldry
Thanks for the report. Looking into this (bug) small legs (haven't tested any others) can still work without coal.
Fixes: * Deleting the only comment in Forum Improvements?
Fixed up your image embeds - you want to Tanks French
Done! Yep, the forum is custom, based on Mod Developer Programme (Old)
Hmm, I haven't been able to reproduce th Strange little bug i found
Yep, it does make it sticky. That's actu [(un)STICKY] Really easy to fake sticky threads
Yep, verified, thank you! Will get fixed [BUG] Cannot flip ships and buildings in multiplayer
You run, and it re-g Spritesheet coloring?
@Zee - Fun fact about red-on-black heral Forum Improvements?
**what would be the effect of boarding t Original Weapon Concept Part Two: Game Mechanics!
To connect your accounts, launch the gam Game key?
Ah, but how do you enforce that size lim Forum Improvements?
That is an excellent question. How do th Forum Improvements?
Ah, you don't get the downloads if you'r Game key?
Aw yes, turtledove emoji! ![turtledove]( Forum Improvements?
It is! I see from your registration code I noticed this game is now on steam.
And hero characters... Well, you know ho Saboteur Soldiers
Hmm. This may be easy or hard to do. I'l ARCHON MODE
I'm afraid that's correct, you bought th Game key?
A Polish translation would be brilliant! Airships - Polish translation!
Hehe, nice technically illegal coat of a Forum Improvements?
Oops. How does it crash? Have you turned Starting large maps crashes game
Yeah, this is something I definitely wan Ships defeated when they still have rams
Yep, I can put these in. The process of Airships - Polish translation!
Definite yes to quick-repair buttons, cl Some minor improvements:
NB you can move landships across the sea boarding and landships over sea
People on the Steam forums recently sugg Question: What armour types do you use?
[Sure, that's a *bend sinister* rather t Some minor improvements:
Heee... Yeah, totally a feature. I th I didn't know you added chainsaws! (bug report)
Yeah, that could be a thing in the empir Building styles
Yeah, Appearance objects are assumed to How do I use app().frame() for custom spritesheets?
More people to keep the French translati French translation
Nice :) I want to somehow make it eas Building styles
Interesting idea! Don't think it'd have Suspendium Repulsor (suggestion)
The distinction between buildings, lands Suggestion: Remove distinction between land/airships and buildings
Eh, modules have an explode() function I Saboteur Soldiers
Ooh yes, hot steam is a neat idea. Venti Suspendium Repulsor (suggestion)
You can hit the 2 button to hide the ent Oversized actions bar
Yeah, I think Slimy's idea is pretty nea Suspendium Repulsor (suggestion)
[NB this post gives a little more backgr Giant metal nutcrackers
This meme popped into my head this morni Random Stuff
This is currently planned to go into v8. Original Weapon Concept Part Two: Game Mechanics!
*and then the little ones are for cracki Monster stuff (continuation of OWC topic)
Yeah, having an additional layer for wir Gears and other fabulas mechanisms.
I'm cheerfully letting you guys speculat Monster stuff (continuation of OWC topic)
I, uh, didn't know they were still aroun Gorillaz
You can make a clickable image that link steampunk drawings
Sure, basically most of what you need wi Zarkonnen, a couple questions about shots/projectiles...
Yep, and the sX + ((tX - sX) * ti Zarkonnen, a couple questions about shots/projectiles...
Stooop teeempting meeee Gears and other fabulas mechanisms.
Sounds like an idea for a future expansi Suspendium Fortresses and More Lore
I'm basically chewing through the issues new update
Yep, people can sticky stuff, and if I d [STICKY] Upcoming Expansion Ideas
The code for emitting shot particles is Zarkonnen, a couple questions about particles/effects...
So [Sky Nations](http://www.skynations.n Airships-Guns of Icarus crossover game.
Reading this thread with interest BTW. T Campaign overhaul.
I see your point about struts being non- Ideas for Struts
Noted, thanks. [bug] Creaking sound is stuck looping
I tried that - the problem is that if I Secret Coat-of-Arms styles?
It's a saltire, and it's only available Secret Coat-of-Arms styles?
Haa, it's trying to get out of its way. Geiger counters (bug?)
NB I'm aware that the coat of arms rende Forum Improvements?
Well, the UFO game is not-so-subtly my n I'm really digging the music
Sent you a message with a steam key. :) Don't know where i bought the game
Fixed now! Also, there's now a (kinda ba Forum Improvements?
I approve of this thread. Small suggesti The little things
Sure, send me the zip to zarkonnen@gmail ModPacks
(I don't think they're good enough to in Using the suspendium pictures as splash screens.
Ah yes, that should probably not happen. [Bug] When a ship changes direction, troops crawling on the ship remain in place
Oh wow those guided missiles look awesom [In Development] Airships: Fight for Universe - Art of War
Indeed, good point! This shall be fixed. [Bug] Landships with nowhere to go
Awesome! v7.3 will have all those new le Airships - Polish translation!
OK, I've now updated the [translation go Airships - Polish translation!
OK, the [doc]( French translation
Woo, thank you! French-speaking tutorial French translation
Should be fixed now Internet Borked
My records say you bought it from Desura Don't know where i bought the game
I think you're fine - [putting shields w Real-life heraldry
And this is in the dev 9 beta? Does it h (Bugs) Dev 9 bug report
See also [Wikipedia's wonderful list of Sharapnel cannons.
I, uh, actually tried adding a bear and [Suggestion] Heraldry
Yeah, I have *no idea* why I picked 140p Coats of Arms are not properly scaled
Also, I quite like the flagship idea as Conditions & Game-Types
It looked really fun in a Kaiju-esque wa Human resources.
No, don't worry, I can send you a Steam Don't know where i bought the game
Very neat! If you can create a decent re Real-life heraldry
So v7.3 includes a tutorial. Have you pl Tutorial Feedback
Neat - do you know what this type of cro Real-life heraldry
This kind of thing is planned for dev8 : Tutorial Feedback
* Good point * Uh, tell me what you'd l Forum Improvements?
Right, it is done! Enjoy your coat of ar Real-life heraldry
Welp. This is bad and will need fixing! [BUG][7.2.1][Editor] Erroneously overwriting wrong item due to misclick
Heh, I don't think my own music is all a I'm really digging the music
Well, I'm using Linux to develop it, so Thanks a lot for Linux compatibility
Yikes. So click "refit" while you're alr [BUG][7.2.1][Campaign] Refitting another machine deletes the one in progress
My records say that you got the game fro Forgot Key
twinCatalysts - Welcome! Would you like [STICKY] Introduce Yourself!
mrCarlton, twinCats, LunaticMethod - mod Mod Developer Programme (Old)
It is done! Your username is now "twinCa [STICKY] Introduce Yourself!
Heh, I did put it everywhere else but no The artist.
At this point in the development, I need Airships is looking for a character/scene artist
Installing mods is kiinda broken at the Issues with installing mods
Well, it was meant to be at least vaguel How I beat the final test:
Yep, that's fine. :D Lore away! [STICKY] Lore
<= 2000 weight units IIRC. The editor in What's a Small Landship
Yeah, I'm not convinced three roses can Real-life heraldry
You are en-modded now. Speaking of mo Mod Developer Programme (Old)
The new [data-driven crew member stuff]( Air Sailor Uniforms
Well, the plan is that they'll be able t Original Weapon Concept Part Two: Game Mechanics!
Those are some excellent worldbuilding q [STICKY] Lore
Which operating system is this on? Cant full-screen when I have 2 screens
You can't paste it? It seems to work OK Airships - Polish translation!
Noted. Yeah, this appears to be a *reall Cant full-screen when I have 2 screens
Like, as crew members? Yes for some crea Version 8
So mods which are cosmetic and can hence Version 8
Indeed, micro-airships are going to be i Original Weapon Concept Part Two: Game Mechanics!
Have you seen / read *The Martian*? It's Space!!!!
Indeed, they're going to be non-collidin Original Weapon Concept Part Two: Game Mechanics!
So basically the default kind of web des Getting Home
Ships will be able to shoot crew directl Original Weapon Concept Part Two: Game Mechanics!
I honestly don't have a precise plan yet the campaign overhaul.
If you are launching the game from Steam Heraldry or Registering issues?
Looks pretty good. Logo for the darker, Airships Fire Logo
DarthMetool - good point. For simplicity Some minor improvements:
Made a conscious decision to make hull n Vehicle hull patching [suggestion]
Yeah, one of the things that's less than Original Weapon Concept Part Two: Game Mechanics!
Yeah, from what I can tell it's not tryi I lost me arms! [bug]
Hi gueffel - yeah, it's a bug I'm workin [STICKY] How to redeem your registration code
This should now be fixed. Let me know if I lost me arms! [bug]
This should now be fixed. Let me know if [STICKY] How to redeem your registration code
I've written up [a guide](http://zarkonn [STICKY] How to redeem your registration code
That is an... interesting problem. Does Cursor Drifting Bug
Oh wow, definitely. I actually have a - Fear.
Not quite sure what the status of this i Airships - Polish translation!
Yeah, it's the bunching-up prevention th Squads (suggestion)
Currently the game just presents you wit 1360x768 screen resolution not available?
I have played about 150 hours of Sunless The "you should play this, *froth*" thread
Yes, there is now a beta version of dev8 dev 8 Beta
So beta 1 was plain broken for everyone dev 8 Beta
Fixed up the picture links. Looks like p Rhett's Ships
Very nice camo paint on the armour. :) C United Federation of Arma Fleetyards (7.2 REFITS)
I am deeply confused, because I now can! Rhett's Ships
Indeed I was unable to see them. The URL Rhett's Ships
Quote feature is good point. Forgot abou steampunk drawings
Amazing. Uh, I'll upload them to imgur i Rhett's Ships
Note that there *is* a crown coat of arm [STICKY] Lore
Yeah, TOS is very hit-and-miss, and ther Star Trek
I tend to build ships with a central int Ship styles
(Note that you *can* give a ram command [Suggestion] Crash Dive
Yes, totally, turning off the chambers w [Suggestion] Crash Dive
I like. Shades of the destruction of [Zh [STICKY] Lore
Someone on the Steam forums pointed me t Junior General Paper Figures
Heh, "competence porn" just means "enjoy Space!!!!
Done! Note that the future of source-lev Mod Developer Programme (Old)
Mere disorganization, my apologies. You Mod Developer Programme (Old)
I do like both of those ideas, but also Different types of Boarding troops
That's because of a weird limitation tha More violently explosive kamikaze modules
I removed the lock, but as I understand Russian Translation
That's not a bug, that's a *miracle*! Pr *Bug* Sudden Crew Revival
As it stands, the game is prevented from the campaign overhaul.
@madking321 @DragoonIII - I have deleted the campaign overhaul.
*"The ships hung in the sky in much the Rhett's Ships
The holidays are a pretty stressful time *hugs*
Definitely, I'll have that done for you Airships - Polish translation!
OK, [this spreadsheet]( Airships - Polish translation!
That does look quite nice. *adds to the Forum Improvements?
Are you using Steam? If yes, you should Heraldry or Registering issues?
I mostly fear that horrific environmenta Fear.
As suicidally brave as some boarders are Different types of Boarding troops
Yes, definitely. Additional decals will Decorations
That would be great! Note that because t Russian Translation
Oh, neat! Looking forward to seeing thos Decorations
Well, have you bought it since? In which [STICKY] Introduce Yourself!
Indeed: trenches are something you can b [Suggestion] Infantry
It's, uh, a mating display??? Random Stuff
Yep, totes. I have a real soft spot f Star Trek
No spaces between the square and round b The "you should play this, *froth*" thread
Noted. [Suggestion] Autosave
Interesting idea, yeah. Crew buffs/debuf Red Alert!
Hm, can you describe the engine pod issu Dev8 beta feedback page
Ah, thank you for the clarification! FYI Dev8 beta feedback page
Yep, can confirm. *sigh* it's another ca Dev8 beta feedback page
Fixed, in beta 3. Dev8 beta feedback page
So is the game temporarily slow in the m Dev8 beta feedback page
Hm, what do you mean by that? There's sh dev 8 Beta
Beta 4 is out, fixing a combat crash, an Dev8 beta feedback page
I, uh, forgot to renew the security cert Forum Improvements?
Fixed now! Don't worry about the security certificate thing
*Also are we supposed to lose the cash s Dev8 beta feedback page
Nope, you can just mod away. Good places Mod Developer Programme (Old)
**Edit: This is now closed down. Modding Mod Developer Programme (Old)
It is compatible! There's a whole databa dev 8 Beta
Sorry, do you mean laggy (it takes a lon Dev8 beta feedback page
I really can't reproduce this. Can you r Dev8 beta feedback page
Note that light armour is getting a +50% Question: What armour types do you use?
Yep, and it's now fixed so that you alwa Dev8 beta feedback page
Both, and also brick walls. Question: What armour types do you use?
Sorry to hear about that. Do you know wh escape
You can get a Steam code from wh Regarding the Steam Workshop
It honestly sounds like the kind of game The "you should play this, *froth*" thread
You didn't necessarily create an account Regarding the Steam Workshop
No, that should work. Can you email me a Question: Did owners of airships pre-steam get a steam key?
[Girl Genius](http://www.girlgeniusonlin Sorcerers, Sea ships, and special commands
The current plan is to map the new battl Dying Games
Yay! I tried out your mods, and I like t Fern's Workshop
Also, clip reload time as a separate val Fern's Workshop
* #1 I'll see that I can fix. It probabl Workshop issues
1. Yep, already planned. May take until (Suggestion) Bunch of modding support type suggestions
Sure! The empty mod is a directory calle Null mod
I'll be compiling a more official list o Null mod
That's frontOnly, backOnly, topOnly, bot [STICKY] New Modding Video Tutorial
Yep, blast damage has a higher chance of Multiple launch rockets [STICKY] New Modding Video Tutorial
Yes, indeed, the more individual hits, t Multiple launch rockets
Thanks, I will have a look and fix in v8 jitterMerge doesn't do anything
Yeah, it's all on a single thread for si Multiplayer intermittently becomes a slideshow
So triangular blocks are a nope because (Suggestion) Armour segment
Uh, the forum supports [markdown](http:/ Forum Improvements?
There isn't a chevron layout because it Real-life heraldry
:D :D :D Oh yes, it's such a wonderfully The Tsar Tank
As you probably know, the next major ver Monster Suggestions
Oo, I'll have to check out Navalia. Unsu The "you should play this, *froth*" thread
Ooh, I like the mainframes idea. I have Monster Suggestions
There isn't a chevron layout because it Real-life heraldry
Mostly ham dragons. Their primary attack Monster Suggestions
That is an amazing image. Monster Suggestions
Hm, the Internet suggests that the top o Real-life heraldry
Yeah, I like the way the Irish one uses Real-life heraldry
Heh, my internal made-up names are "From Suspendium Fortresses and More Lore
But yeah, I like the idea of a "tribe" m (Suggestion) More archiac style weapons
Suspendium cannons need ammo, actually. The little things
Yeah, one of the little banes of my life Forum Improvements?
Yeah, v8.1 is broken. I've reverted the [bug] no mouse nor Coat of arms
OK, v8.1.1 should fix things. [bug] no mouse nor Coat of arms
Let me know whether it does, please! [bug] no mouse nor Coat of arms
Yes! Looking at your forum key I can see Question: Did owners of airships pre-steam get a steam key?
I see your point, but I don't want to ma Marine equipped AI ships are too eager to board
I am really failing to reproduce this, I [bug] Smart Airship AI cheating
If you start the game from Steam, there Linking steam to forum
(Fixed up the image links for you.) H Real-life heraldry
Yeah, good point :D :D :D [Forum]
Planned so far: aerial krakens, dragons, Monster Suggestions
Agh, I can't quite get it to work like t Real-life heraldry
![Heraldry]( Real-life heraldry
Hee, you should put that picture onto th Monster Suggestions
So all the graphics for coats of arms ar Real-life heraldry
See [here]( Some custom heraldry for anyone who wants it
Doesn't have to be symmetrical. Do you w Some custom heraldry for anyone who wants it
Firebird11 - should be fixed now. :) Some custom heraldry for anyone who wants it
You can turn it on by adding -Dattract=t SWEAW inspired Cinematic Cam
Sure! If I can manage a decent fist with Some custom heraldry for anyone who wants it
Nah, that's fine, you can totally have o Some custom heraldry for anyone who wants it
Done! Feel free to ask for adjustments - Some custom heraldry for anyone who wants it
Al-bumpador! :D Cool mods are always HEY ZARK!
Yay, it's a game version of real-life br Landship bridge.
Hmm, has image max width broken for ever Landship bridge.
I've thought about this before. My big w SWEAW inspired Cinematic Cam
(There actually *is* such a cinematic mo SWEAW inspired Cinematic Cam
Yeah, this is an unfortunate limitation multiplayer chat overlay working on multiplayer game
So I managed to get it to generate graph ModPacks
...aaand now it works again. :/ Landship bridge.
Yeah, this should be a thing. I overenth spectator in muptiplayer mode
Agh, I can see what's wrong. They're try Air marines got stuck
Sorry, where is it asking for a registra Linking steam to forum
Yep, the hat is a separate component. :D HEY ZARK!
OK, the short version: * Create a new HEY ZARK!
Canonically not. The fragments in the gr [STICKY] Lore
Yep, they will appear in the monster upd Wolf Spiders and weaponizing creatures!
I really do need to invest into such a t Sorcerers, Sea ships, and special commands
Yep, 71 is correct. Sadly, the JSON pars I have a problem with my mod.
I just haven't been doing them recently. Zarkonnen's YouTube channel
*Airships lore could be creepier* You Suspendium Fortresses and More Lore
Yeah, I am a bit burnt from landships, w Suspendium Fortresses and More Lore
You might find [this set of posts](http: [STICKY] The Game Design Thread
As mentioned on the *other forum*, my cu Regarding Precise Aiming and Boredom
Also, 71 - I assume you are tallying any Regarding Precise Aiming and Boredom
Yes! It's yours to do with as you please Some custom heraldry for anyone who wants it
I kinda like the super-jump dog idea. Th Lore suggestion
That's perfectly moddable BTW. :D Ladders
Well, I currently can't even load desura [Support] Steam Key
Yeah, I was thinking about a similar ide Hot Bunking [suggestion]
That could be a thing, yes. Status effec Hot Bunking [suggestion]
A new release is on the horizon - it's n 8.2 Beta
Yeah, so if you're on Steam, you need to 8.2 Beta
Yep. You got it pretty much right. Cance If Inhale Suspendium...
It crashes when the combat's about to st 8.2 Beta
Have released beta 2, which should fix t 8.2 Beta
Oh indeed, *that's* why they had such a 8.2 Beta
So you should be able to create a file i DunaWolf's Pirate Ship Mod
* Go into your Steam client, into the ga Update 8.2 beta
Can you [send me](mailto:zarkonnen@gmail Questions about errors
Yeah, I added you so you can download th [STICKY] The Game Design Thread
Ah yes, Zarkonnen Crater, a popular tour Sorcerers, Sea ships, and special commands
With a little string at the back you can Sorcerers, Sea ships, and special commands
Ah yes! And "That's a known issue I hope Sorcerers, Sea ships, and special commands
Yep. A captain or a sorcerer. Not sure i Sorcerers, Sea ships, and special commands
* currently, the weapon fires at the sta Some questions about animations
WereCat88 - yes, absolutely. [Email it h Some questions about animations
Yep, harpoon guns are coming in v9. They Harpoon cannons
Yeah, there's a problem where if two shi (Bugs) Dev 9 bug report
Sure! Have you tried downloading it from [Support] Installing Airships in Linux
It really depends on the details of your [STICKY] The Game Design Thread
Noted! I'll see what I can do. It might Bug? Update on Steam
A Really Nice Hat ![Hat](http://zarko Sorcerers, Sea ships, and special commands
Ah yes, there was a mildly incompatible Heraldry!
I'll do another round of custom heraldry Some custom heraldry for anyone who wants it
*Giant owls are worse than dragons. A dr Giant owls
Since Airships is still in Early Access, [STICKY] How to report bugs
OK, with the following large hovering ca Sorcerers, Sea ships, and special commands
Oh, and captains would probably also hav Sorcerers, Sea ships, and special commands
More sense, but I think it would be extr Sorcerers, Sea ships, and special commands
Giant floating owl pellets. That is a pr Giant owls
Ah, that's one of those classic problems Sorcerers, Sea ships, and special commands
...and then people will just create a cu Moderators?
Aw :( And in related news...
Ooh, sounds cool! Let me know when yo Attack on Titan mod
If only. I am mostly sitting on a wooden [STICKY] The Game Design Thread
Yeah, the problem is that despite variou The Reason Multiplayer is Unpopular (and how to fix it!)
There's a [development plan](http://zark Future Plans?
It's totally a valid tactic, yeah. :) Al Dropping/Crushing As A Weapon
So there's actually [a mod](http://steam Town/City houses sugestion
Yes! Ghibli films in general are a big i Nausicaa of the valley of the wind
Does it have to be a *good* book or can Airships Book?
*Airsailor training, how is it undergone [STICKY] Lore
Yep, the dragon heraldry does start you Monster Suggestions
In particular, if the titans are landshi Attack on Titan mod
Yep. So right now there are two types of Monster Suggestions
Yeah, I totally want to do them, but as Planning on Steam Trading Cards?
Oh yes, do a "dumb ways to die" series f Planning on Steam Trading Cards?
Hi, new users! You have lovely coats of [STICKY] Introduce Yourself!
Currently not, though it's on the long l Arched weapons?
Yeah, it was a real PSA a few years ago Planning on Steam Trading Cards?
I love Rick and Morty, but unfortunately The "you should watch this, *froth*" thread
So now we have this new thread, some rec The "you should watch this, *froth*" thread
Ah yes, I read the manga. I should proba The "you should watch this, *froth*" thread
This sentence is false. Meta
As part of ongoing balancing, I'm intere Feedback on Charge Bonuses
Yeah, Ram is meant to have an additional Feedback on Charge Bonuses
Yup, the idea is that biplanes will be l (Suspendium) Biplanes!
Firebird11 - monsters will be fully modd Monster Suggestions
OK, I had a look in the internal Steam d Planning on Steam Trading Cards?
:D Needless to say, the cults will st Monster Suggestions
Thanks for all the bug reports & feedbac Beta Bugs
I'll have to figure out the details with The soundtrack
There isn't, but there should be (especi A circular range setting?
So first off, note that all three of tho Sorcerers, Sea ships, and special commands
*What skill level do you think is requir [STICKY] The Game Design Thread
OK, thanks for the feedback. I will chan Escape Key Exit Strategy
*that was a lie* I'll go over the cod Escape Key Exit Strategy
I do remember the discussion, and it's s [ Suggestion ] Ships inside ships!
It was indeed me, given it's also the ga Improved coat of arms
It's just me currently, and given the fo Moderators?
Yeah, maybe not that. :D Moderators?
Alternatively, put in a *very strong* co Moderators?
Welcome to the Airships forums! ### I [STICKY] README
Commanders are planned in a future expan [Suggestion] Infantry
Thanks for the feedback, this is all rea [Bug/Suggestions] Bugs I found in my first 2 hours
So it is. I wonder if it's the horizonta Conquer The Future
Nope! Well, I'll see that I can figure i Conquer The Future
The official conversion rate is 7 pixels Estimated size of an average airship
I rewrote the leg code for dev 9, hence (Bugs) Dev 9 bug report
I fixed up the markdown, but the images Why is the fire extinguisher even locked?!
Ah, theflub, you've read about Humboldt Monster Suggestions
One thing I am not clear on at all yet i Sorcerers, Sea ships, and special commands
Flooding in more detail: If a tile is Sorcerers, Sea ships, and special commands
Hm, I guess a detail would be that crew Sorcerers, Sea ships, and special commands
Krakens, obviously. I liked the idea - I Sorcerers, Sea ships, and special commands
* **Open World** Way above my budget, so Water, Open world, Multiplayer Conquest, Resource mining, Ship factories, 1 more
That is a pretty neat use of heraldic sm Some custom heraldry for anyone who wants it
*Is there any way I could find people to [STICKY] The Game Design Thread
Also, [here is the source](http://zarkon [STICKY] The Game Design Thread
I already found [someone](http://chirun. [STICKY] The Game Design Thread
"Praise the Aerial Emperor!" *everyon Sorcerers, Sea ships, and special commands
[Email]( it t This mod install problem is deading me
So as I mentioned on Steam, the big ques Diesel engines
Yeah, I like the idea. And the placement [Suggestion] Command Centre
Most if not all of these are planned for Monster Suggestions
Why, and to what purpose? You can't mod Attack on Titan mod
Hmm, it's kind of specific, but I think [Suggestion] Retrofit System
Not currently, but it's a thing that I k Is there any way to have a 'clip' cost more than 1 ammo?
![Fleshcracker]( Fleshcrackers!
Aw, poor air sailor! I'll see that I can Another dev 9 bug report
The Ham Dragon will be day 1 DLC, obviou Monster Suggestions
I like the idea, though I'd be tempted t [Suggestion] Mechanical Air Sailors
So really, it'd be a logistics robot, wh [Suggestion] Mechanical Air Sailors
I think it will depend on whether I add [Suggestion] Mechanical Air Sailors
Thank you for the vast amount of feedbac 50 Suggestions after 200 hours play, Part I
Yes, the telescope, despite its position Rules questions (coal usage, guard desk, telescope)
Ship Design Menus Trivia -------------- 50 Suggestions after 200 hours play, 18-31
Improving Multiplayer Experience ------ 50 Suggestions after 200 hours play, 32 -40
Sure! Watch this: Attack on Titan mod
Response time, part 1! **the design r 50 Suggestions after 200 hours play, Part I
Dreadnoughts vs Swarms - Discussion --- 50 Suggestions after 200 hours play, 41 - 50
Some Simple UI improvements ----------- 50 Suggestions after 200 hours play, Part I
#### 47. Limiting Ramming I thoroughly 50 Suggestions after 200 hours play, 41 - 50
You can set starting velocities on the p Can you add an initial velocity to a particle/ particle emitter?
Right, and now I've extracted all the po 50 Suggestions after 200 hours play, 41 - 50
*It's actually about 8-9 bugs.* *Tech Beta Bugs
Hi Valinde, glad to have you aboard. [STICKY] Introduce Yourself!
OK, so there used to be the ability for Attack on Titan mod
NB you need to encase your image link in Tesla Rod
Hmm, so bouncing projectiles and suspend Tesla Rod
So, uh, everything changed when the air (Suggestion) More archiac style weapons
Like this? Very dark and muddy. How abou [Suggestion] Unrestricted heraldry colour combinations
So I specifically decided against flying Whales!
Yeah, solar weapons have been proposed p (Suggestion) More archiac style weapons
You're actually most of the way to Air L Tesla Rod
Yeah, that might be a good idea. Most pe Forum underpopulation
It's the [rule of tincture](https://en.w [Suggestion] Unrestricted heraldry colour combinations
You, uh, can do that. Select a fleet, an Interdiction
Yep, so in practice the option is only v Interdiction
Yes, that is the correct thing to do. :D Award season
Video formatting: Not sure if it says, b [STICKY] The Game Design Thread
I secretly live in the vents of your hou [STICKY] The Game Design Thread
For some reason my brain had not stretch Monster Variants
Surely you just write something along th [STICKY] The Game Design Thread
:D An article on machines of the old world NP2345
I like the idea of a corruption charge. [Super thread] Pirates, Cultists, and Sorcerers (pirates)
So for my next game project I'm seriousl Forum underpopulation
Yeah, I have a problem with "addictive" The "you should play this, *froth*" thread
Master of Orion III. Its GUI is so terri The "you should NOT play this *froth thread
Hmm, good point. I'll see how well it wo Monster Suggestions
* Bunks: Yeah, that's a mistake. I forgo The small things
Yeah, the wiki is very potato and out of I made us a Tv Tropes Page!
If you bought it quite some time ago, yo How to download the game again
Hi! I'm still alive. I got some non-Airs Forum underpopulation
Deck ladder's definitely possible. :) The small things
Note these are the boring kind of mutati Suspendium
That is a good question. I'm not sure if Suspendium
It was like that, and lots of people did [Suggestion] Marge the shortcut notice and the words in menus
Hi amade, good to meet you. Welcome to t [STICKY] Introduce Yourself!
Oh, yay! Looks good. *tries to think of I made us a Tv Tropes Page!
Traditionally, Thanksgiving is the time It's the most upsetting time of the year!
I will probably put those in, though I m The small things
Yep, I was in India until last night. I Dying Games
Yeah, that's a good point. Blast damage Suspendium
* Have you tried making use of space to [DISCUSSION] Game Design
Very much my thoughts too. I want to put [Suggestion] Forward Base blight
You are right on both counts. I want [Acclaim + Suggestion] The Bestiary
They got cut to make the December 16 dea [Acclaim + Suggestion] The Bestiary
The point cloud brain thing is cool. How Show off your projects!
![Dracula checking in](http://zarkonnen. Concierge
Yeah, the blog series is a transparent k [Acclaim + Suggestion] The Bestiary
That is very reasonable. If I didn't, er Holiday themed content
Or something like this? ![XKCD Reinde Holiday themed content
Greetings! It's not a ghost town, it's j [STICKY] Introduce Yourself!
Ah, oops. Noted. [Beta 11 bug] Invisible Suspendium Gas Cells
Something like that could be quite fun. [Suggestion] Forward Base blight
*Right now it looks like they shoot grap The small things
Also, Psyringe, you still don't have a c The small things
I had a look at the records - you bought [STICKY] How to redeem your registration code
There's plenty of player-created ships, Some ideas
Airship placement indicator: good point. Some ideas
Right now, basically all user-created co [STICKY] Info
[Download Link]( Imperial Cannon [Mod]
[Download Link]( No Suspendium
I've started [a new subforum](https://ai Some ideas
I like the idea of a stalemate button. T Stalemate for multiplayer
That, uh, pretty much exactly is my curr "That sounds like a great idea for an expansion!"
Very cool! I assume you'd like me to dis Conquer the 'Net - Weekly Multiplayer Battles - Fridays at 6pm EST
Yeah, so I think there needs to be a cho Throw-In weapon suggestion stockpile
Absolutely, this is a thing that needs f Increase Text Size
That is a very good point, and goes into Password is revealed when you login via the in-game forums-button
The flak cannon was originally more powe Throw-In weapon suggestion stockpile
They probably need some mods. Does it sa Steam workshop problem
I see the point that pressurized Suspend Thoughts on the Game & Efficiency of Ship Design
Yeah, that's on the "this would be cool, Colorable Crew
Yes, multi-part missions are planned for Conditions & Game-Types
1. Yeah, this is something I should cons My ideas..
Thanks for the feedback. Could you [send Gripes
Can you check that they are enabled in S Steam workshop problem
Thanks for the info! More questions: Gripes
![Join the Air Navy]( "When I am in Command, every mission is a suicide mission"
Excellent. I was unable to attend becaus Conquer the 'Net - Weekly Multiplayer Battles - Fridays at 6pm EST
So in the "open design" dialog? Does it Lag with sellecting Big Ships
I can unlink it for you. Can you let me How do I unlink a forum account with a game account?
Stacking telescopes does not increase th Rules questions (coal usage, guard desk, telescope)
I'm a bit confused here. Are you using a Ramming airships
:D David Stark Marioke (Picture)
Yes. :D Monster Suggestions
This is indeed a thing I plan to do. Weather Events Thread
* Having combat speed options is a great Multiplayer Suggestions (already fun, make it funner!)
Hi! Welcome to the forums. Your English [STICKY] Introduce Yourself!
Hi Vlady! Ja, der Entwicker ist aus Z [STICKY] Introduce Yourself!
There is! Though it's currently kind of Tesla Rod
They're viable as long as you have enoug Huge map's
Made the topic sticky. :) [STICKY] Tell your stories!
Hmm, what's with the rifles and the cras Feedback on heavy/special weapons
Ooh, that riveted/cast/welded distinctio New Steel Armor Types?
Thanks, Psyringe. I will add that scenar Feedback on heavy/special weapons
See "post formatting help" below the inp [STICKY] Tell your stories!
Having better support for infantry is pl Ground Troops
I like Beaver and Caduceus. Pickaxe is t Heraldry Ideas
Oh no! The spider got squashed! You need Monster Suggestions
Hi Pompeii! Welcome to the forums. :) [STICKY] Introduce Yourself!
Yeah, pretty much. It's the kind of rapi What kind of cannons does ACTS have?
*I was curious if this was a prelude to Regarding the fate of the Sojourner
Oh wow, these are fantastic. Thank you! Throw-In weapon suggestion stockpile
Yeah, my thinking is along the same line Suggestion for when sea-going ships become a thing
Yeah, it's broken for me too, says "url [STICKY] Tell your stories!
Updated the status sticky! [STICKY] Status
Yep, next update is a patch, then more n [STICKY] Status
Oh yes, [](http://ste Big List of Other Airship Games
I really like the "draggable snake" idea Plumbing Concept & Related Idea(s)
But yeah, perhaps I can figure it out la Plumbing Concept & Related Idea(s)
Dragons sitting in the same spot: I chec Torpedo weight //// Dragon raids
Very interesting, thanks for the screens Torpedo weight //// Dragon raids
So I don't go actively looking for thing Rights to Builds
I quite like this. I'll have to see how Better editor UI
Oh, also, stats: I can add flammability Better editor UI
Oh wow, yes, problem. Nuking now... [STICKY] Introduce Yourself!
To upload a mod to the workshop, select Steam Workshop
Making a new trailer is a lot of work, w New trailer?
* Having planes obey your heraldry will Things to fixed and added with the inclusion of flyers
Yeah, good point. I'll put them into the Should aircraft have their own tab?
@Firebird11: Navalia looks cool, will ha The "you should play this, *froth*" thread
*shrug* If you want Suspendium to clone [STICKY] Tell your stories!
Be nice to each other, all of you. See t Things to fixed and added with the inclusion of flyers
*Planes will target craft that are neutr Things to fixed and added with the inclusion of flyers
Hmm, what do you mean with support aircr Things to fixed and added with the inclusion of flyers
Looks really cool, except for the map de The "you should play this, *froth*" thread
The problem you're having is that curren Kamikaze Ship
Let's say it all together now: [that sou Veterancy
That is to say, I think it's an excellen Veterancy
['s a great Twitter thread!](http If you want to know more about the developer of this game...
"Fixed" is fixed! Will read the thread a Things to be fixed/implemented in the near (And not-so-near) Future.
No I just forgot to actually write out t Things to be fixed/implemented in the near (And not-so-near) Future.
Right! **Tech Tree** Some kind of Things to be fixed/implemented in the near (And not-so-near) Future.
Thanks, this is useful input. Embers are Immersion
* Sea-ships: Coming in expansion 1, even [STICKY] Upcoming Expansion Ideas
Yes indeed, I appear to have introduced Things to fixed and added with the inclusion of flyers
Oh, I like the idea of your crew bearing Crew shouts and Ship/Building names
That would actually be quite a reasonabl Froth 2: The Frothening (Game recommendations)
Hm yeah, the quick play thing is temptin 9.3
Noted and noted. :) Forum Improvements?
Well, I've joined the channel, but no pr Discord
Biplanes do prioritise intercepting and [STICKY] Status
Please do put it on the Steam community Where do I put a forum on my artwork for the game?
Reasonable - don't feel obliged to do th Discord
Monarchies and totalitarian states are s Alliance names/Mechanics and Consistent Enviroments.
Since the [previous thread](https://airs Froth 2: The Frothening (Game recommendations)
* The Aeronaut's Windlass looks very Air The "you should play this, *froth*" thread
* Hmm, the coat of arms displayed on the MInor Suggestions and bugs
:D I beat the "Very Hard" AI for the first time today. ^./^
Sounds cool. Closest games to this I can Theoretical Game Design Topic
Thanks for the links! I see that you' MInor Suggestions and bugs
Psyringe, where does one download this C MInor Suggestions and bugs
This is interesting data, but rather con CPU Affects Multiplayer
If I stopped development on Airships rig [Sticky] An Important Question
You can get a custom heraldic charge tha [STICKY] New Modding Video Tutorial
The problem with an online campaign is a Things that we wish for th expansion(s)
@Respawn - I know all of them would be n [Sticky] An Important Question
I have gone through the vast amount of r [Sticky] An Important Question
* I'm not dying, don't worry. I just wan [Sticky] An Important Question
I'm... pretty disappointed in the direct Random Stuff
Currently typing from my partner's compu Land units suspendium chambers
Huh, empty fleets. I did not realize tha How to manage ships and fleets?
The animation runs if the module is acti Animation and Moving Effects/ Animations
Light weapons being a strong counter aga New units balance
Complexity sliders could be a thing, yes New units balance
Now that is indeed a very good point, an Interesting little buggie
This thread is now locked, as it has gon New units balance
I *think* they'll be pretty easy to impl Land units suspendium chambers
* Folders for ships are indeed planned f 9.3
Yeah, the fact that birds fly around com Adaptative backgrounds
Note to self: You do not need to procedu Alliance names/Mechanics and Consistent Enviroments.
Also: hi brygun, welcome to the forums. How to manage ships and fleets?
They stack between different modules, bu Question about modules providing accuracy improvements
Sure, with the caveat that plans can cha Blast Radius
Ship queuing exists. :) But I like the a [Suggestion] Building ships in bulk in conquest
Yup, this is one of the things planned f Blast Radius
Custom muzzle flash effect: Not as such. Weapons and Particles
That is indeed the main intent behind th Contextual dialogue
I like the idea, though the practical pr Multiplayer overlay suggestion
I think a day would be too diffuse. The Multiplayer overlay suggestion
Yeah, sad but unsurprising. The overlay Multiplayer overlay suggestion
Hi! I'm gonna start trying to answer you Animation and Moving Effects/ Animations
Looks very cool. I'm very happy to help Design Ideas/Suggestions for the future updates
Great! At what level would you like this Design Ideas/Suggestions for the future updates
I plan to add naval vessels in an expans Naval Vessels
Hi! Somewhat awkwardly, there is already Chinese Translation Update Provided
Airships now has an official Discord ser [STICKY] Hey look, Discord!
Noted and nuked. Thanks. And you should Random Stuff
Hmm, yeah. Already got a bunch of wood-r Heraldry Ideas
Hmm, good point, for all your Baratheon- Heraldry Ideas
Yes, exactly. Blast Radius
So this is of course all speculation for Naval Ships
I think it's a reasonable idea to just h [Suggestion] "Walls"/Armoured/Paintable Struts
I shall look into that, thanks for the r Design altitude bug
v9.6, currently in beta, adds a replay f v9.6 adds replays, and I'm looking for some cool ones
Lifeboats and post-battle options/info w Conquest lifeboats
Note that "would be interesting" is code Conquest lifeboats
Yeah, this is something I've kicked arou Easter Egg Idea #01
Ugh, yeah, so many spam bots. I'm sorry, [STICKY] Introduce Yourself!
Version 9.7.2 is out! Currently worki [STICKY] Status
Yeah, I do like the idea too. I'd have t [Suggestion] Mechanical Air Sailors
That could work, yeah. Thing is, convent [Suggestion] Demo version
That HP value is definitely a mistake. B Muskets vs Rifles