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For now it seems to me you could just bu Settlement accessibility and landform
I was glad that the thing I was thinking Multilanguage names
For me infantry is often getting stuck a Infantry is getting stuck
Do all weapons really require endless li Weapon blocking
Is it possible to set the type of fire ( Set the type of fire before battle
Could the "Stop fire" command prevent th Stop planes from launching
Is it possible to make a command to targ Target specific point on ship
Maybe it would be reasonable to make shi Ship survive with "landed" status on your territory
Now you can press retreat at any time an To succesfully retreat you need to reach the border of the map
Maybe it would be more useful to have a Modules to fix the issues along with Basic?
It appears unlogical to me that you can Resources to matter on strategic map
I understand that it is unlikely to be a Economic aspects of Strategic gameplay
I understand that one of the reasons (ma Weapon blocking
It can be useful to have an option to re Replace all
It appears to me that now the mass does Ram impact
It seems to me that tanks are now not wo Landships need to move better
Maybe the land should be more "crumbly"? Settlement accessibility and landform
I will be not surprised if that is... Bu Modules to fix the issues along with Basic?
**[You can find 38 of my airships here:] Conquest collection by HEU3BECTEH
When loading the game played up to some Error when loading multiplayer conquest game in singleplayer
When you are defeated and choose to spec Error when Space is pressed in the Spectate mode
It would be cool to be able to start mul Start the Conquest game alone or as a spectator
Maybe it should be possible to attack th Can target the planes with T command
Can the game support sensor screen and s Playing without mouse
It is said somewhere in tutorial that sh Ship movement: not in a straight line. Sequence of commands?
In some games you can find this charming Strategic overhaul suggestion
**Resources** I assume that will be h Strategic overhaul suggestion
Now Construction Strategies work strange Construction Strategies improvement
Bow increase HP the most for its weight, Alternative to a Bow to increase HP