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I have a bunch of old drawings that I pr Drawings
This is one of the best games I have eve [STICKY] Status
I am not sure what thread to put this in [STICKY] Status
This is a thread that will mainly consis Who wants to battle?
Reproduce: Save a game then trying to re Crash on Save load
I think that there should be a mode wher Adding More Custom Skirmishes
Here is a remade version of the Wanton. The shipyard: workshop my airship
Just make sure that you have at least 4 The shipyard: workshop my airship
I would like you to meet his Older Broth The Liquidator, pure power of Breakingness
He will be adding a lobby system in the Adding Lobbys or Serverbrowser to Muliplayer
Thank you. Yay! :3 Adding More Custom Skirmishes
I dont think the multiplayer will bug me Internet Multiplayer
That Sapper is a good design ChosenLama, The shipyard: workshop my airship
Thats cheating. :P The Liquidator, pure power of Breakingness
@WeiseGamer 1. Large ships will be un The shipyard: workshop my airship
Oh I see now that is with a few machines New Build Bug
I fourth and final it Under the user name there's a tag?
1. I agree that damage should stay and t Main Game (Campaign?) Suggestions
It works for me lama :) New Weapon Suggestions
On the topic of harpoons, I think that i New Weapon Suggestions
This is the downfall of Zark, and it is Dogfighting
I agree with this suggestion. [Suggestion] pause after a battle
@Yolan 1. When it comes to how fast The shipyard: workshop my airship
Ooooooo Nice. Steam group?
I play minecraft on and off, because I h Who here's a fan of Minecraft?
Same here, so once we get it rolling I c Regularly scheduled matches?
That explains the problems yesterday. Multiplayer server currently broken
Hey Scotty, what do you use to put your So i made a video
This will help a lot with the match maki Multiplayer Calendar
That is some pretty nice DieselPunk Album o'Inspirations
Like post the scores of all the multipla Multiplayer Matches
I haven't done multiplayer in a while, b Multiplayer Matches
This will make for some amazing ship vs Turrets? Flak?
Airsailors on the ground, I can see D-Da [Suggestion] Bailing Out / Abandoning Ship
A very long time, I guarantee Forum titles
If you mouse over the commands of a ship Shortcut Keys?
Ah, it has been quite a while since bein [STICKY] Status
This is a simple thread where you introd [STICKY] Introduce Yourself!
If you want to multiplayer, I am also in So i made a video
Well,I got a new pc and forgot to get my Fleet Forum
:D So i made a video
I sent myself a message but it didn't tu Forum Improvements?
I am answering to the best of my abiliti Questions
Pleased to meet you hans! :D [STICKY] Introduce Yourself!
Welcome to the forums Freefall! Glad you [STICKY] Introduce Yourself!
So if something had this armour this is Suspendium armor
I find that a very effective strategy is [Idea] Downward ramming/Bunker busting Ships
*Important Update* I have recently fo Star Wars Mod
I have made a short little game called B Show off your projects!
Then again there are battles that are in Star Wars Mod
Prepare to man the helm. Album o'Inspirations
I guess Airships II is confirmed then :D version 1.0
If you land on/crash a friendly airship Achievement Ideas?
Scotty, last night I was just recording New Build Bug
I dont remember if you can still lose if Achievement Ideas?
Well welcome back, and we are both comma So i made a video
*Update Log 1/22/15* So I have actually Star Wars Mod
Sounds impressive xD version 1.0
And here is the list of weapons that are Star Wars Mod
Well its fixed now Bigman1103 Login issues
For the bomb part I was about to add som new ideas
I probably will :P Star Wars Mod
It would be cool if you could have a shi new ideas
Update Log 1/23/15 Added in the E-Web (G Star Wars Mod
Yes he is Iwillbenicetou, have you signe Steam Greenlight
Like how do you code or get the files to Star Wars Mod
If only there was a way to keep track of Random Stuff
But how can we get Dragonscale armour if Armor!
I have also noticed that issue Mac Version 5.3: Incorrect Module Flipping
Well I dont have much to show at the mom Star Wars Mod
As far as I know it is still broken and Mod Developer Programme (Old)
Well weather has been added in the newes Weather
Kevin, always capitalize your "I"'s Steam Beta
Wait what, I wasn't aware of this deadli Steam Beta
Are you able to get to the part where yo My Game crashes when I Start it.
So basically this will be where me and k PvP Youtube Challenges
The Sun: I kind of like how the weather [Suggestion] some new boni for the symbol
Ah, that would be a nice feature. Instea [Suggestion] Renaming
We have had multiple topics covering shi Ships forum
I definitely will! PvP Youtube Challenges
I just want to point out that this would New Build Bug
Our video is up on youtube steam and the PvP Youtube Challenges
Well, having fast ships can be very usef Movement speed
But first you have to hit them Random Stuff
So you mean putting all of the changed c Mod Developer Programme (Old)
Now why would you shoot a harpoon from s Random Stuff
Yay! Cant wait to see em. Screenshots
Yeah, if you want something without the Screenshots
Oh that is pretty cool, now I just have Screenshots
We like the game to be balanced thank yo Crest Bonuses & Such
So like less chance for lighting to hit [Suggestion] some new boni for the symbol
Only thing that I would comment on is th Overhauling the Strategic Mode to be Turn Based
Or we could have small hangers that we c Turrets? Flak?
There is a great program called lightsho Screenshots
Well, before a capital ship definitely a Kaiserstadt Shipyard
Thanks :D PvP Youtube Challenges
Do you mean in game or the actual save f [Suggestion] Renaming
I was really interested with having a fr Is having no guns possible?
Now this is cool [In Development] Airships: Fight for Universe - Art of War
I am also seeing that as well, and it is The flak cannon's got an issue.
You have to register an account with the Steam Key?
I just noticed it updated xD 6.2 - Great achievement!
Yeah, the gatling gun wasn't really usef Gatling gun designs?
I am not asking for a mod or having a bo Is having no guns possible?
Maybe call it StoneShips, like from the Random Stuff
Well glad you made it here @Graf Melty [STICKY] Introduce Yourself!
I am pretty set on modding information, Mod Developer Programme (Old)
But this post system allows people to di Random Stuff
As far as I know there is only one Capta Under the user name there's a tag?
Yes we were, and I kept trying to become Under the user name there's a tag?
I also had a similar problem when upload So i made a video
Now that we can see how close we are to Random Stuff
And you are doing a very good job at tha Random Stuff