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I've been playing this game for nearly a Kaiserstadt Shipyard
![An image]( The HMS Impractical
Sounds like things might get bloody, yea [STICKY] Introduce Yourself!
The new beta was shipped out literally t New Beta
Alright, so I've been having a small iss [Idea] No Crew berth in smaller ships
![An image]( Gatling gun designs?
The new turrets in the game are freaking Two way turrets
Of course, but that slang has been in us Damn the torpedoes!
Oh crap, I hope I'm not late for this! M [STICKY] Introduce Yourself!
Airships Already have a wide array of we Damn the torpedoes!
This mod is bloody amazing so far! I can Wolvr's Project Thread
Wirblewind and landkrusier cannons.. Dan Tracks VS Legs
Wolvr, I'm just gonna' say this once. I Wolvr's Project Thread
[My mother's family crest]( Real-life heraldry
I use wood and light steel for my smalle Question: What armour types do you use?
85 resource modules? Shazbot, this is go [In Development] Airships: Fight for Universe - Art of War