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Starts thinking evil thoughts* Over the top lads!
Sorry, i confused the two. Original Weapon Concept Part Two: Game Mechanics!
Really? i will have to look into that. concept: planes
Yeah, but being a able to blast off the Monster stuff (continuation of OWC topic)
I personally think something like 2000 w A Single Ship Tournament!
Ok i have signed myself up for two match Multiplayer bug
It has a twitter i think. Plans on improving forum?
ah [Mod Release] Bread & Games Mod - dev4
I have been playing the game for a few m concept: planes
where is the mods folder? [Mod Release] Bread & Games Mod - dev4
How does it look? steampunk drawings
i dont even know how to take a screen sh The shipyard: workshop my airship
the dragons would work quit well as anti concept: planes
so how does viral work? Show off your projects!
rifles have a huge area to aim in, so im Dorsal firing arcs?
cool Kaiserstadt Shipyard
hey im on the calender if you want to pl Multiplayer Matches
that would be useful, since my fleets te new ideas
k Multiplayer Matches
also, as a disclaimer i might not be ava Multiplayer Matches
or perhaps if there is a typhoon in your Weather
ok i just checked, i will be available F Multiplayer Matches
but not Wednesday, or Thursday Seattle t Multiplayer Matches
May i give it a whirl? Steam Beta
XD Weather
wow thats a big update! Steam Beta
I wonder how long it will take to get th Forum titles
Wait your hinting at giant saws? Yeeeeee Discussion about the Landships
And when Zark adds land base battles wit [suggestion] Armory
How about if we have it where each city [Suggestion] Bailing Out / Abandoning Ship
Cool! [STICKY] Status
Actually the dragon crest is literally g Crest Bonuses & Such
Now i have an image of a derpy landship 100+ speed walkers have turned into planes! (Support)
Perhaps, but i doubt the nutcrackers wou Monster stuff (continuation of OWC topic)
My personal fav is the gorillaz. your favorite Music
That is if ships can go under the HMS Im The HMS Impractical
I'm really loving this idea, it would ad Overhauling the Strategic Mode to be Turn Based
Anybody else feeling this? Giant metal nutcrackers
Something i really enjoy playing around Boarding parties Bug
What do you think, Zark? Giant metal nutcrackers
And that my children is how baby is form The new ram
I know we will be getting a major overha Campaign improvements.
I, much the same as many other people ca The next update.
I think the wheels you see he's working Landship hype!
I like how big the original crew "recour Casualties
That should disappoint them. The next update.
Yes, i think that is the idea. At least Over the top lads!
? Excuse me if i sound strange. I have The next update.
I see. I have not been on the forums mu Bug
O_O My designs, Zepotez / vinnie5553 / (Zaphorian Empire)
However, i do like the idea of being abl Air Sailor Uniforms
Choose i mean. Air Sailor Uniforms
Hang on, i have been looking back at wha Giant metal nutcrackers
Whatever happened to the dynamic destruc Pixel by pixel destruction.
Do you see the wings at least? Also, ho Steampunk plane
I do not quite like the idea of so many SHIPS! Actual ships. I want.
Do ships even need to role over? SHIPS! Actual ships. I want.
What do you think about spore? Now i kn Your thoughts on spore.
So, the next update will be coming out w [STICKY] Status
Well,more specifically half of maxis wan Your thoughts on spore.
Well, the 2006 copy was very good. To b Your thoughts on spore.
I know, but what i want is to be able to Some minor improvements:
I can't take it anymore! Must have land- The next update.
"Cries" The next update.
I'm not sure, i come from a family line Real-life heraldry
Could someone perhaps help me find some Real-life heraldry
Or, perhaps my family started with Danie Real-life heraldry
Uh, so how is everyone? Random Stuff
Well, i have two dogs, a rabbit, a taran Your cats and other cute animals
Well, i do have one complaint about how some issues and bugs
Yeah, it's like "Don't worry lads! whate Tanker industries. Your cats and other cute animals
file:///C:/Program%20Files%20(x86)/Steam Tiny Tim Tank
I have no idea how hard this will be, bu Idea. Tiny Tim Tank The oth Game crashes when too many ground troops are in use.
May i ask how you did that? Tiny Tim Tank
The interior view is nothing special. Ju Tiny Tim Tank
Because, why not? ![](http://i.imgu Landship bridge.
Yeah, i'm having the same problem. :/ [bug] Arachnid Infantry
Howzabout now? Landship bridge.
I'm noticing a design trend. xD Carltropolis Flying Flotilla
It's actually quite handy for getting tr Landship bridge.
I think i have a nutcracker fetish. xD Giant metal nutcrackers
I do like the idea of being able to post Idea.
Oh, and we so need Winston Churchill to Giant metal nutcrackers
Perhaps a mad scientist, nutcracker robo Giant metal nutcrackers
I'm not talking about human sized robots Giant metal nutcrackers
Uh, huh... Giant metal nutcrackers
It would also be interesting if the Domi Giant metal nutcrackers
Well, the guy who created the nutcracker Giant metal nutcrackers
No it is not the cyborgs that eat people Giant metal nutcrackers
It would be cool to have some sort of me Giant metal nutcrackers
But, it does not only happen with arachn [bug] Arachnid Infantry
![An image]( Tanker industries.
It was a debate not a flame war. I have Giant metal nutcrackers
"To me, it screams giant mythical lost c Giant metal nutcrackers
Or, perhaps you could change this one up Original Weapon Concept Part Two: Game Mechanics!
Though, i disagree on the lua room certa Lua (or something similar) room
Basically it would not match up with the Pixel by pixel destruction.
Would it be possible to have a compromis Pixel by pixel destruction.
I have seen blast damage effect multiple Pixel by pixel destruction.
Agreed, but it still sticks out a little Pixel by pixel destruction.
"The idea that a smelly robot being in a Giant metal nutcrackers
That would be interesting... I would pe Forum Improvements?
These nutcrackers are not supposed to be Giant metal nutcrackers
Dude, how can you have murderous spiders Giant metal nutcrackers
I really don't care what you think of it Giant metal nutcrackers
I love from the depths, the most satisfy Lua (or something similar) room
So? I like making my own. And you can g Giant metal nutcrackers
I know, that sounded pretty awesome, yet Lua (or something similar) room
Yeah, tell me, what is the best way to m Lua (or something similar) room
I have not added any armor piercing, i w From the Depths
Well, it is a turret weapon that is base From the Depths
For fucks sake, he's a mad scientist he Giant metal nutcrackers
Yeah, i know. Which is why i have only From the Depths
The robot has its own intelligence, but Giant metal nutcrackers
Plus, how can it be rust when it is in b Giant metal nutcrackers
"...which would kill them." Your point? Giant metal nutcrackers
But, i am all for a mythical war machine Giant metal nutcrackers
Even, something simple can become infini Giant metal nutcrackers
K, so -0.1? From the Depths
Would that be good? From the Depths
Obviously! Lol... But, really, it could Giant metal nutcrackers
"Why would the robot need to eat unless Giant metal nutcrackers
"What does that mean? And the living bod Giant metal nutcrackers
Yeah, i will be doing that. :P Hang on From the Depths
Yeah, i will be doing that. :P Hang on From the Depths
K, because none of the tracers are red. From the Depths
Ah, so that's what i was doing wrong... From the Depths
How's that? Tanker industries.
Uh, may i ask what happened to the swell Giant metal nutcrackers
I will not mind. Giant metal nutcrackers
Yeah, me to, but i could not do that in Tanker industries.
I wonder what the bit at the bottom is s Giant metal nutcrackers
I was bored and decided to draw some "Ai Steampunk plane
But, what will the hovercraft look like? Original Weapon Concept Part Two: Game Mechanics!
Sir we have received a long-range mess Tanker industries.
It would be nice if forum admins(Assumin Forum Improvements?
"and found this guy" Do you refer to me Tanker industries.
What do you think? Steampunk plane
I know, i'm just giving examples to go a Original Weapon Concept Part Two: Game Mechanics!
Will do. Well, the wings are the thing Steampunk plane
A bunch more details would be nice. Mor Some minor improvements:
perhaps smoke could hang in the air long Some minor improvements:
Well, i doubt it is gonna be as clean an Original Weapon Concept Part Two: Game Mechanics!
I wish the ships in gratuitous space bat Some minor improvements:
When will there be a download? [In Development] Airships: Fight for Universe - Art of War
How about if struts had a beam that cuts Ideas for Struts
Like a failed high five. xD Some minor improvements:
K, i edited it. How does it look now? ! Steampunk plane
Of course the person would not have to b Monster stuff (continuation of OWC topic)
I am only capable of doing sketches sadl Steampunk plane
On a side note. Something i have wanted Blood spurts stick to the walls of airships
Also, could marines/sailors have the abi Blood spurts stick to the walls of airships
Sort of what i meant. But, how hard coul Blood spurts stick to the walls of airships
Oh, i doubt the robots are gonna be alli Original Weapon Concept Part Two: Game Mechanics!
dont know if sprites can be maintained Blood spurts stick to the walls of airships
Yeah, exactly. Why am i so exited about Gears and other fabulas mechanisms.
Would they even have aluminum? At any r Original Weapon Concept Part Two: Game Mechanics!
Yep, that looks about right. Though the Steampunk plane
Despite being a huge monstrosity this th Tanker industries.
![]( D Tanker industries.
Slimy: I think the nutcrackers are gonna Original Weapon Concept Part Two: Game Mechanics!
I don't really see the nutcrackers battl Monster stuff (continuation of OWC topic)
Clean enough? I can't clean it up any mo Steampunk plane
BWAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAhaHHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Monster stuff (continuation of OWC topic)
It might work if color it... Steampunk plane
What do you think Zarkonnen? Gears and other fabulas mechanisms.
Sort of what i meant. But, yeah. Also, Gears and other fabulas mechanisms.
Yeah, pretty much spot on, but a little Gears and other fabulas mechanisms.
I don't know. It seems that only the gen Gears and other fabulas mechanisms.
Yeah, but could this sort of be an "adva Gears and other fabulas mechanisms.
The right arm is for grabbing stuff to t Monster stuff (continuation of OWC topic)
I do love airships, oh so much. But ther Gears and other fabulas mechanisms.
Now, since the nutcrackers seem to be sh Monster stuff (continuation of OWC topic)
Yeah, but still. Why not have a few diff Gears and other fabulas mechanisms.
Did they even have batteries at that tim Gears and other fabulas mechanisms.
Yeah, i'm thinking pipes could be used t Gears and other fabulas mechanisms.
Ok, but i'm not one for the nutcrackers Monster stuff (continuation of OWC topic)
I'm sorry, but the nutcrackers are most Monster stuff (continuation of OWC topic)
Actually, which right arm? Because the f Monster stuff (continuation of OWC topic)
I draw machines. That plane i drew befor Drawings
I would recommend chopping off the tip o Monster stuff (continuation of OWC topic)
![]( A steampunk drawings
Oh? Very interesting. Australia, Queensland Emerald
+1 But, i think there should be a specia Extreme altitude modules (suggestion)
Yeah, but it would still be nice to "fli Monster stuff (continuation of OWC topic)
The ideas are great, but i think it woul Campaign overhaul.
Ah, wrong wording on my part. What i mea Weapon Sponsons and Casemates
Basically a cannon that fires a load of Sharapnel cannons.
Well, yeah. Pretty much exactly like fir Extreme altitude modules (suggestion)
So Zark, how about this as an expansion, Gears and other fabulas mechanisms.
k [STICKY] Upcoming Expansion Ideas
How about the advanced building mode tha [STICKY] Upcoming Expansion Ideas
Yes, i do realize he did not mention it [STICKY] Upcoming Expansion Ideas
Yeah, that sounds good. [STICKY] Upcoming Expansion Ideas
Might be a little too high tech. Extreme altitude modules (suggestion)
Yea, but do they have the tech to compre Extreme altitude modules (suggestion)
Ah, that's too bad. new update
however that would require a huge amount Monster stuff (continuation of OWC topic)
Ok, but how overpowered would it be? Hav Extreme altitude modules (suggestion)
Actually, hold that thought, what i shou Extreme altitude modules (suggestion)
How would enemy guns not fire at the "hi Disappearing gun suggestion
The airships universe does not advance t Extreme altitude modules (suggestion)
Meh, they would most likely not anticipa Extreme altitude modules (suggestion)
Dude, why would i say they do not have t Disappearing gun suggestion
Dude i knew little to nothing about the Extreme altitude modules (suggestion)
S'alright. Disappearing gun suggestion
No one says they are all one size. I am Monster stuff (continuation of OWC topic)
* [Machinery](https://airships.zarkonnen [STICKY] Upcoming Expansion Ideas
I think the spiders are just supposed to Monster stuff (continuation of OWC topic)
A small suggestion. Can you make smoke c [In Development] Airships: Fight for Universe - Art of War
When will the new explosion update be ou new update
I agree, a town pop which gradually grow Town/City houses sugestion
I wish it was higher quality... steampunk drawings
Hey Zark, is there a way to increase ima steampunk drawings
Just an idea for there to be more in gam New sounds.
Well, you would only hear the footsteps New sounds.
Speaking of cannon rotating, do you thin New sounds.
Well, the turning speed might already be New sounds.
Does anyone here listen to the Gorillaz Gorillaz
My favorite is "O green world". Gorillaz
When the campaign is finally fully outfi Campaign overhaul.
Will there be pirates, Population factor Campaign overhaul.
Yeah, but you would have to be right in Sharapnel cannons.
Yeah, i'm a big fan of there being an ev Campaign overhaul.
It would be awesome if there was a waste Campaign overhaul.
It is my personal opinion that it would Lore suggestion
Yeah, maybe we could create a separate u Lore suggestion
Ah, Laputa... I enjoyed that movie. Lore suggestion
![]( steampunk drawings
I know, i was suggesting floating contin Lore suggestion
My apologies for being rash, but would y Campaign overhaul.
What i mean by struts being built into t Ideas for Struts
Thanks! steampunk drawings
So, the fixed-amount-of-resources-in-the Campaign overhaul.
Yeah, that last one can be a real pain. Geiger counters (bug?)
Isn't anyone else going to contribute? steampunk drawings
All i have left is a massive pile of not Drawings
Perhaps side mounted cannons could have Weapon Sponsons and Casemates
Got anyone on the job yet? Airships is looking for a character/scene artist
On a side note, i'm loving the smoke clo The little things
[![](]( steampunk drawings
Nice! Here's another one i drew. [![]( steampunk drawings
Holly shit... **tips hat** steampunk drawings
K, i edited the airship. Now with smoke steampunk drawings
I would not mind it for the strategy. Sharapnel cannons.
I thought it would be a shotgun-like wea Sharapnel cannons.
Yeah, you would have to be incredibly ca Human resources.
Oh, yes. Definitely easy and fairly fun. Tutorial Feedback
The idea of having to feed off a nearly Human resources.
Zarkonnen, i know it is a fair thing to The artist.
Yeah. :D But, some of us do not want to The artist.
Might suggest that you post the color sc Airships is looking for a character/scene artist
Might i make a suggestion for whoever ge Airships is looking for a character/scene artist
[![](]( steampunk drawings
It's a bit off topic, but here is a forl steampunk drawings
Now i give you the nutcracker! [![](htt steampunk drawings
Might i suggest having a series of story Story missions.
Ok, here is another one. [![](http://i.i steampunk drawings
Have you looked at that game? Because wo Human resources.
Might i remind you that it was easy beca How I beat the final test:
Yeah, so many people did not want to ri Human resources.
I hope this is alright with you Zark, bu [STICKY] Lore
No, i just might be able work something Australia, Queensland Emerald
Now i am quite curious if the world in w [STICKY] Lore
On a side note; why cant i see peoples c [STICKY] Lore
What? No one else is posting nutcrackers steampunk drawings
Yeah, i have. How do i best make an AA g From the Depths
Well, i'm already doing exactly that, bu From the Depths
Hmmm, well i cant get the diameter above From the Depths
Yeah, but it is getting to me how small From the Depths
I'm starting to pick up that if you had [STICKY] Lore
Yeah, i already have six barrels, but i From the Depths
Yeah, i realized you could do that with From the Depths
I see. From the Depths
Are you talking to Zark? [STICKY] Lore
What is the max shell gauge on the new c From the Depths
I know. :D From the Depths
I need to figure out how to use colors. steampunk drawings
I don't seem to do too bad with brass... steampunk drawings
Pardon its inconsistency. I was trying s steampunk drawings
I kinda like the idea of a a fleshcracke Version 8
It would be interesting to see a glider Original Weapon Concept Part Two: Game Mechanics!
I'm creating this here as a discussion a Space!!!!
No wonder i always hear moans whenever t Space!!!!
Yeah, will they be on the same plane as Original Weapon Concept Part Two: Game Mechanics!
Here is an err... Sailor? [![](http://i. steampunk drawings
[![](]( steampunk drawings
Pardon the bad visuals i had to take thi steampunk drawings
Yeah, but it would be nice if they could Original Weapon Concept Part Two: Game Mechanics!
Oh? So ships can now shoot marines? :D Original Weapon Concept Part Two: Game Mechanics!
Zark, what will be changed? Because pers the campaign overhaul.
I do like the ground idea. Some minor improvements:
Hey zark, what if the the airships unive [STICKY] Lore
![]( steampunk drawings
Here is one i actually put more than 15 steampunk drawings
I know, but it would be nice if said hul Vehicle hull patching [suggestion]
Perhaps when resources are added you cou Vehicle hull patching [suggestion]
I know right! :D It's such an interes Fear.
And i give you another cyborg. [![](htt steampunk drawings
What i'm suggesting is a solution to the Squads (suggestion)
With a cool stach! steampunk drawings
K, screw this i'm tired of fribgbgin tal steampunk drawings
On the note of zombies, it would be inte Fear.
Apparently my family's genes are set up Fear.
The cancer could start anytime, though i Fear.
Nein, good artists don't talk to themsel steampunk drawings
Yeah, it would also mean we could have i Squads (suggestion)
Yeah, it is quite desolate. And thank yo steampunk drawings
Basically, what i'm suggesting is more o Shell casings and big brass.
Perhaps you could make it so the there c Squads (suggestion)
And, to be honest i don't have such a bi From the Depths
**Here is some lore i was working on** [STICKY] Lore
The events i came up with were really a [STICKY] Lore
Also, what if you had an interesting plo [STICKY] Lore
It is. I spent quite awhile in the devte From the Depths
Here is some more lore that is so bad it [STICKY] Lore
Here is some quick crappy concept art. [STICKY] Lore
Well, theoretically each map you are giv [STICKY] Lore
Well, no. When i made this picture the o [STICKY] Lore
Yeah, but the porn bit... XD Space!!!!
Really? Because i made a multi-block one From the Depths
Well, i actually connected them all in a From the Depths
With a shit-load of exhaust vents. From the Depths
I don't know any good one. Try a kinetic From the Depths
I give you another machine! Now with mor steampunk drawings
Also, what did you mean by "Note that th [STICKY] Lore
How does one make the laser targeter det From the Depths
I don't mean to be rude, but can i point the campaign overhaul.
Zark could even make a refinement proces the campaign overhaul.
Zark, if we had ships that could collect the campaign overhaul.
Exactly my thinking. :D Except it would the campaign overhaul.
What i'm talking about is individual cre Shell casings and big brass.
I know how the old cannons load, i'm tal Shell casings and big brass.
"Clueboe" True, but still it would be n the campaign overhaul.
*Commences mid air grapple hug* *hugs*
Can you help e with a ship i'm making? S From the Depths
Not anymore, at the moment i'm trying to From the Depths
My apologies for the snappy comments. I' the campaign overhaul.
Quite the inappropriate time to post thi Fear.
So, stuff i can place down around my shi Decorations
I feel that there should be a randomize [Suggestion] Infantry
You really wont be managing anything. Wh Shell casings and big brass.
Yeah, i sort of remember zark talking ab Shell casings and big brass.
So, i recently got a new computer and wh So i got a new computer
FINALLY! I can have my doomsday cannon o From the Depths
[![](]( steampunk drawings
The joker steampunk drawings
Somehow i find him comforting. Li steampunk drawings
Could you possibly improve upon the "No dev 8 Beta
Well, i mean make the mod into a sub-cam dev 8 Beta
Do i still have to be added to mod? If s Mod Developer Programme (Old)
I think the flipped modules should have The little things
I second this. Because i'm very incompet Null mod
[![](]( steampunk drawings
As strange as it sounds, zombie plague. Monster Suggestions
Just my two cents. Monster Suggestions
So, i found a really old xeon core proce Xeon core
Most of my ships average between 1000 an Average cost of a warship?
A sperm whale. No, not that kind. Monster Suggestions
[![](]( steampunk drawings
Happy birthday Zark. :D Some custom heraldry for anyone who wants it
Hello! I saw you creating all the herald HEY ZARK!
Le bump HEY ZARK!
"Fuck, when and how did i become cannon Landship bridge.
I'm afraid i will have to work on this o HEY ZARK!
I draw the hat separately right? HEY ZARK!
I'm creating a venn diagram for the empi [STICKY] Lore
WEll, ive made the bump map and all the HEY ZARK!
Oh! That changes things enormously. If o [STICKY] Lore
Also, maybe the world of airships is fut [STICKY] Lore
Ven Diagram start: Cataclysm [STICKY] Lore
INdeed it's a hypothesis. YOUR POINT?! [STICKY] Lore
Do both crystal fragments have to be cha [STICKY] Lore
[![](]( steampunk drawings
500m you say? O_o Lore suggestion
Unfortunately to achieve that level of h Lore suggestion
Probably quite easy to do aswell. Just c Ladders
I'm just going to add to the resources a the campaign overhaul.
Yeah, i imagine suspendium behaves like [STICKY] Lore
Huh, but does not the interaction betwee [STICKY] Lore
Uh, i'm not sure if you'r aware, but the The Reason Multiplayer is Unpopular (and how to fix it!)
Hey zark, can you keep the lore and hist (suggestion) Lore
Except then people like me down't get to (suggestion) Lore
Yeah, i like the idea of a solid lore, j (suggestion) Lore
Gravity also becoming minor does not can [STICKY] Lore
I have this image of zarkonnen answering [STICKY] The Game Design Thread
Zarkonnen is putting some, interesting, Airships Book?
I have no idea, but what does Stalin, or [STICKY] Lore
Maybe the castle happens to be on a floa [STICKY] Lore
What's the planet's name? [STICKY] Lore
I really like the concept of trading, wh the campaign overhaul.
I can relate... [STICKY] The Game Design Thread
But, would not the suspendium lose its a [STICKY] Lore
Hmmm, what about a cult that worships ma Monster Suggestions
If you don't know about it already Dwarf (topic) Dwarf Fortress
Has no one here played it? (topic) Dwarf Fortress
lol Forum underpopulation
I'm more into the idea that ships over t [Suggestion] Module corrosion/disease system.
How so? (topic) Dwarf Fortress
The world has been in constant turmoil f An article on machines of the old world NP2345
It's not so bad, i mean between a tidal Forum underpopulation
Yeah, i of course would not mind a "few" Forum underpopulation
I don't understand, what's so bad about The "you should NOT play this *froth thread
Are you talking about how the ship list The small things
Must be a very high level of birth defec Suspendium
How deadly is it? Is it "harmless" enoug Suspendium
I'm not sure crystal makes a good armor. Suspendium
That would be hilarious. On a similar no Suspendium
Might be something neat if micro modules Bipedal Humanoid-motion legs and robot arms?
Thank god i was sick on thanksgiving. It's the most upsetting time of the year!
Just wait till crewmen are a resource an "When I am in Command, every mission is a suicide mission"
Your CPU might be giving you some issues Gripes
A, you can see where comments begin and Forum underpopulation