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yes but it still wont show the red over Lag problems and BUG
also the lag is only in one city Lag problems and BUG
"Look that guy is on fire!" this new ach Achievement Ideas?
and it crashes the game Lag problems and BUG
i've started the game as normal but when ERROR WHILE LOGGING IN THE GAME
I would also like to test the beta pleas Steam Beta
So i've found those bugs: the terrain d BETA BUGS
so if i have bought it trough your websi Steam Key
i've registered on both sites and nothin Steam Key
And also if i try to attack/defend the c BETA BUGS
When i start a Battle the terrain falls BETA BUGS
I'll try again.. Steam Key
no,it's not working....maybe i'm searchi Steam Key
so the lag continues to start out of now Lag problems and BUG
just think about the mines war of ww1,th underground tunnels.
So while watching a Dev stream the dev m underground tunnels.