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Since I love building capital ships, I l The shipyard: workshop my airship
Yeah [Suggestion] Exporting ship files
Mine was actually the DMCS prudence (ste Drawings
Maybe a boarding pod? Depending on its s New Weapon Suggestions
If you do add the planes, you could add [Suggestion] Carrier
This video brought me here! New YT Video!
Quick Q, how do you guys get pics of you Dogfighting
Hello, I thought it would be cool to be Side Cannons/Weapons
Any time im on steam, just send me a mes The Steelcore fleet
Hello, I had recently bought Airships, I The Steelcore fleet
These do have flaws, I have updated them The Steelcore fleet
Maybe morale can also have a basis in th [Suggestion] More Town/City Management and Morale and Looting System
Hey, I am Sgtdragonfire I love to hel [STICKY] Introduce Yourself!
Will there be a spectator mode? Adding Lobbys or Serverbrowser to Muliplayer
It seems to be down for me, it gives me Multiplayer Calendar
I would like to be able to take,my custo [Suggestion] Exporting ship files
More like a folder, you go into it and i [Suggestion] Exporting ship files
When I try access the calendar, it gives Multiplayer Calendar broken?
Either is fine, im ok with file digging [Suggestion] Exporting ship files
Environment: Request Method: GET R Multiplayer Calendar
The answer to your coal problem is more The Steelcore fleet
I just searched up image hosting, and I The Steelcore fleet
Great suggestions, but huge ships really [FEEDBACK WANTED] Prioritising jobs, stuffing your ship with crew
If I try access the calendar, I receive [BUG] Multiplayer Calendar Broken for Chrome
It works, will be booking matches soon! [BUG] Multiplayer Calendar Broken for Chrome
I have seen that there are some fleet po Fleet Forum
Oh noes, more errors: AttributeError at [BUG] Multiplayer Calendar Broken for Chrome
I guess pricing had been fixed, Legorace Dogfighting
I am impressed Zark,(Most of y'all don't Ground Combat Update
Reinforced wood because it is armoured e Question: What armour types do you use?