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gatling guns were really effective due t Gattling guns un gentlemanly at the moment
Another another idea : in short? L The little things
instead of kamikaze torps, why not fly b Kamikaze Torpedoes
that's nice! Harpoon cannons
I'd Love the ability to build on floatin suggestion : Litteraly flying fortresses.
a quicker way to implement soldiers woul [Suggestion] Infantry
Remember of the room that allows for sma Vehicle hull patching [suggestion]
I'd say, simply, fly by wire rockets. re alternative rocket systems
maybe add something that they try to get Air marines got stuck
A ship bay, also called fighter bay, wil [ Suggestion ] Ships inside ships!
well it looks like my text isn't what I Game tutorial suggestion
Hello there! I'm here to -as everybody- Game tutorial suggestion
how to capture them? and building on spi TAMABLE AND HOLE DRILLING SPIDERS.
why not: • med pack, as small as a fi The little things
a 2 player coop would be great, like th Multiplayer Campaign?
Here's my version : Cities will be a Town/City houses sugestion
I am thinking of a ladder deck, no armor Ladders
what about aestetic blocks? these just c (Suggestion) Armour segment
I'd think that infantry should be introd [Suggestion] Infantry
I agree. Maybe add parachute marines? No way to cancel boarding action
another idea, landing skids! to not The little things
so let's spam riflemen tanks! What's a Small Landship
Well, I'd put a timer, let's say, 5min. No ammo = defeat
Soldier barracks will cost less than mar [ Suggestion ] Soldier Barracks
or should invaders become a random encou [Suggestion] Invaders
+1 for the repeal border mode. It sho The old boarders problem
rifle racks. a 1x1 room, like a guard p The small things
maybe 1x1 suspendium dust? and 1x1 compr 1x1 coal and ammo racks
how would you limit the research time? w Tech Tree
We all know and love suspendium, as it i Land units suspendium chambers
Hmm, I think diplomacy is a wonderful id Cargo/ trade ships
most imporant thing first : Coal clouds Adaptative backgrounds
As of now, monsters have a single big he Bosses
so let’s find a tactical niche for them. Land units suspendium chambers
Add a magicarp as an easter egg. Killing Monster Suggestions
Right now, if a ship has no suspendium, Loss lf suspedium chamber in big ships
The title should be Loss of suspendium i Loss lf suspedium chamber in big ships
Maybe they are used to it? xD Adaptative backgrounds
I think airships should definitly have a Discord