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I am open for battles on steam, my steam name is Zepotez, and I named my empire Zaphoria.

Bio: I am a young American male, with a bit of a savvy for the tech industry, I am a tech support intern, and I've been fascinated with video games my whole life, I know how to mod, I can even go so far as being a graphic artist. I have wanted to be a game designer since I was in 7th grade, and have been modding that long (i'm 17 right now as I write this). So the question is, how come I haven't tried making a game yet? well, it's easier for me to get game ideas down on paper, before they go to development hell, really what im trying to say is, I have great ideas, but I cant work alone. I figured this out when I took a video game design class in my high school. As for Airships, I love the game, and I love the idea that the development is completely open for ideas, that being said, I'd like to post ideas for the game while it's still in development and i'm always open for people to improve my ideas.