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Yes.... Splendid! Maybe add control of g Easter Egg Idea #01 Polslava Ball 01:07, Feb. 16
Teminite - Beastmode https://www.yout The "you should listen to this, *froth*"... Psyringe 02:20, Feb. 15
<3 Easter Egg Idea #01 Psyringe 01:18, Feb. 15
HMS Boulder HMS Unyielding HMS Hea Crew shouts and Ship/Building names Raenir 15:06, Feb. 11
This song changed my life. Hinkik - T The "you should listen to this, *froth*"... Psyringe 06:04, Feb. 8
And... Another revival? HMS Buzzard Crew shouts and Ship/Building names Respawn 19:12, Feb. 7
Deck shotguns, as you describe them, wou Deck Shotgun Raenir 23:34, Feb. 5
Deck shotguns would most likely be too s Deck Shotgun Respawn 17:22, Feb. 5
I don't think it should sit higher than My Concept of Hovering Respawn 17:19, Feb. 5
The way I envision such a post-battle sc Conquest lifeboats Raenir 20:34, Feb. 4
Yeah, this is something I've kicked arou Easter Egg Idea #01 Zarkonnen 12:01, Feb. 4
Note that "would be interesting" is code Conquest lifeboats Zarkonnen 11:58, Feb. 4
Lifeboats and post-battle options/info w Conquest lifeboats Zarkonnen 11:57, Feb. 4
I concur. Conquest lifeboats Raenir 18:57, Feb. 2
Evilwave - Beautiful Life https://www The "you should listen to this, *froth*"... Psyringe 02:28, Jan. 28 Conquest lifeboats Psyringe 08:20, Jan. 27
STéLOUSE - Sociopath (feat. Bryce Fox) The "you should listen to this, *froth*"... Psyringe 21:33, Jan. 26
Nuke time! [STICKY] Introduce Yourself! stuChris 14:02, Jan. 25
If you used the web client exclusively, Conquest lifeboats Raenir 13:25, Jan. 25
Well, not saying "Discord is Evil". T Conquest lifeboats Psyringe 03:50, Jan. 25
Yes Psy, Discord is used to organize sof Conquest lifeboats Raenir 03:14, Jan. 25
(**Spam Bot**) [STICKY] Introduce Yourself! Respawn 20:36, Jan. 24
I don't mean to offend, but I'm pretty s Conquest lifeboats Respawn 20:35, Jan. 24
All 4 of these children were taken from [STICKY] Introduce Yourself! PastorBrad 20:21, Jan. 24
Another troop thing. All I want for V Conquest lifeboats Psyringe 18:47, Jan. 24
What I would like to see is more post-ba Conquest lifeboats Raenir 01:30, Jan. 20
Yep, with torpedoes you can reliably mis My $200 entry Raenir 01:23, Jan. 20
I just realized that this thread is all Crew shouts and Ship/Building names shymike 22:37, Jan. 18
Unlocking control of a single troop, and Easter Egg Idea #01 Psyringe 22:45, Jan. 17
I've found Rockets are most effective bu How to win at everything Psyringe 21:56, Jan. 17
What about lift? Find myself dodging St Non-official speed ratings Psyringe 21:52, Jan. 17
Probably a lot of added complexity. It's Buildable shipyards Respawn 20:52, Jan. 17
True, but rockets are probably one of th How to win at everything Dat_Peep 18:44, Jan. 17
To start the topic off, here is mine Non-official speed ratings Dat_Peep 18:42, Jan. 17
This is a topic for the fastest ships in Non-official speed ratings Dat_Peep 18:41, Jan. 17
We have the ships, but the yards to buil Buildable shipyards Dat_Peep 18:31, Jan. 17
i like all those ideas, the building/upg Guns on rails stuChris 15:43, Jan. 17
Randomly generated railways would be coo Guns on rails Respawn 15:32, Jan. 17
though "guns on rails" based on the craf Guns on rails stuChris 15:16, Jan. 17
Oh, of course. Stone too. Conquest lifeboats Respawn 15:13, Jan. 17
Absolutely. I'd also suggest [this.](htt Ahhhhh..... Comics! Respawn 15:11, Jan. 17
this is one of the sole purposes i wish Conquest lifeboats stuChris 15:09, Jan. 17
There's definitely a "best way" to utili How to win at everything Respawn 15:06, Jan. 17
I remember Firebird's suggestion a while AI Assignments Respawn 15:04, Jan. 17
the only things i have to say on this ar How to win at everything stuChris 15:03, Jan. 17
i would, myself, it would add another le AI Assignments stuChris 14:59, Jan. 17
Perhaps simply make trade stores not ava Airship trade Respawn 14:58, Jan. 17
y'know that is pretty funny :P Ahhhhh..... Comics! stuChris 14:57, Jan. 17
Was plumbing ever promised in the first Guns on rails Respawn 14:56, Jan. 17
This type of deployment makes for nightm How to win at everything Psyringe 09:44, Jan. 17